SUPER FREDDY & KOSI – Ca Gate! feat. Vnfvni & Graham Robertson (Spotify)

“Believe me, spiritual harmony and calm are this time guaranteed unequivocally. The arrangement is very juicy and we suggest listening to this work again and again. Very competent combination of R & B and Afrobeats, exactly what is so much lacking from our ears.”

“Поверьте, душевная гармония и спокойствие вам гарантированы однозначно. Аранжировка очень сочная, так и хочется включать этот трек слушать его вновь и вновь везде, где только это возможно. Очень грамотное сочетание R&B и Afrobeats, именно то, чего так сильно не хватает в подобном исполнение.”

(le français suit)

This is an extended and expanded version of "Ça Gâte", which is track #3 on SUPER FREDDY's lates EP, entitled MERCURIAL and created in collaboration with Toronto-based Zimbabwean producer KOSI. It features an additional verse by Beninese artist Vnfani and saxophone tracks by Graham Robertson of Aztec Sun.

MERCURIAL will be an exploration of the themes of physical distance, diaspora and third culture experience, disconnection from one’s roots and family, as well as feelings of loss and change, presented through an Afrofuturist lens.


Ceci est la version intégrale de "Ça Gâte", la 3ème chanson de l'EP MERCURIAL par SUPER FREDDY, crée en collaboration avec KOSI, un beatmaker d'origine Zimbabwéene et basé à Toronto. On y trouve un nouveau couplet par Vnfani, un artiste béninois, et une section saxophone par Graham Robertson du groupe Aztec Sun.