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Total music posts:2,564 Total artist interviews:111

Neoclassical Pop Jazz World Music House Electronica Psychill Psytrance Techno Blogwave Rock Hip‑Hop

Total music posts:2,564
Total artist interviews:111

Sup? – I Quit (Spotify)

“Sometimes, excessive drama in music does not allow relaxing. -I quit- boldly recommended for everyone who loves to pass their evenings with the cozy flame of candles. The arrangement is so well chosen that the picture of the night city in the shade of a warm summer evening is drawn. One more decent piece for the track collection of your player.”

“Порой, излишний драматизм в музыке не позволяет расслабиться и отдохнуть. -I Quit- модно смело рекомендовать всем, кто любит скоротать свои вечера под уютным пламенем свечи. Аранжировка так удачно подобрана, что перед глазами рисуется картина ночного города в тени тёплого летнего вечера. Достойное место в коллекции вашего плеера. ”

NYC Electronic Duo Sup? provide a glimpse into a bold new future with plans to release all their music as exclusive NFT's, starting with debut single "I Quit", a quirky, danceable jam showcasing the project's state-of-the-art production and tongue-in-cheek humor. Sup? was formed by long-time buddies Guy Zalaxy and Bucky Skullet who 'harness the power of true friendship to create sounds that soothe your soul.'

From the Artist:

"I Quit. Two words we have all wanted to say about so many different things this past year. Society has always tried to reinforce the idea that quitting is weak, and that there is something inherently bad about a Quitter. This track is a triumphant ode that flips that notion on its head, and celebrates the empowerment one feels when they take control of their own destiny. Quitting something that no longer serves you is an important step in the journey of life. These are the victorious sounds of Quitting that thing you no longer need.

The release will take place virtually, in the "Metaverse". We've opted to to deliver our genesis record in the NFT format, which feels appropriate considering cryptocurrency and decentralization has offered financial freedom to so many, and has actually enabled many people to Quit their jobs or previous lifestyles. If you are holding a crypto bag, this one is for you."

How to obtain the NFT:

There will only ever be 100 copies of this record for sale, here:

All owners of the 'I Quit' NFTs will also be able to claim:

Access/Tickets/Passes to all of our live (and virtual) shows and events, in perpetuity.

A Founders Collection print of all future records.

Come chill w us at the ongoing virtual release party, where we are giving our free metaverse wearables to all attendees:,580S,8.5F

Art by: Kye @kye_stuff_idk

Sup?'s Discord server can be found here:

How to stream "I Quit":

The Connecting Dots – Dream Lover (Video)

“There’s always a new and fantastic creation for those who know how to look for the best sound. “Dream lover” offers a dose of nostalgic Indie Electronic gold that travels back and fills with an energetic power. The Sweedish artist duo has also enriched their work with super singing that exceeds our expectations!”

The Connecting Dots are based in Stockholm, Sweden, and make beautiful songs about life and longing, memories and big city dreams.

Dance Yourself Clean, Bronze Avery – No Sleep (Spotify)

“It is important to note that the track -No Sleep- is full of wealthy arrangements. Its genre diversity is also very striking; from colourful pop elements with strong vocals, to the beautiful rhythms of indie electronics.”

“Важно отметить, что трек -No Sleep- пестрит богатством аранжировки. Жанровое разнообразие тоже весьма поражает; от красочной поп составляющей, с ярко выраженными вокалами, до красивых ритмов инди-электроники.”

Twiceyoung – A Place For Us (Spotify)

“We call "home" the place where we usually live, but is this our real home? Sometimes the mind travels away and we dream of a different world. "A Place For Us" is the song that describes this fact. Light electronic waves of sound and elusive singing voices, which guide our senses to somewhere else.”

Artist shared few words behind his inspiration for this song:

"This was the first song completed for my debut full-length album. Heard these words on a walk in the middle of the night last Spring while doing some soul searching. I was uncertain where to go and what was home. This song is about finding where you belong – finding home with the one you love." - Twiceyoung

ELUNIA – Pressure Points (Spotify)

“-ELUNIA- dominates with her voice in the music world, creating an authentic harmony and stands on her diverse background as such. In -Pressure Points- the singer's charming meditative voice floats into the clouds and lift us up too. Also presenting an emotional atmosphere and kaleidoscope with rich variety of sound colours.”

“Вокал -ELUNIA- доминирует в музыкальном пространстве, создавая аутентичную гармонию и выделяется на многообразном фоне ему же подобных. Песня -Pressure Points- словно плавает и витает в облаках, очаровывая своим медитативным голосом. Обволакивающая слушателя атмосфера, эмоциональный калейдоскоп из разнообразия звуковых оттенков и тональностей.”

