Hypnotic Peafowl – The Mind Box (Spotify)

“One more special track from Hypnotic Peafowl & Bendja in slow bpm and Psydub style. Clear synthesis and prototype sounds, which prove the great experience of these artists.”

Hypnotic Peafowl breathes new life into his experiments and explores different soundscapes with a quality sound design. Always in a work of advanced hybridization, he brilliantly mixes his multiple influences: orchestral music, jazz, funk, bass music. In this opus, some sweet piano bar melodies and retro inserts with stoner rock influences, dominated by hypnotic, repetitive rhythms, accompanied by a very heavy bass with a warm envelope.

This album is part of a long narrative, all my releases are built around a central character : the peacock and his spirit. The metaphor for imaging his spirit is the Pandora's box.

Quickly it is the story of a colorful peacock who is schizophrenic with all the other worries that arise from such a pathology.

Beautiful to look at, full of life and energy. A funk/Jazz fan, he exudes the joy of life. But not that, the black sides are there.

All of my past and future releases are in the form of chapters that tell a passage of the Peacock's life. Here: Pandora's box or Logorrhia tells the impression of feeling better after a first meeting before the awareness and the psychic fall.

Hypnotic Peafowl – Understand the Universe (Spotify)

“Another twisting creation from Hypnotic Peafowl. The title "Understand the Universe" make us wonder how it all began while listening the craftfully composed sound vibrations.”

Aurélien Dornier, sound designer, musician and composer, releases his first album "Logorrhia" on the Hadra Records label with his Hypnotic Peafowl project: 8 new exclusive tracks, resolutely eclectic, which reflect the artist's advanced musical research. Hypnotic Peafowl breathes new life into his experiments and explores different soundscapes with a quality sound design. Always in a work of advanced hybridization, he brilliantly mixes his multiple influences: orchestral music, jazz, funk, bass music. In this opus, some sweet piano bar melodies and retro inserts with stoner rock influences, dominated by hypnotic, repetitive rhythms, accompanied by a very heavy bass with a warm envelope. A work that is at once colourful, festive and dynamic, enriched by collaborations with artists such as Bendja or the emerging French group Version Bizar.

Chapter 3 of a cleverly orchestrated narration, Hypnotic Peafowl transcends the simple sound production and has been working on a work that has been a common thread in "Pandora's Box" since its first independent release "Enygma". A work of intention where nothing is left to chance: from the visual aesthetics of each piece of work to the choice of sampling, Hypnotic Peafowl produces each release as a chapter in its history. After releasing its second release "The Mirror" on Zenon Records in early 2020, Hypnotic Peafowl is now laying the third stone of its building "La Boite de Pandore".


Aurélien Dornier is a French sound designer, musician and composer. Lovers of Jazz and orchestral music he also enjoys psychedelic electronic music.

In 2015 he decided to create his project Hypnotic Peafowl, a highly psychedelic project with jazzy influences, funky and bass music.

Music with heavy and tortuous atmospheres that he will seek in the depths of his subconscious, it is with great dexterity that he works his grooves and textures ...

It is in 2018 that he will play his first date and very quickly his project this remark of the general public, with a summer spent in the four corners of France to play in festivals with artists like Halfred, Sumiruna, Hypogeo, Tribone...

His passage in the south of France did not go unnoticed. And because of his energetic performances have allowed him to attract the attention of some French programmers allowing him to regularly perform in parties in Paris, Lyon, Besançon, Grenoble, Nantes, Avignon ...

2019 will mark for him the release of his first album "Enygma" a self-produced album But not that!

He continues to be noticed by his musical eclecticism, in fact mastering himself Peafowl is not content to produce music Psygressive intended for the dancefloor, lover of alternative musical culture he has another facet to his credit.

He likes to produce songs where he gives free rein to all his imagination where the words of others would not be only dancefloor but also musicality, subtlety and travel. Music where he likes to take the time and embark with him in another world ... always accompanied by Jazz sound he loves so much.

You will understand, Aurelien did not stop surprising us that it is on the dancefloor and on an alternative scene there is a good chance for you to meet him in the course of this year 2019!

Hypnotic Peafowl Interview on

Hypnotic Peafowl

Photo by Timothée Prézélus

What are the genres that describe better your music style?

Hypnotic Peafowl:
Giving a very specific genre to my music is not easy. especially when it comes to my "alternative" productions. I think that my music is situated between Basse music with a jazzy side and synthetic textures like halfred or mindex ... and the ethnic and psychedelic side that we can find with merkaba music. The more time passes, the more my compositions are built around the musical instrument. My next outings will be much more hybrid with a very funk very colorful side. ideal music to listen to at home and play with a group in concert for example. but if I had to give only one name to write my "alternative" music I would say jazzy psybass

Few words about your musical background and career?

