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Bastien Keb – Pasadena

“According to the tube sound, you can immediately hear that -Bastien Keb- plays from all its broad soul. Refined Funk vocals, soft rhythms of downTempo – everything is subject to this author! Music, which can be easily recommended as a cure for a bad mood. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“По ламповому звуку сразу слышно, что -Bastien Keb- играет от всей своей широкой души. Утончённый Funk вокал, мягкие ритмы Downtempo – этому автору подвластно всё! Музыку, которую можно легко рекомендовать как лекарство от плохого настроения.”

Organ Recital is announced for a July 22nd release date on Gearbox Records, and today Bastien Keb shares the first single “Pasadena”. Laid out over busted late night electro-soul, the track recalls fading memories of intimate encounters.

Weaving an imaginative melange of psychedelic-chamber-funk, warped anti-ballads and cinematic instrumentals; Organ Recital is the fourth album by the singular Bastien Keb and a follow up to 2020’s acclaimed The Killing of Eugene Peeps.

Conceived as a fantasy world to escape self-doubt and loneliness, fragments from everyday life continue to bleed through the cracks of reality – the harmony from a distant car alarm, someone’s headphones on the night bus, rain on leaky roof, a decaying siren – to produce a dreamlike journey pieced together from half-imagined memories and late night inner-voice conversations.

Michael Crean – Just for Now

“An emotionally impactful and discreetly intense single has just arrived from Michael Crean. Deep and somehow dark Folktronica sound that evolves within mystery. The lyrics have a true meaning and performed in characteristic way too. Consider watching the clip for the full artistic experience!”

Just for Now is the intimate 3rd single from Michael Crean. A dream-like composition about searching for temporary serenity. Through cascading strings parts and manipulated vocal samples, the song summons both a dark and hopeful atmosphere.

Crean wrote and recorded all the parts from his shed during 2021’s lockdown.

‘Just for Now’ has already been described as ‘a track so good that you can’t help but listen to again and again’ by Hotvox

Crean’s first two solo releases have been described as; ‘Multilayered [and] emotional’ by Glasse House, ‘Enigmatic and Intriguing’ by Electric Sound of Joy and listed in When The Horn Blows weekly top tracks.

After releasing the track last month, Crean released the music video this week (April 19th). The self directed music video features Lithuanian dancer Erika Sviderskyte and is shot on the Eastern coast of England.

Crean will be playing at the renowned Camden Assembly on Saturday April 23rd to celebrate the release.

Michael will also be releasing his 4th single ‘Silence’ on May 6th.

Two Truths – Chasing

“This song is similar to a desperate shout cry, which like the rays of the sun makes himself to the listener through the created images. Melody FOLK ROCK incredible beauty, singing acoustic guitar and a huge variety of tool filling. Frank vocals and philosophical text will help you think about important things. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Эта песня похожа на отчаянный крик души, который словно лучи солнца пробивается к слушателю через созданные образы. Мелодия Folk Rock невероятной красоты, пение акустической гитары и огромное разнообразие инструментальной начинки. Откровенный вокал и философский текст помогут задуматься о важных вещах.”

“Chasing” casts a dreamy hue with guitar droning out downcast chords shrouded in icy synth tones. Lyrically the song explores life in an always-on society: “Try hard to understand but got no time to waste. Devil on my heels, quicken the pace. Always chasing another end. Never stop, never begin.” The band had been stuck inside during the frozen Rochester winter and decided to go on a late-night stroll. Walking through the windy streets and snowfall they found themselves lying down, looking at the stars and taking in the still night. They wrote the song immediately upon arriving back home.

Najad – Ruccine

“In “Ruccine”, selected drum loops are decorated with melodic strings to form a wide atmosphere. The vocals are simple and have an hypnotic repetition. Suitable sound for all fans of Folktronica & Trip-Hop with a strong eastern taste.”

Najad’s new single “Ruccine” has various meanings, most importantly the one the listener decides to give it.

“Ruccine” describes a fictitious word – sung and played backwards, it invites you to immerse yourself in your own world of thoughts and perhaps raises or even resolves some questions: “Am I only hearing what I want to hear? Do you hear something different? What’s the truth? Is there even a single truth or perhaps a deeper understanding our brain can’t quite grasp?” The soft, female vocals at the end play into this idea even more, since only imagination could make out the initial message.