Returning with her third single of the year, alt-pop prodigy ELUNIA unveils the emotive single "Pressure Points," co-produced with multi-million streamed producer JMAC (Haux, Luz, Matilda Mann, Rosie Carney). The singer-songwriter-producer, praised by EARMILK as "[leaving] you hanging off each word," released her debut "Borderlines" and second single "Soak" in early 2021, which received notable acclaim from music blogs and accumulated over 20,000 streams on Spotify alone. Guided by moody piano, the nuanced production of new record "Pressure Points" ebbs and flows to create a dreamy landscape. Alongside shimmering guitar, haunting synths, and dynamic percussion, ELUNIA’s ethereal voice soars as she delivers intimate, poetic lyricism.

Speaking about her new single, ELUNIA says: “I wrote ‘Pressure Points’ about idolizing someone as the hope I was looking for through a struggle with mental health, and the fear of losing them. I felt like I was finally seen for my full potential, which gave me a glimpse of possibility when I could only see nothing before. You can hear the original voice memos in there from the day I started writing it with birds singing in the background, which felt so right to keep in since it’s quite a vulnerable song. The idea of ‘pressure points’ felt so strangely accurate to me when I came up with it – it's not like someone is outright saving you, but more that they're just existing in the right places and the right ways, and it's really subtle, but that makes it all the more powerful.”

Mad Circuit, LG (TEAM GENIUS), Sereda – MAMASITA (Spotify)

“ A finely knitted swirling combination of styles blended to create a pleasant & coherent fusion of influences that at times breaks into a playful, joyful chaos. Hip Hop, R&B, Rap, Pop & Latin are expertly folded & mixed together by ‘MAD CIRCUIT’ both musically & lyrically. The vocals are sexy, funny, witty & good to listen to. Mamasita’s infectious rhythm will fill dance floors everywhere.”

Breakout trio MAD CIRCUIT are set to break the internet. Comprised of three talented creatives in their own right– Sereda, LG (Team Genius), and JR came together to create the latest version blissfully chaotic MAD CIRCUIT at the beginning of 2021.

MAD CIRCUIT was the creative brainchild of acclaimed Norweigan producer Joachim “JR” Rygg and has seen many forms, iterations, and collaborations, culminating in an eclectic catalog of dancefloor-ready hip-hop. When acclaimed rapper LG (whose voice and lyrics have been heard across national placements for the likes of Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, and more) and billboard-charting vocalist Sereda (Twitch's biggest performing artist) joined the group, MAD CIRCUIT became a one-stop-shop for all your listening needs.

When their "My Fit" single went viral on TikTok and got a prominent sync in Mindy Kaling's hit Netflix show Never Have I Ever, the trio shot up viral streaming charts and have quickly become a sensation. With a social reach of over 500K and a staggering 16 Billion views of content featuring their music on TikTok, MAD CIRCUIT is bound to join the ranks of trailblazers like Doja Cat, Aurora and more in this wave of viral sensations.

The beauty of MAD CIRCUIT is what each individual brings to the table, successfully creating a melting pot of sound and culture. In the irresistible "MAMASITA," a rhythmic beat with a latin flair lays the groundwork for LG's captivating lyrics and Sereda's flirtatious vocals. With its winning combination of pop, R&B, and rap, this indomitable single is destined for superstardom.

Producer JR shares, "Sereda and LG are so different, but both are really cool, high-end voices that always flash new things. Each of their voices serve as two different ‘instruments’ I can use in the studio. LG boasts a strong hip-hop background while Sereda comes from an entirely different realm with her Spanish swag and sexy style of R&B and pop. But they both have this gritty confidence oozing out of them, which really brings it all together.”

Kowloon – Hurt (Spotify)

“Soft electronic single from the Los Angeles artist "Kowloon". Inspired by his hometown he shows his talent with this organized production. Smooth and friendly sound waves. Warm and pleasant singing mood. All found in "Hurt".”

First single from Kitsune Musiques upcoming Kitsune America compilation. Kowloon’s “Hurt” is a song inspired by Los Angeles in the 70’s - by the earthiness and honesty of the Laurel Canyon scene, and by the pop and lifestyle excesses that ultimately spelled its downfall at the close of that decade. It’s a song of the desert wind, of the twinkling lights of the Los Angeles basin, a song of the gently lapping waves at dusk. The gentle fender rhodes and fender vocals channel Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks, and the vulnerable lyrics owe her songwriting a debt as well. The bassline, however, comes from the nightclubs of the era - A pulsating disco throb that propelled the end of the decade into the excess of the eighties. It is a song about the validity of ones feelings, about finding strength, about setbacks and triumphs. There is a very Los Angeles feeling, when one is stuck in interminable traffic, on a hot afternoon. You learn to find a unique joy in this annoyance - you roll down your window, turn up the radio, and feel the breeze on your sweaty skin. Perhaps the song playing is “Hurt.”

