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arc rae – Body Language (Spotify)

“Light Ambient synthesis with great precision in the volume levels and mix layout. This track brings pictures of glowing colours and natural sceneries in the mind. "Arc rae" seems to be a real master in sound designing and proves it via "Body Language"!”

"Body Language" is track number five on Primitive, the debut full-length album from Berlin-based synthesist and producer arc rae. A search for rhythmic patterns in mistakes + accidents create glitches, cracks and pops that evolve into precisely designed motifs - an album full of thoughtful, complex and dynamic displays of synthesis. Vinyl, cassette and digital editions available at

Jonathan Fitas – Inside (Video)

“”Inside” offers the silent power of Downtempo, pure and untouched, directly in your place. Rich electronic textures fill the air with mesmerizing vibrations and can simply leave us speechless. Highly recommended piece for every listener.”

Known for his multimedia works that make use of space and audiovisual immersion, Jonathan Fitas’ music is a subtle mix between classical music, electronic textures and sound design. Fitas has built the sonic signature for brands such as Hugo Boss, Asics and Volkswagen thanks to an extraordinary ability to create very cinematic melodies and ambiences. This ability was also employed to conceptualize an acoustic immersive experience for two 2019 multimedia exhibitions held at “Atelier des Lumières” art centre in Paris.

The unfolding of Jonathan Fitas’ first EP “Beyond The Loop”, released on naïve today (June 18th 2021), resembles the soundtrack of an epic film, at times tinged with nostalgia, and testifies to the autobiographical dimension of the composer’s work. By opening classical music to new sonorities, Fitas’ embodies the renewal of a stammering music scene.

Transient Lines – Calm Unrest (Spotify)

“Taken from the latest "Transient Lines" EP this track is not just another Downtempo single, but carries some kind of magic. The artist attracts your attention with gentle wave patterns and a variety of sophisticated sounds. A true elixir, which we loved from the first listening. Congratulations!”

Transient Lines is the electronic solo project of Max Lanzinger.

The combination of rather dark spheric elements with driving beats could be a rough description of his music.

Calm Unrest is a testimony of his drive as a musician that arises from a certain inner restlessness. At the same time the contradictory title aims to describe a felt quietude and peace whilst getting lost in the process of creating music.

De Moi – Pencil Waltz (Video)

“In -Pencil Waltz- we find so unusual sound, which with ease and incredible trepid climbs under the skin and creates a unique and unforgettable comfort. IDM elements and a slight rustle effect is skillfully mixed with an acoustic guitar, which becomes so easily and serene. Present delicacy for gourmet.”

“В -Pencil Waltz- настолько необычное звучание, которое с лёгкостью и невероятным трепетом залезает к вам под кожу и создаёт неповторимый и незабываемый уют. Элементы IDM и лёгкое шуршание glitch искусно смешивается с акустической гитарой, от чего становится так легко и безмятежно. Настоящее лакомство для гурманов.”

High Vibe Records: “Stereopresence EP offers a curious, inquisitive peek into the soul of De Moi. Deeply textured, De Moi brings simple yet charming melodies by way of acoustic and electric guitar harmonics. Sparing use of upright bass adds dimension to the sparse arrangement, and the variety of ASMR triggers offer a deliciously tactile sense of percussion. A truly unique listen, Stereopresence EP will have you coming back again and again.”

Rohne – Phase (Spotify)

“when we dream, there are no rules... Imagine yourself flying fast above endless landscapes, exploring nature and admiring its beauty. This special Electronic work, could be the soundtrack that fits to this dream. We rarely spot such music and for this reason the feeling of listening lasts much more!”

Rohne shares his third single of 2021, "Phase" - Featuring analog synths, crystal bowls, piano textures, and broken rhythms. The off-kilter and eclectic mix of sounds come together for what seems to be Rohne's take on a more powerful and club-oriented track.

Stream/download link here:

Atto Seguente – Listen And Let It Die IV (Spotify)

“"Atto Seguente" shares with us an extraordinary piece of exclusive craft. Short like the blink of an eye, elusive like a shadow in the mist soft and weightless like a cloud. Smooth electronic soundscapes, that peacefully flow in the air around us.”

Taken from Atto Seguente's debut EP 'The Moment Before', out now via Dirty Beach.

Atto Seguente is Andrea Vernillo's solo project, which takes shape in 2019 in the South Of Italy through the release of a series of short soundtracks called "Listen and Let It Die".

The name comes from a verse of All I Need by Radiohead, among its main ones influences along with post-rock, alt-pop, classical, ambient and electronic music.

