Magnus Mia – The Evil That Men Do (Spotify)

Magnus Mia – The Evil That Men Do

Magnus Mia – The Evil That Men Do (Spotify)

This is a cover of Iron Maiden’s 1988 classic ‘The Evil That Men Do'. The melody has a new aged "emo synth" vibe while paying tribute to the lyrics brilliance, an emotive well performed vocal song.

Magnus Mia is a duo from Hong Kong and Rome with a cult following and connection to the metal music community. One on vocals and the other one keys as a classical composer. They produce both original work and renditions of classic metal cover songs.

Jay Marwaha – Daydreaming (Spotify)

Jay Marwaha – Daydreaming

Jay Marwaha – Daydreaming (Spotify)

A summer indie electronic drum & bass with a vocal atmosphere closer to pop styles and harmonics which brings full of joy, positive outlook and make your day shine. Jay Marwaha is a British-Indian artist living in London.

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Matan Arkin – Puzzle Earth (Spotify)

Matan Arkin – Puzzle Earth

Matan Arkin – Puzzle Earth (Spotify)

A dreamy indie electronic, with jazzy beats and chords, ethereal vocals who creat a wonderful chill ambient atmosphere.

Matan Arkin is a producer that creates magical music that not just moves bones and feet but also touches heart and soul.
Mystical sound landscapes merging with earthy beats from all over the world, of all kinds and genres.
There are no boundaries in his music which makes the listener be deeply touched and go on a mediate journey.

alexmaax – Bets Off (Spotify)

alexmaax – Bets Off

alexmaax – Bets Off (Spotify)

Amazing depth style of voice and beautiful music layering in this new song of Alexmaax.

Burgeoning artist alexmaax, the solo project of Los Angeles-based producer Max Hershenow (known for his work as half of two alternative pop duos, MS MR and Post Precious) gets ready to share his debut single "Bets Off" and accompanying video next week!

Max first got his start in music while studying at Vassar College and the Martha Graham School of Dance, where he began writing music to accompany his choreographies. Soon after graduation he started MS MR with Lizzy Plapinger and it quickly took off. After signing to Columbia Records in 2011, the band toured internationally for 5 years and performed at most major festivals, including Lollapalooza, Splendour in the Grass, Glastonbury and the main stage at Coachella. Since MS MR, Max has channelled his focus into production and writing projects with other artists- namely Charli XCX, Ryn Weaver, Nakhane, Francisca Valenzuela- and has also scored dance and film pieces.

As a queer artist discovering his own voice, Max was inspired by other artists like Perfume Genius, ANHONI, and the Knife, to create something that felt genuinely like his own. He began work on his first solo project in 2018 and is here now with "Bets Off," the first track from the forthcoming EP. For the first time in his music career, Max has embraced his insecurities and let them shine in this body of work.

He shares, "I always thought of myself as a potential vocalist. I was convinced there was this voice deep inside me that just needed to be unlocked in the right way. But I was insecure about its rough edges, and gradually developed a complex around singing. Eventually I resigned myself to being a producer and songwriter, even telling my mom to stop asking when I was going to start singing because it made me too sad. But the urge didn't really go away, and over the past few years a few things changed: MS MR came to a gradual end (or hiatus or whatever), and I started working with a vocal teacher who encouraged me to explore the outer edges of my voice in a freer way. I learned to face my voice with curiosity and playfulness instead of dread. I started hearing it differently, relaxing into its strangeness and specificity, nuance and limitations. Little by little I understood how to strengthen and nurture it."...

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Altamullan Road – Underwater (Video)

Altamullan Road – Underwater

Gearing up for the release of their mesmerizing debut album due in
the fall of 2020, Altamullan Road, fronted by the sublime voices of
Johanna Kurkela and Johanna Iivanainen already gave us a peek
into their world of wonders with their 1st single “When It’s Time”.

There may be no return after the 2nd, saturnine “Underwater”.
With “Underwater” the supernatural sisters paint a gloomy picture
of a deathwish bittersweetly mixing with hope. A musical canvas
resounding with echoes, the song is sparsely colored with firm,
broad strokes and eerie harmonies. The song weaves an intricate
network of gossamer melodies and submerges the listener in
gothic, melancholic bliss. As light and airy as the singing appears at
the outset, the lyrical message lies clandestine, anticipating just
below the monochrome surface for you to dive in.

