Greek Brothers, Giota Papadopoulos – Touto To Mina (Spotify)

“According to the composite construction and music from -TouTo to Mina-, it is strongly allocated on a general background, which distinguishes this work from many others. Very pleased with the solo in the loss of stunning emotional promise. The composition itself sounds very fresh and balanced.”

“По композиционному построению и музыке -Touto To Mina- сильно выделяется на общем фоне, что отличает эту работу от многих других. Очень порадовало соло в проигрыше, потрясающий эмоциональный посыл. Сама по себе композиция звучит очень свежо и сбалансировано.”

Based in England, Greek Brothers began as a function band, building a strong local following performing Greek folk music at weddings, summer festivals and local bars throughout the UK, as well as in Germany and Greece.

Recently unable to perform live due to Covid, the band turned to recording, working on a selection of their favourite Greek folk songs, as well as original material.

Their aim is to combine traditional Greek music and contemporary Western sounds in equal parts, drawing on both their Greek and British influences to create works that are simultaneously old and new, Eastern and Western. The song “Touto To Mina” is the band’s first attempt at this.

The vocals of the track are provided by 23-year-old German based singer, Giota Papadopoulou.
A close friend of the band, they performed together often and have plans for further recording collaborations.