Fly By Midnight, Cailin Russo – Diamond Eyes (Spotify)

“The voice is soft, but powerful. The melody is beautiful and transports you to a different world. This song has a unique style that makes it very accessible, and the production quality is world-class.”

Indie-pop duo Fly By Midnight have racked in over 30 million streams across platforms with hit singles such as ‘Lovely’ and “Love Me Like A Friend”. Their music has been featured on numerous Spotify playlists (Chill Hits, NMF US & more) and Apple Music playlists (A-List Pop, Breaking Pop & more). The duo has also built strong momentum as writers/producer recently signing with Rx Songs following single releases for Julie Bergan (Warner), Shawn Hook (Ultra), and syncs for Netflix’s Home For Christmas & Queer Eye Season 5.

“Diamond Eyes” is the final single off of the all collaborative EP “Plus One”. The track dives into a deep infatuation surrounded by dark disco elements and a rhythmic drive.

About the EP:

The all collaborative EP “Plus One” is a project revolving around Fly By Midnight’s ability to seamlessly create with artists from all over the globe. With features from Clara Mae (Sweden), Shoffy (SoCal), Jake Miller (Florida) & Cailin Russo (LA), the packaged release is a dynamic indie pop ride that showcases connectivity in a year more disconnected than any.

Fly By Midnight – Automatic (feat. Jake Miller) (Video)

“As sound quality seekers, will not lie you, when we stop here to pick for review, we got impressed from the right use of reverb in the vocals and the mix/production which is top notch. Giving into these exuberant vocal performance a divine style. Of course it has also such catchy melody and if ends before you enjoy it full, this is where playback helps, you never get bored to listen this on repeat until you get its full energy inside you. Memorable!”

New York based retro-pop duo Fly By Midnight is comprised of songwriter Justin Bryte & producer/songwriter Slavo. Following a sold out album show in NYC and performances at Firefly & Panorama festival, the duo has continued to generate strong independent buzz by releasing catchy original pop anthems and reimagined cover songs

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