“Underwater” is a pensive tide, lying in wait to wash over you.
Altamullan Road is the silent wail of angels becoming the darkness,
the grief of waning memories and the faint flickering of candles in
the dark.

Iñigo Montoya – .E.S (Video)

Iñigo Montoya – .E.S

Out of the basic formative you have used to listen, Iñigo Montoya do a step beyond the safe place and experiment deep with the sound design.
The result is amazing and it comes also with a wonderful video that increases the listening pleasure. All profits from this release will go to the women’s home that fights violence against women “La Maison des femmes”.

Carson C Lee – Danksy (Spotify)

Carson C Lee – Danksy

Carson C Lee – Danksy (Spotify)

Danksy's concept took place in Ramallah, West Bank paying homage to the artist Banksy and his artwork/activism inspired during my stay in the middle east for over a year.

The music video shows spray painting on the separation fence between Palestine and Israel in the beginning -

The song takes the listener on a journey to stand up to the "New Normal" and to have courage during times of uncertainty even if it means taking it on alone

It was a process establishing the foundation of the song and the overall structure - This is part of the reason it is a 6:40 journey with multiple pathways.

Carson C Lee is a lofi/chillhop rap producer from Michigan. Initially, he started making hip-hop beats and writing intricate lyrics to help aspiring artists as a side hustle. This grew into an opportunity to intern for Wu Music Group and expand into a wide variety of creative endeavors. After living in the Middle East, he decided to pursue his passion of music full time. In addition, he is an ESL instructor teaching kids across the world while providing a fresh perspective on Youtube for up-and-coming artists to gain knowledge and insight in music entrepreneurship.

Leon Seti – Silver Lining (Spotify)

Leon Seti – Silver Lining

Leon Seti – Silver Lining (Spotify)

An elegant soft vocal chill song from Leon Seti. Leon Seti is an electro-pop solo project born in 2016 out of the mind and voice of Leo Baldi, 24, who produces, writes and arranges all the songs. In March 2018 Leon released his independent album Cobalt, a collection of 10 synth-pop tracks about the end of a relationship and the solitude that comes afterwards. On its release day the album reached the number 1 spot of the Electronic Itunes charts in Italy, Seti's home country. Cobalt is still receiving rave reviews in Italy and abroad and is building momentum for Seti's future plans.

JONES – Giving It Up (Spotify)

JONES – Giving It Up

JONES – Giving It Up (Spotify)

Indie-pop sensation JONES stuns with her new release "Giving It Up," an intoxicating re-introduction to the east-Londoner. "Giving It Up" is out now.

JONES - neé Cherie Jones-Mattis - oozes personality and elegance in equal measure. JONES was first discovered with the release of her critically acclaimed debut album, New Skin (2016), in which singles "Melt" and "Hoops" have amassed 20 million streams. Backed early on by Sam Smith, JONES made a memorable TV debut when she performed "Indulge'"on Later... With Jools Holland and has seen praise from notable publications including The Guardian, Vibe, The Line of Best Fit and more.

JONES was raised by her mother in Aldgate, London. She spent her childhood immersed in the music of Stevie Wonder and Bob Marley, while JONES' early idols included Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. Attending a local community arts centre as a teenager provided the impetus for her to delve into songwriting.

She often performed at open mic nights as a way of building her confidence as a live performer and eventually made quite an impression on one witness who introduced her to various people in the music industry. Soon to follow was her first contract and a whirlwind of experiences, including touring and recording with HONNE, sharing a table with Tom Jones ahead of her Jools Holland performance and headlining London Omeara.

Since then, JONES has focused on mastering her ability to own any genre she turns her hand to, be it pop, rock, delicate balladry or left-of-centre R&B.

Three-and-a-half years since the release of her debut album and JONES is back and recharged with new single "Giving It Up." Effortlessly cool vocals pair well with alt-pop production, celestial synths, and catchy lyrics. Airy vocals croon "All night I'm giving it up, that's right I'm giving it up..." making for an undoubtedly catchy track. One listen and you'll have this one stuck in your head for days.

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Prayrain, Tom Lohrmann – One-Sided (Spotify)

Prayrain, Tom Lohrmann – One-Sided

Prayrain, Tom Lohrmann – One-Sided (Spotify)

Enchanted vocals that put you quickly in song's pop mood and guitar driving which gives you sweet harmonies. Both tight together in a wonderful music producion which pleases the listener.