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Erica Bramham – Pelicans // Enamel (Video)

“Elements of folk music, with the addition of acoustic, string instruments. Unusual, but extremely memorable vocal parties lead into a trance state. -Enamel- is an amazing, hypnotic beauty.”

“Элементы народной музыки, с вкраплением акустических, струнных инструментов. Необычные, но крайне запоминающиеся вокальные партии вводят в состояние транса. -Enamel- невероятная, гипнотическая красота.”

The first single from my forthcoming album, Enamel (out April 2021). A product of Melbourne’s long 2020 Covid-19 lockdown, written in April 2020 when a year’s worth of gigs had just been cancelled, and featuring samples recorded during lockdown-walks of a broken piano that was left to decay on a suburban street near my home.

Pre-order Enamel on Bandcamp:

Erica Bramham – voice, double bass, guitar, broken piano, samples, production

Isaac Barter – mixing & mastering

Erica Bramham is a critically acclaimed vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and composer from Melbourne, Australia. Poetic, inventive and uniquely personal, her work crosses the boundaries between pop, folk, jazz and experimental art music, showcasing her finesse as a lyricist and a captivating performance style that blends song with spoken word and improvisation.

The Tame and the Wild – We Lost More Than A Battle (Video)

“How many times have we been in trouble, ready to give up, but found the courage to go on instead? We may have lost more than a battle but continue to fight. This is the message of “The Tame and the Wild” via their light and charming Folktronica song.”

This song is about accepting the fate of relationships. When it comes to a end there are always losses on both sides. And even if you’re down and burned to the ground, you’ll eventually get back on your feet, you just have to follow the light. The Tame and the Wild lyrics are like polaroids: snippets of real life situations, moments or feelings, condensed to the length of a song. This is the second of a four-song project called „We Lost More Than A Battle“.

The Tame and the Wild is a nostalgic-indie-folk band around the singer-songwriter duo Seja & Flëpp. Its music drives with vocals exploring human emotions among the natural world, sea and stars, youth and age, resiliency and love, boldness and resignation, honesty and memory. The songs urge one to touch those personal situations that are set in and often so tightly bound to nature. The Tame and the Wild see their influences in the sounds of bands such as Daughter, Angus & Julia Stone, Kodaline, Boy or Feist.

Tendra – Draumaland (Radio Edit) (Spotify)

“In a hasty world it is often to overlook artists with a stark locality on their work. In this case Draumaland an Icelandic word of Dreamland we experience an infusion of icelandic folk music with electronic elements and heartwarming vocals receiving an enchanting result from a dynamic young duet ”

The song "Draumaland" (transl. Dreamland) is a composition of Tendra's guitarist Mikael Máni Ásmundsson with lyrics by vocalist Marína Ósk. The two have worked together since 2014 in various projects but have now created the concept of Tendra around their composed music. Tendra is an Icelandic word which means "to light a spark".

The song Draumaland, with lyrics in Icelandic, is about the moment when the night slowly enters the country and the Icelandic nation, almost simultaneously lays down and drifts off to sleep. Iceland is a small country and with the whole country sharing the same time, they are all connected in a way. The heart of the song also speaks to the core of the Icelandic nation but as a whole, they support each other and when in need, they put their backs together and create a strong front. Even living abroad, they find each other.

Draumaland is the third single released from Tendra's upcoming debut which is to be released on CD, vinyl and online platforms in November 6th 2020.

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