Hypnotic Peafowl:
For me everything went particularly fast.I don't have a past as an instrumentalist, I did some drums lessons at the age of 7 and I stopped there. I discovered the world of the night at a young age (14 years) with the meeting of friends who organized evenings in all the region where I lived. But it never occurred to me to make music. It's only been 4 years since I started composing MAO. I lived in a shared flat where a friend had a very old computer which was not useful to anyone with an old version of ableton (I laugh today because it took at least 20 minutes to turn on the computer haha) for no reason or any ambition i turned on ableton i typed "psytrance ableton" on you tub is since i haven't spent a day without making music. I spent 3 years learning composition, mixing, musical theory, harmonization. advance use of ableton ... for 3 years I didn't go out (it's no joke I had to do 5 evenings with friends) I watched tutorials on you tub every day, I I bought a lot of music books ... then after that I played my first concert in 2018 thanks to an association of the region which is called "Lunarmouth" it is the only association which shows to the general public the psychedelic culture at home. (today I am the president) then everything went very very quickly for my project, I released my first album "enygma" independently a few weeks after this 1st date. after that I got 41 concerts in my 1st year of activity in 2018/2019. I had the pleasure of playing all over France. I also produced 28 music during this period which gave me constant visibility on the net. In 2019 I officially joined the Hadra records label. Hadra obviously offers me great visibility throughout France but also enormous support for my professionalization and allows me today to make music. in February 2020 I published my new EP on Zenon records which is a great joy for me because it is one of the best world label in my eyes. Today I am fortunate to live in France and benefit from a special status unique to France which allows me to live on my music. I have more and more dates, programmed a few times a year in advance and the international market is beginning to open its doors to me. I continue to bring the psychedelic movement to life in my region by organizing evenings every month with my associations and the support of all its members and of course that of the best club in the city in my eyes "the front door". I give MAO lessons in my studio during the week when I am not producing and I go to play on weekends. I have a busy life and it is an immense pleasure to live that.

Do you remember your first connection of love to music that was the right impact to be a music artist now?

Hypnotic Peafowl:
I remember my 1st party it was Timegate in Switzerland for New Year it is a huge Psytrance party over several days but it was not a revelation for me. honestly the first time electronic music had a real impact on me it was in 2018 (haha yes it was not long ago) I went to an open air psytrance very far from home (10h of car) and I met Version Bizar. I first listened to his live and then I met the man afterwards. The meeting with him mixed with the Zenonesque style of his music was a revelation for me at that time. We had a very strong connection together and it made me discover so much incredible music. He played a bass music djset later that evening and I heard kinds of music that I wasn’t able to imagine before. So I would say that if I have a memory that marked me the most with music and the most changed is this Leon meeting, he became a real source of inspiration for me and will remain so.

What is your vision of electronic music ?

Hypnotic Peafowl:
For me music is a language that you have to learn in order to master it and develop it. I think that electronic music responds to the same code as acoustic music when we talk about music theory, harmonization, the placement of its instruments in the stereo field ect ect. My vision of electronic music is what allows me to explore even further the sound systems and the design of my sounds but also the impact on the live spectator, the physical experience it brings. Playing with emotions is achievable with any type of music (jazz, rap, electro ...) but playing on the physical sensations in concert and something specific to electronic music I find. We have certain constraints with our instrument certain limits impossible to exceed. Electronic music allows me to go further. But beware if I have a Rhode, a piano or any other instrument I don't see the point of replacing it for an electronic version. I imagine that like two completely complementary world one will never replace the other but they complement each other perfectly well if the artist makes sense in the use of electronic music.

What was most important to you in your career and what do you recommend?

Hypnotic Peafowl:
I would say that having a supportive environment is very important. having the presence of mind to analyze our friends and ask the question of their knowledge in the world of music is important. for example when we make listen to our music to our friends most tell you that they are good and do not dare to hurt you (unconsciously for the most part). you have to know create an entourage of people who will hustle you when your productions are not at the top. Its very important.
Have someone who accompanies you on a daily basis and who understands the issues. for my part it is my companion who supports me from the beginning (morally and financially)
knowing my shortcomings and developing personal techniques to stimulate well-being was of great help to me. Meditation for example.
And finally i would say that good management of your project is essential from the start. In our hyper connected era it is important to pay attention to one's artistic image and not to mix private and professional life.

Most artists have a favorite song from a different music genre than the one they are producing music for... Which is yours?

Hypnotic Peafowl:
Aukai "La Joya"

Of Course Nagamag would love to listen also which track from a similar artist you admire?

Hypnotic Peafowl:
5am Trio Transmission 1 - Supa > Concentrated

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