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SAINT – Endless (Spotify)

“Endless search for new worlds in our limitless universe with SAINT. Dark in its own way, but such an alluring, attractive melody.”

“Бесконечные поиски новых миров в нашей безграничной вселенной вместе с SAINT. По своему мрачная, но такая манящая за собой, притягательная мелодия.”

SAINT returns with “Endless,” his newest melodic techno single set to mesmerize listeners from the press of play. The production is led with a driving kick and bassline that will take anyone on a dark and elegant musical journey. The infectious synths and pads with the hard-hitting kick will have listeners wanting more from this talented producer. Through “Endless,” SAINT showcases his talent and versatility as a musician. This track will infuse energy into any crowd, no matter the setting as it evokes pure euphoria. “Endless” delivers a fusion of melodic techno and house that will have electronic aficionados hooked. The intricately crafted production of “Endless” will have listeners engaged as the energy-heavy drums and bassline will guide you with groove. With constant energy flowing, “Endless” is a certified dancefloor tool that will have audiences captivated. Make sure to check out the new release and add it to your daily rotation! The track will be available on all digital streaming platforms on January 1st.

SAINT is a rising electronic artist and producer originating from Switzerland. Fueled by his life experiences, SAINT seeks to create music that will connect and uplift listeners around the world. SAINT delivers an uninhibited aura as his sound is driven by raw emotions through melodies. The talented artist is quickly making waves in the scene with his unparalleled sound and powerful style. The electronic artist delivers pure energy with a unique combination of talent, passion, and emotions that will radiate onto the listeners. With every release, the Switzerland-bred artist will have listeners hooked into the world he creates with his eclectic style and sound. SAINT is an artist to keep an eye on and ear out for as he is set to cement himself in the music industry for years to come.

Anton Kling – Mareld (Spotify)

“Anton Kling with his new single Mareld under Lou Slater imprint is here to tickle our ears with his brilliant sound design, full of the very best sound sets, combined through a harmonic story which flows easy like the water on a river. A chilled, downtempo house, which is so refreshing like the morning breeze of a mountain.”

Its a Minimal/House-track that is very progressive and builds slowly with nice percussions, background vocals and in the end there is a new melody coming in.

ANZU – I Need Your Love (Spotify)

“ANZU with their new single I NEED YOUR LOVE through Louder Recordings, set the time back back into your best moments of House Music glory, a theme that is the cherry into any related set and can bright easy the mood into positive vibes. Beautiful melodic lines which can set this into a classic.”

Marat Mode x Haptic – Feed the wolf – Original Mix (Spotify)

“From the very first seconds Feed the wolf grabs your attention. Melodic, looping house is replaced by amazing male vocals. Marat Mode and Haptic have created a very elegant piece!”

“С самых первых секунд Feed the wolf притягивает к себе ваше внимание. Мелодичный, зацикленный хаус сменяет изумительный мужской вокал. Marat Mode и Haptic создали весьма изящное произведение!”

The theme that names this new release is "Feed The Wolf", in which Marat Mode collaborates with the Australian producer and vocalist Haptic, who has released music with artists such as Rafael Cerato or Marc de Pulse. This premiere follows a deep and progressive line, with a very prominent vocal from the Australian. Enai and Labert continue the concept of the original in their respective versions but giving it a more groovy vision by making changes to the percussion.

Hollt – Silent Lost – Extended Mix (Spotify)

“The thick colors of gray everyday life do not allow you to relax, and the accumulated stress rises to your throat? die Stube Records and Hollt Music will help balance the balance in the new EP Silent Lost! Smooth, dynamic rhythm of progressive house and pleasant melody of the leading synthesizer will create the right mood.”

“Густые краски серых будней не позволяют расслабиться, а накопившийся стресс подступает к горлу? die Stube Records и Hollt Music помогут уравновесить баланс в новом EP Silent Lost! Ровный, динамичный ритм progressive house и приятная мелодия лидирующего синтезатора создадут нужное настроение.”

In what might just be the most paradoxical year for him, with the least performances ever - yet the most interesting one musically, Hollt is back on his die Stube Records with ‘Silent Lost’; two tracks made using a different approach, but with the same energy as the outcome.

The title track ‘Silent Lost’ provides serious momentum with the leading bass melody throughout the entire length of the track. A never ending story with a drum-driven beat, enthralling breakdown and a drop that brings release. The track is a real message, an eye opener with some beautiful atmospheres which will guide you through its adventures.

Trip Tease x Kris Berle – Red (Spotify)

“Trip Tease and Kris Berle delight old school lovers of House Music and Lo-fi with their new single with the catchy name Red.”

“Trip Tease и Kris Berle радуют любителей старой школы House Music и Lo-fi своим новым синглом с броским названием Red.”

Trip Tease is Mexican producer Carlos Salame, born in 1991. With mainly Electronic sounds and melodic structures. Trip Tease is influenced by genres like pop, techno, lo-fi house and synthwave. He's collaborated with many artists like rhye, Alejandro molinari, Kris Berle, Olafur Arnalds, polo & pan, photay, And more.

VEHA – Traverse (Spotify)

“Progressive and at the same time melodic notes of Deep House, small pauses with piano and vocals - a good mood from VEHA and his single Traverse.”

“Прогрессивные и в то же время мелодичные ноты Deep House, небольшие паузы с пиано и вокалом - доброе настроение от VEHA и его сингла Traverse.”

Yousy – TopKapi (Spotify)

“Melodic rhythms of Techno and House music and light, unobtrusive, almost airy vocals, adding a variety of percussion sounds to the sound palette. This is the new work by Yousy on TopKapi.”

“Мелодичные ритмы Techno и House музыки и лёгкий, ненавязчивый, почти что воздушный вокал, добавляющий в звуковую палитру разнообразие перкуссионных звуков. Всё это новая работа Yousy - TopKapi.”

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