Fransoafran – A Wish (Spotify)

“What you want, when night falls over the horizon? Composer and talented violinist -Fransoafran- answers this question in his new work -A Wish-. Bright, distinctive sound, gentle melody, which connect the soul desires.”

“Чего желаете вы, когда вечер опускается за горизонт? Композитор и талантливый скрипач -Fransoafran- отвечает на этот вопрос в своём новом произведение -A Wish-. Яркий, выразительный звук, нежная мелодия, в котором происходите соединение желаний с душой.”

A contemporary classical composition for piano, violin and cello, with a musical motif developing to tell the story of someone barely daring to express a wish, then overcoming their inner fears to transform this secret dream into a firm resolve.

Francois Mathian, Fransoafran – Survivors (Spotify)

Fransoafran wrote this music in February 2020 after the Australian bushfires tragedy, putting the song on hold for a while when the pandemic started. A classical piece for piano and strings with spreaks out in a cinemtatic emotive dramatic tone, diving into deep emotional fields.

Music composed by Francois Mathian. Piano performed by Lena Matienko.

Fransoafran – Hearthside (Spotify)

Fransoafran – Hearthside


Inspired by musicians such as Rolf Lovland, Olafur Arnalds, Yanni, this track was initially composed on the piano. The violin and cellos came naturally in the piece as the warm feeling of a "hearthside" was evoking to me both the comfort of a refuge and warm fire in winter, but also the company of friends and family in our lives. It was recorded in studio in Vietnam - the cello part is performed by Tran Duc Minh, violins (several different types of violins are used) and piano performed by Francois Mathian (Fransoafran)

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