MAYN – Onda

“The prickly rhythm section of the UK Garage and the atmospheric melody of DownTEMPO set up the meditative state by calling to relax and do not rush to absorb all its content. This music needs to drink small sips and feel how she slowly enters your body of a drop behind the drop. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Колючая ритм-секция UK Garage и атмосферная мелодия Downtempo настраивают на медитативное состояние, призывая расслабиться и не торопясь впитать всё её содержание. Эту музыку нужно пить небольшими глотками и чувствовать, как она медленно входит в ваше тело капля за каплей.”

artist said about this song:

"I wrote this song while on a retreat to Mexico City spurred by losing my home in Los Angeles during the pandemic. I was feeling really inspired by the vibrance of the people, the lush green jungle co-existing with the city, and the palpable energy that flows through it all.

I immediately felt at home here and wanted to capture that energy in this track—the result being "Onda", an electronic love letter to the city."

Jett Atlas – When U Want It

-Automatic Translation with Google Translate-
The track boasts a rich abundance of genre characteristics: you will hear the Electro Pop, the elements of the UK Garage, the Melody of Dream Pop and Sexy, Mounted Vocals. A composition that represented the restless energy and gives the ocean of positive emotions!”

“Трек может похвастаться богатым изобилием жанровых характеристик: вы услышите Electro Pop, элементы UK Garage, мелодию Dream Pop и сексуальный, манящий вокал. Композиция, которая искрит неугомонной энергетикой и дарит океан положительных эмоций!”

This is a darkly sexy kinda song about wanting someone who doesn't want you back, and accepting that. It was written as a confessional pop song during a time where Jett was learning how to navigate feeling desirable even if the one you want isn't available. It's the kind of housey syncopated beat you dance in your room to at 2am.

Ben DSP – Realness

“ We embrace that 2 step beat with open arms. This should be used more in the mainstream so its refreshing to hear it bubble up. Flow it tight with no room for error at this BPM. Skilled MC as he glides on that rhythm. Beat is refreshing and smooth as silk.”

Jzzy lays bare her feelings with this catchy finger snapping tune while cribbing about friendships that aren’t meaningful enough and wanting something deeper..Bare Minimum is a relaxed tempo pop song that features elements of ’80’s soft soul and funk but when the bass kicks in you just can’t help but bop a long with the track!…Guitar, drums and a sprinkling of sax are all nestled into a cool sonic landscape alongside Jzzy’s strong vocals and conversational style of lyrics

Patros15 x Thèmemoir – Wherever

“"Wherever" is a characteristic team work track with wide electronic atmosphere, rich in effects and stimulating sounds. The artists have fused UK Garage and Dubstep in a way that -at least- attracts curiosity. Also its intense percussion touch and elusive vocal samples won't leave you unaffected.”

hummingbirdxyz x Voizeh – color geometry (video)

“Bold rhythm and ringing percussion, saturated bass and vocals floating like waves. Futuristic electronic sound, giving tone to the entire track from its start. Also having a bright advantage; Instantly lures each listener!”

“Рваный ритм и звенящая перкуссия, плотный, насыщенный бас и плавающий словно на волнах вокал. Футуристическое электронное звучание, задающее тон всему треку с первых секунд и обладая одним ярким достоинством — она мгновенно зачаровывает!”

Rookley – Run (Spotify)

“Its like running through a hallway filled with robots in a dream full of vivid colors. They have a beat to transfer to us on this journey. Its technology and its alive showing us its true underground flavors. ”

"Run" is the first Single of Rookley's debut LP "Playground" which is going to be released over the Berlin Label AIMEND in Spring 2022.


The sound aesthetics of 'Playground' wants to restore Rookley’s dimension, made of dark, isolated environments, which echo his inner world. Where introspection is combined with the anger and anxiety of those who do not feel at ease in the here and now. Victim and executioner of an imprint made of dissatisfaction and the constant search for a peace that does not come. In the darkness and the discomfort, there is tension and, at the same time, warm abandonment, reassurance. The care for sounds and evoked emotions is the result of research aimed at achieving the exact representation of visceral, intimate, and extremely sincere sensations. There are no filters, everything is authentic, exposed living flesh, made up of significant experiences, alienation, nostalgia for an unwritten future. The language is personal and hermetic, but never encrypted.

The record is beautifully mixed by the renowned mixing Engineer Fransessco Dornadello (Thom York, Modeselektor, Chernobyl Soundtrack, Mouse on Mars, Johan Johannson).

Icarus – Only (Video)

“Fast and groovy banger, out now from “Icarus”. The track features Tech House sounds with fat kick and a basic piano pattern. Bring the dancefloor in your place with “Only” and feel its absolute energy flow.”

Bristol-based duo Tom and Ian Griffiths, a.k.a Icarus, are back on Anjunadeep with new single ‘Only’.

The pair made their long-awaited return to the label last April with ‘Moment In Time’, a single that perfectly encapsulated their distinctive brand of emotive and melodic house. ‘Only’ sees Tom and Ian produce a wistful, piano-infused offering, with a two-step groove firmly rooted in UK dance music.

Having garnered over 120 million Spotify streams to date, written and produced hits like ‘October’ and ‘Home’, featuring AURORA, and remixed names like Jessie Ware, Pendulum, Martin Solveig, Wilkinson and RÜFÜS DU SOL, Icarus are fast becoming one of the UK’s most sought-after dance acts.

Icarus have recently performed a closing set at Anjunadeep’s third label takeover of iconic venue Printworks London, and the first weeks of the year see the duo perform headline shows in London, Manchester and Bristol.

“We’ve really been enjoying writing at slightly quicker tempos lately. 130bpm+ just feels so energetic to us, and we’ve been feeling inspired by the resurgence of the garage sound, especially with a lo-fi texture to it.
With ‘Only’ we wanted to create something that was melodic and enjoyable in headphones but still upbeat and grooving enough for a club environment. We recently dropped this tune at Printworks and the reaction was great, so we hope we’ve achieved our aim!” – Icarus

REMY QUINN – I Need U (Spotify)

“You may fall in love with this song from the very beginning due to its impressive vocals. Also interesting combination of genres, like House & UK Garage which create a strong impression and automatically send this track to your favourite playlist!”

“Впечатляющая работа над вокальным синтезом практически влюбляет в себя с самого начала трека. Интересный симбиоз таких жанров, как house & UK garage создают мощное впечатление и автоматически отправляют трек в любимый плейлист!”

You know that feeling when you can't be with someone and it kills you? I know it very well. It eats at you. It pains you. It drives you mad. And sometimes you have to dance to let it all out.

Zoey Jones – Us Two (Spotify)

“Digging the washes out keyboard sounds on this one. Her crisp voice slices the melody in a dreamy way. Chill midtempo house grooves fill in the background with pleasure. ”

It a beautiful song about the reminising of a summer love romance..Very upbeat and happy, with cool, grooving beats and romantic sade like vocals

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