No matter from which facet you want to look at the song, there are both mindfulness and a feeling of calmness to Najad’s sound, shaping it so significantly that you won’t get around it. Once again, Najad takes us on a journey from which we can take whatever we need- even if it’s just a sudden craving for some really good Indian food.

Jackson Emmer – Can’t Take It With You

“We strive to make wealth, get everything that we need -and many more- for a better life, but what's left in the end? Jackson Emmer states the truth in his new Folk song and communicates his wise message in a direct and effective way. Just lay back and concentrate in this acoustic sound.”

Artist said about this song:

"I wrote this song with folk legend, Tom Paxton via Zoom. Tom really liked our initial approach to the song, which was based around a Travis-Picking groove. I liked that too, but wanted to try something different for the studio version. Honky Tronica sounded about right."

EarthCry x Lavender Fields x Will Franke – Leaf Speak (Spotify)

“When three names join forces, the result cannot be indifferent! This is "Leaf Speak"; a Trip-Hop gem that steels the impression with its rich variety of synth patterns. On top of all lies the singer's etherial voice, which can take away all the pressure and releave from tension.”

Leaf Speak is the title track to mini collaboration between EarthCry and Lavender Fields which also features the eclectic stringed stylings of Will Franke on the violin. A melodic whirlwind of global rhythms presents a musical wish to learn the ineffable language of nature herself.

Philipp Makolies – Leave And Stay (Spotify)

“If music has a soul, then it is enclosed in the -Philipp Makolies- composition. Charging Indie Folk with sounds of acoustic guitar, so beautifully poured by the craft from the artist's fingers. Pure creativity without borders.”

“Если у музыки есть душа, то она заключена в композиции -Philipp Makolies-. Чарующий indie folk, чьи звуки акустической гитары так красиво льются рекой из-под пальцев композитора и исполнителя. Чистое творчество без границ и фальши.”

Phill Reynolds – World on Fire (Spotify)

“"Phill Reynolds" keeps the pace at a lower level and gives emphasis on even the smallest detail in sound. Folktronica production which gently cuddles its listener and introduces a new dimension in music. warm and elegant result which many artists wish to achieve.”

The first new material since his latest album 'A Sudden Nowhere' came out earlier this year, the track features sparse and bare arrangements. A Fender Rhodes loop and minimal guitar touches are accompanied by the silky synth lines and vibrating backing vocals provided by Italian composer Iosonouncane. Phill describes it as "an SOS sent to a blurry promised land from inside a dream".

Phill Reynolds, born Silva Cantele, is an Italian singer-songwriter and one-man-band. Since 2011, he brings his bluesy roots and his desert voice all around Europe and the US, singing about love and despair, rage and hope, shade and light, on the wings of a sharp fingerstyle technique. Over the course of over 400 concerts, he got to share the stage with the likes of Eric Andersen, Sigur Ros, Timber Timbre, John García, Blonde Redhead, Daniel Norgren, Scott Kelly, Micah P Hinson and many more.

Stone Fruit – Second Guess (Official Lyric Video) (Video)

“Many times we find ourselves wondering about our choices and decisions. In what extent can we form our reality? Listen to this emotional and atmospheric creation with emphasis on the singing part and get ready for an exciting trip to your inner self!”

The ethereal sounds and storyline are exploring and commenting on themes magnified during the pandemic, such as doubt and self-reflection.

Nathaniel Paul – songbird (Video)

“Wide open landscapes and emotions are evident in this well composed creation. S if through rosy colored, glasses the slow beat and drawn out guitar are superb. ”

The dream is to go back. The nightmare is that we never can.

During quarantine, I had to make a trip to the grocery store. I met an elderly man
who struck up a conversation with me. We almost seemed to be kindred spirits.
He began the conversation with “Life is hard when you outlive all the ones
you love.”

It seemed like a bit of a quick start to a conversation, but I could tell he
just needed someone to talk to. After talking for a while, I felt this sense that he had
that the world at large had forgotten about him. But, he had created a plan to travel
the world on a train he had read about. He could work on the train and it would
take him across the world. He was amidst planning his way out.

“songbird” was a direct inspiration from that moment. This idea of life after all that you
love and care for is gone. His story resonated with me in the way that I feel from COVID
taking away so many small businesses – so many dreams from all of us.

But what do we do now? Where do we go from here?

“songbird” hopes to take you to a place of hope amidst a looming dark shadow cast over the world.

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