Fabrizio Grossi & Soul Garage Experience – AIN’T NO GIVIN’ UP – song by Fabrizio Grossi & Soul Garage Experience | Spotify (Spotify)

“Real, incredibly soulful classic rock. After enjoying the aftertaste, turn on -AIN'T NO GIVIN 'UP- and plunge headlong into this charming musical universe. The tube sound, impressive guitar riffs, vocals create an amazing mood. A real sight to your ears!”

“Настоящий, невероятно душевный классический рок. Насладившись послевкусием включаешь -AIN'T NO GIVIN' UP- и погружаемся с головой в эту очаровательную музыкальную вселенную. Ламповый звук, впечатляющие гитарные риффы, вокальная партия создаёт поразительное настроение. Настоящее зрелище для ваших ушей!”


Resilience of the poor, of the oppressed, of the discriminated against, and of all the ones that are struggling to be heard when protesting against all types of abuses, whereas such abuses are perpetrated by economic entities, political foes and even police.

The “solar” groove and the Soul-Reggae vibe, supports the song's firm and direct message: don’t mess with us, we had enough and we won’t back down.

AIN'T NO GIVIN' UP is the third single by Fabrizio Grossi & Soul Garage Experience, by Fab Grossi (Supersonic Blues Machine and producer for Frontiers Records, Eric Gales, Paul Gilbert and many more)