Goya – Dilli (Spotify)

“Melodic, experimental work with artistic images. Variety of field records blended with Asian vocals. A realistic picture eventually appears in front of the listener, where music plot and symbolism appear on its canvas.”

“Мелодичная, экспериментальная работа, в которой прослеживаются художественные образы. Разнообразие полевых записей, восточный вокал красиво ложится на душу и в итоге перед слушателем реалистичная картина, на полотне которой отображены музыкальный сюжет и символизм. ”


Artist shared few words about this song:

"Everything you hear in this track has been created using the sounds recorded in Delhi, no musical instruments have been used.

Dilli is a track that came about as a part of - 'Sounds of the City', a collaborative initiative between Berklee College of Music & MAP Bangalore where one music producer was chosen from 4 metropolitan cities each to compose a track by using sounds of their city.

When I stepped out to record, I realized Delhi is not just one thing or one sound but rather a diverse collection of it. Delhi is noisy, crowded, fast, and yet, serene and peaceful at certain time and places. I wanted to showcase this aspect through my track.

I went to locations such as Chandni Chowk, Nizammuddin Railway Station, Ghats of Yamuna, Lodhi Garden, some of the oldest restaurants, Bangla Sahib, Jama Masjid and several other unique places to record the rich and diverse sounds the city had to offer." - Goya


Goya – Yesterday (Spotify)

“Yes, we found a miracle in the face of -Yesterday-. The composition that completely justifies its name. Empty showcases in the pale night light, barely noticeable drop of rain and a rainbow of sound effects mixed with a simple, but very catchy melody.”

“Да, это чудо в лице композиции -Yesterday/Midnight Alley- полностью оправдывает своё название. Бледный свет догорающих в ночи витрин, едва ощутимые капли дождя и радуга из звуковых эффектов наложенными на простую, но очень запоминающуюся мелодию.”


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