ZZ The Pharaoh, Rita Kamale, IFE RA – Act Up! (Spotify)

“Atmospheric sound layers and explosive chorus that warm you like the rays of the Sun. All foggy melancholy retreats and retreats, while the resistant feeling of inner strength and harmony appears. Powerful composition with stunning sound elements!”

“Атмосферные слои звука, взрывные припевы, которые согревают тебя, словно лучи солнца. Рассеивается и отступает вся туманная меланхолия, появляется стойкое ощущение внутренней силы и гармонии. Мощная композиция с потрясающими звуковыми элементами!”



An alternative hip-hop artist and producer of Italian and Nigerian descent hailing from the West Midlands, ZZ’s been making his mark on the scene since 2015 under his previous alias ZZ, The Slept On.

ZZ has shown his skill set and versatility over his Lava Lamp EP series, several single releases under his previous alias and two notable headline shows. In 2020 ZZ evolved into his new alias ZZ The Pharaoh, going on to kick off 2021 with the release of his single ‘Years’, the debut track from his forthcoming album ‘The Conception Drive’.

ZZ is also one third of Manchester based hip-hop collective Roots Raddix, alongside Woddy Green and LayFullstop.