Honey ft. Hollie Cook – Official Video (Video)

“Very fresh and sweet work. Reggae style with melodious instrumental sound and vocals closely related to the overall structure of the song. It creates an impression of relaxation with warm sound, causing a dreamy mood.”

“Очень свежая, как глоток чистой воды, работа. В рамках жанра регги партии всех инструментов звучат мелодично, вокал плотно связан с общей структурой песни. Создаётся общее впечатление расслабленности, тёплого звучания, вызывающее мечтательное настроение.”


“Honey” is from Gentleman’s Dub Club’s latest album, Down To Earth, and was praised by Brooklyn Vegan, which gushed, “UK crew Gentleman’s Dub Club tapped the great Hollie Cook for this summery jam and when her harmonies hit this is ‘Honey’ indeed.”


The video literally drips with sweetness. Toby Davies from the band states, “Honey is about the lure of attraction and the sweetness of that sensation mixed in with the dangers of being essentially addicted to a person, even if you are heading down a self-destructive path.”


The video is directed by London based creative production company We Are Tobin (Toby Rothwell and Martin Jarrett). GDC and We Are Tobin have a successful track record together, so it made sense to rekindle the magic for “Honey.” Toby Davies explains, “We were looking for someone to work on the ‘Stardust’ music video – Martin was introduced to us by an old friend and photographer / video pro Oli Samuel, who came on tour with us a few years back. We wanted it to be visually very psychedelic without breaking the bank using CGI. Martin and Toby (We are Tobin) came back to us with some amazing ideas centered around using a projector to create crazy visuals on Johnny’s silhouette as he performed. It came out unbelievably well! From that point onwards they were our first port of call for video work and we ended up doing the ‘Light The Fuse’ video – a mad sort of post-apocalyptic thriller featuring a chip shop, a kidnapping, and a portal to another world – and now the ‘Honey’ video.”


The end result is another creative, engaging, and visually stunning video. The band concludes, “Working with We Are Tobin is an absolute dream: they are extremely creative, versatile people and are willing to go the extra mile to make their videos stand out. They are very adept at understanding concepts and putting them into practice in a pragmatic and fun way. Big up Mart and Toby!!”