Piano is the central core of its composition, which is enriched by electronic machines and Andrea's voice, always used as an additional music instrument.

The two singles Open and Where I Am anticipate the main theme of the EP "The Moment Before", out next May via Dirty Beach: a collection of 6 songs connected by their main charachter, the Untergeher.

OXIDIX – Shamanu (Video)

“Feel lucky to have a taste of “OXIDIX” work, long before its official release. Tha track “Shamanu” is the result of carefully selected electronic samples, mixed with sounds from the Eastern countries. Soothing, mystic and meditative mood, ideal for our body and soul.”

Manuel Tröhler aka OXIDIX is a DJ, turntablist, remixer and producer from the Swiss capital Bern. Known for his sophisticated sampling, his DJ skills and as a backup MC for various band formations in the fields of hip hop, world and electronic, OXIDIX can always be found year in, year out on all kinds of stages. In 2010 he completed a two-year Swiss tour with rapper & beatboxer STEFF LA CHEFFE. Inspired and spurred by a 19-month world trip through Asia, Africa and South America in 2012 and 2013, OXIDIX’s field of work has steadily expanded. With his diverse, always surprising DJ sets, his live electro project THE LUGUBRIOUS and his collaboration with the multi-award-winning Basel rapper LA NEFERA, the producer and DJ has been able to prove how versatile and promising his work is in the live and production fields.

OXIDIX’s own compositions move somewhere between downtempo, electronic and hip hop. His music blends together the rhythms, melodies and mythologies of different continents with the sounds of the forest, the chirping of crickets, trickling stones and crackling leaves. The organic textures intertwine smoothly with a modern electronic sound aesthetic. Punchy, crispy beats bounce in the foreground, while a variety of self recorded instruments create a dreamscape full of depth and mysticism. A dreamy, warm and melodic trip that entrances as much through headphones as it does on the dancefloor.

Skysia, Equanimous, Sommer Love – Lay Me Down (Spotify)

“A very clean and well produced downtempo track with elements of IDM, Glitch & Chillstep. A haunting vocal and emotional string section add a real sense of spaciousness and an ethereal quality. ‘Lay Me Down’ is a fine example of how each instrument can be heard in detail and with such clarity, when in the hands of a production team at the top of their game.”

Barstool Astronaut – Phenomena (Video)

“Intricately interwoven sequences develop into a lush, full sound that in turn morphs into simpler themes, & then back again to an even bigger sound as instruments are added. A progressive ever changing composition full of creativity & experimentation. Ambient, melodic, percussive & at times cinematic. This track is packed with everything that makes Mike’s music so good to listen to.”

Barstool Astronaut is instrumental music fueled with experimentation and built for space travel drawing from influences such as Four Tet, Little People, Bonobo, The Flashbulb, and many more.

Denver, Coloardo based producer Mike Larson Schneider started Barstool Astronaut after years of touring and session work as a drummer. Feeling a creative limitation behind the kit in bands (and with the schematics of the music industry in general), he picked back up his first instrument – piano – and started making instrumental electronic music with borrowed software and semi-blind ambition. After a few years creating music with no artistic limitations in mind, Schneider has carved out his own sound from the electronic-leaning genres of IDM, ambient, and instrumental hip-hop, often blending them with a layer of acoustic instruments, inspired by post-rock dynamics and composition.

Absorver – Soils I (Spotify)

“-Absorver- trip to a parallel world, where lies the track -Soils I-. When there is no need for any complex music arrangement, and the soul asks for comfort and privacy. Lo-fi at its best manifestation.”

“-Absorvations- параллельный мир, в котором на перекрёстке его миров особняком стоит трек -Soils I-. Когда нет необходимости перегружать музыку сложной аранжировкой, а душа просит уюта и уединения. Lo-fi в лучшем своём проявление. ”

Thematically the EP attempts to portray an inevitable cycle of feelings. A journey from a cold harsh unknown, from where you wish to return, followed by glances of hope and relief as you approach familiar territory, into a brief moment of comfort, which is soon replaced by everyday annoyances and uncertainties before finally regressing once again as all which made you leave or yearn for a change in the first place reemerges in unbearable cacophony and you want all of it to just freeze...until you need it again.

Musically the overall atmosphere of each segment is conjured by distorted, glitchy instrumentation, minimal repetitive melodies, beats and samples with tape-like lofi processing. Synths, saxophones, warped guitars, unintelligible vocal samples, ambient textures, experimental randomisations.

EP Released on february 26th 2021 on Mai Lei Bel as vinyl and digital.

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