Ias Ferndale – Again – Short Edit (Spotify)

“In "Again" the slow melody confidently leads us through a wide soundscape, causing maximum immersion. Competent synthesis of sounds and pleasant rhythms of Melodic Techno & House. The listener can easily be attracted. Try this during evening, in the rays of neon lights... for maximum pleasure!”

“Мелодия медленно, но уверенно ведёт за собой, создавая эффект максимального погружения. Грамотный синтез звуков, приятные ритмы Melodic Techno & House, которые фокусируют на себе всё внимание слушателя. Вечером, в лучах неоновых огней такое слушать одно удовольствие!”


German DJ and producer Ias Ferndale with his new release "My Word". Incredibly sensual harmonies and classic melodic progressive vibe fill both tracks and immerse you in their magical atmosphere.