Hurt was written, played, performed and mixed by Kowloon, and produced alongside Florida visual-artist and producer Offbeat Ninja.

Kowloon is a musician and filmmaker from Los Angeles, California. His debut album, ‘Come Over’, was written, performed, recorded and mixed in his home-studio in the industrial outskirts of the city. Blending vintage synths, drum machines, and bubbling bass lines with vocals inspired equally by The Talking Heads, Peter Gabriel, and Sly Stone, ‘Come Over’ is 35 minutes of danceable love songs - albeit love songs set in a time of digital malaise and looming ecological catastrophe, with anxious, dread-filled lyrics that are as timely as they are post-apocalyptic.

Porcelain – Hold Me In The Dark (Video)

“The concept is very clever & I will not give it away here. You will have to listen & decide for yourselves. Will the music seduce you? Will the singer invoke a feeling of love or lust within you? Maybe both? You will feel something. I guarantee it, but what?”

‘Hold Me In The Dark’ is deliberately bittersweet, inviting listeners to choose whether to hear darkness or light in both the instrumentation and the lyrics.

For those that hear darkness ‘Hold Me In The Dark’ sets the scene with a picturesque but hazy description of an illicit love affair laced with betrayal and obsession. This tortured scene romanticizes unrequited love and the longing to embrace the reality through an embrace.

While for those that hear light ‘Hold Me In The Dark’ is a serenely beautiful midnight dance, enveloped in the arms of the one you love, while long velvet drapes blow and candles flicker in a balmy summer breeze. ‘Hold Me In The Dark’ was inspired by Carl Jung’s concept of the shadow self which proclaims “I must have a dark side also if I am to be whole”.

Introducing Porcelain, an anonymous musical collective created as a counterpoint to society’s obsession with celebrity culture. Faceless mannequins and androgynous dolls symbolise their wish not to be defined by labels.

Forrest Run – Dream (Spotify)

“Set against a background of gated atmospheric pads and a solid hip hop beat, the deep flowing bass lines, blend nicely with the catchy & pleasantly rhythmic chordal guitar work. The ariose, charismatic & captivating vocals of Ayla will have you reaching for the play it again button.”

Bringing together a brilliant blend of flowing organic sounds with gritty electronica, Forrest Run’s bouncy, effervescent pop is laced with dark mystery.

Pushing out a sound bigger than acts twice their size, this quirky trio lay out atmospheric beds, with massive hip hop beats, along with vocalist Ayla’s saccharine melodies being the cherry on top.

For an act that has only been around since 2019, Forrest Run have matured sonically since their debut release, with the upcoming single displaying a darker, larger sound, while still retaining the catchy pop hooks the act have become known for.

While the debut EP was centred around falling apart, expect the upcoming release to pick up the pieces and move forward, while giving hints reminiscent of London Grammar, Naked & Famous, and Vallis Alps.

We have heard the future of electronic hip-pop, and that sound is Forrest Run.

Kowloon – Hollywood is Under Water (Spotify)

“Do you feel lazy today? Not willing to do much? Explore this new chilling work from "Kowloon"; a Californian musician and filmmaker. Dive into the cool seawater coming out from the electronic loops that lead you through a world of fantasy.”

Hollywood is Underwater is a funky, feel-good indie rock transmission from the Post-Apocalypse. Part "Sledgehammer"-era Peter Gabriel and Part "Once In a- Lifetime" Talking Heads, this track slots nicely between Wild Nothing and Mac Demarco. The song is told by a lovelorn survivor on the sunken west coast of America. The bass line bounces, the synths bubble, and the relaxed vocal makes the End of The World sound like an ok place to be.

Kowloon is a musician and filmmaker from Los Angeles, California. His debut album, ‘Come Over’, was written, performed, recorded and mixed in his home-studio in the industrial outskirts of the city. Blending vintage synths, drum machines, and bubbling bass lines with vocals inspired equally by The Talking Heads, Peter Gabriel, and Sly Stone, ‘Come Over’ is 35 minutes of danceable love songs - albeit love songs set in a time of digital malaise and looming ecological catastrophe, with anxious, dread-filled lyrics that are as timely as they are post-apocalyptic.

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