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Sayved – Doppler (Spotify)

“The amazing mood of -Doppler-, makes its sound very pleasant and leaves only positive emotions. Techno & House melodic rhythms with very interesting mix. Also those artifacts in the second half of the track are crazy! It's obvious that -Sayved- know their business. Brilliant result!”

“Потрясающее настроение композиции, музыкально она звучит очень приятно и оставляет только положительные эмоции. Мелодичные ритмы Techno & House и очень интересная работа со звуком, интересные артефакты во второй половине трека сводят с ума! Видно, что -Sayved- знают своё дело. Блистательно!”

Blending an ethereal atmosphere with dynamic yet driving rhythms, the beautifully hypnotic soundscapes of "Doppler" simultaneously move hearts and feet.

Blinding neon light and the urban jungle of Zurich are the stage on which the musical drama of Sayved unfolds: Rufus and Billy conjure up electronic rock songs that are equal parts disturbing and beguiling. The tools that they make use of are analogue artifacts and digital devices, which serve to counterbalance the pathos and pop appeal of Rufus’ haunting voice.

This blend of analogue and digital also extends into their on-stage incarnation, in which two voices are joined by electric guitar and vintage gear. All of these organic sounds are further augmented by contemporary digital tools and gadgets.

Ecstatic and electrifying, their live-performances are exorcisms of the demons of modern metropolitan life.

Currently, the duo is moving further away from conventional song structures to maximize the impact of their music clubs and on stage

Leichsen, Lu:Lu – Who Are You – Short Edit (Spotify)

“Do we know who we really are? Taken from the "Lost" EP of "Leichsen", this dynamic House/Techno track will blow up your mind and leave its endless sign inside the brain. Mystic 3D synth waveforms enriched with super effects, can open the door to another reality.”

After the first releases on quite noticeable imprints Lump Records and MIR Music, the Brazilian producer Leichsen comes to Polyptych with his new EP 'Lost', made in collaboration with LUANA. A two-track EP that has the unique ability to immerse yourself. An incredible atmosphere and a little mysterious note permeate both tracks.

Phonez – Secret Pot (Spotify)

“An Imaginative, guaranteed floor filler that is easy on the ears. ‘Secret Plot’ by ‘Phonez’ will appeal to your mellow side and your get up & dance side in equal measure. Extremely well produced, this thoughtful, gently appealing, melodic track has a hypnotic, (trance anthem like), continually shifting rhythm. True progressive House with ever changing sequences & dynamically haunting vocals. Ibiza bound.”

Sandhog, AIKON – Carpaccio (Spotify)

“Golden vibe for all Techno & House maniacs from artists who only focus on quality production. when you press play, unreal melodies flow in the air when that ultra strong kick strikes out of nowhere causing ear addiction!”

Indeed, one might truly affirm that Sandhog is a pretty new venture. Actually it is. In 2020, one of the most particularly eventful years in the last decades, Sandhog decided to get his butt out of the studio and publish his tracks. And what's the idea behind this project? Not giving a damn about musical trends. It's about composing peak time house music with a pile of emotions and good vibes.

After a long search for his branded sound and many years of experience in electronic music, Dmitry NekliFF decides to create his new unusual and bright project AIKON. AIKON is an artist of a new generation but with great experience in the world of electronic music.

SOLON – Waiting For Tomorrow (Spotify)

“"SOLON" steels our impression for one more time with this Melodic Techno masterpiece. Composed more than two years ago, it still sounds fresh and very exciting. That electronic melodic riffs and wide 3D FX, open the door into an other dimension, where the artist's voice guide us through nostalgic memories.”

Solon shared few words behind this inspiration with Nagamag:

"I composed this song two years ago while on my summer holidays, when I spent some time in my home town and felt nostalgia, I finally put a production and vocals in place and love the result." - Solon

Anton Kling – Lone (Spotify)

“Single -Lone- is a kind of sound mosaic, which is overflowing in the rays of the rhythms of DownTempo & Melodic House. This is a story that can be listened to as a musical monologue from -Anton Kling-. -Lone is a real theater of one actor, in which its depth, in combination with music, draws a full-fledged emotional picture.”

“Сингл -Lone- это своеобразная звуковая мозаика, которая переливается в лучах ритмов downtempo & melodic house. Это история, которую можно слушать, как музыкальный монолог -Anton Kling-. -Lone- настоящий театр одного актёра, в котором его глубина, в сочетании с музыкой, рисует полноценную эмоциональную картину.”

The track is very progressive and builds slowly. Big ambient reverbed guitars comes in before the last drop

Evelynka, Sasho Derama – Lost In These Games (Spotify)

“Brand new vibe with strong impact to the listeners. Focusing on electronic sounds, the artists combined high quality samples, elegant vocals and striking melodic patterns. Quite attractive result for all House fans”

Lian Gold – Andole (Spotify)

“Pretty bright, immersing Melodic Techno work. The experienced listener is not tired, but on the contrary, listens in one breath. The striking energy has to press the repeat button and keep the track playing once more.”

“Довольно яркая, погружающая melodic techno работа. Интенсивный звукоряд не утомляет, а напротив, слушается на одном дыхании. Поразительная энергетика располагает к тому, чтобы нажать кнопку повтор и пустить трек по второму кругу.”

Andole is the first single from the new EP "Alpha' that contains two singles: Andole & Ashram.

The listener swipes away into the middle eastern vibes, along with the ethnic touch and melodic techno rhythms.

Lian Gold is a Melodic Techno & House DJ/Producer from Tel Aviv, Israel.

Growing up in a very musically-influenced home helps her thrive and excel during music sessions.

Her music style combines different electronic elements: trance, progressive house, techno, psy, along with an ethnic touch and meaningful conscious message.

As a DJ, Lian is known for her upbeat vibes; she’s raising the crowd's immediate energy level by her presence with a cheerful mood along with the uplifting beats.

Alande – Why (Spotify)

“Intersting new House vibe from the upcoming artist "Alande". Starting fast, into the point, it can obviously catch our attention. Are you ready to move in the rhythms of beat and follow those bold melodic patterns? A summer energy booster which you shouldn't miss.”

Jan Blomqvist, Bloom Twins – High On Beat (Spotify)

“"High on beat" is a call for endless dancing, a real upcomming hit for our ear pleasure. Balanced mix of Techno & House elements with the sensual voices of "Bloom Twins" raising the summer temperature even higher. The result is something more than attractive. Enjoy!”

This is a creative get-together with London-based Bloom Twins, Berlin’s Jan Blomqvist and an Israeli electronic DJ/producer and musician who works in the underground techno scene. ‘High On Beat’ brings with it a hypnotic sound blend that takes centre stage in both the track itself and the accompanying music video.

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