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Musetta // Atlantide (Video)

“Imagine the mysterious “Atlantide” sinking deeply in the sea through a short colourful dream. A special Electronic music piece by Musetta full of passion and fantasy.”

With their new single “Atlantide” Musetta goes back to their trip-hop roots. Join them in this journey through the ancient ruins of a long lost civilization, Atlantis, guided by Matteo’s deep and dark textures and Marinella’s siren call.

Spawned in the armpit of Milan, Italy, Musetta burst onto the downtempo scene in 2008 with their debut album, “Mice to meet you!”, which combines Marinella Mastrosimone’s haunting lyrics with Matteo Curcio’s evocative atmospheres to generate a solid record chock full of technical masterpieces, inspired by early 20th century arts, film-noir and science fiction – a retro feel with a futuristic edge.

The remixes of ‘Peace and Melody’, soon followed by ‘Red Star’, ‘Nicotine’ and ‘Standing by my Side’, released on over 150 records by Morrison Recordings (Canada) and Armada Records (Holland), climbed the Beatport charts and got the endorsement of Pete Tong, Tiesto, John Digweed, Sasha, Armin van Bureen, Markus Schulz, Paul Oakenfold, Laurent Garnier and David Guetta.

Musetta’s tracks were synched on several TV series, such as “Better Call Saul”, “Elementary”, “House of Lies”, “Star-Crossed” and features (“Enough Said”, “The Past is a Foreign Land”).

Alewine – Hallucinations (Spotify)

“The broken rhythms of Trip-Hop, vocals that penetrate like water into all corners of our consciousness and the magical, trance-inducing name Hallucinations. An unforgettable journey to the worlds of Alewine.”

“Ломаные ритмы Trip-Hop, вокал, который проникает словно вода во все уголки нашего сознания и магическое, вводящее в состояние транса название Hallucinations. Незабываемое путешествие в миры Alewine.”

KYŁO – Undertow (Video)

“Undertow is Kylo’s way to express all feelings of pressure which may result from a relationship with an unpleasant person. This song is the right choice to help you escape from stressful situations and also something light to relax with.”

Undertow is a vibey breakup song about feeling smothered by a person and needing to let go and move on. It truly takes on the essence of the words, feeling as if one is sucked into the undertow/drowning as a metaphor for how you can feel when you’re with a person that you no longer want to be with.

KYŁO is an electro-pop artist based out of Toronto, Ontario. Consistently creating catchy yet experimental tracks, her vocals demand attention as they spring forth from enchanting, echoed layers. Following the release of her debut EP Phases, she teased us with two singles, ‘Sometimes’ and ‘Your Eyes’, before dropping her latest EP EXIT (Oct 2019). EXIT delivers KYŁO’s signature atmospheric and sultry vocals, while tapping into a darker, more seductive side that listeners haven’t seen from her before, and each track comes as a welcome addition to her repertoire. KYŁO has been described as “talented, precise, succulent, and devastatingly fabulous to listen to” (Come Here Flloyd) and has been featured on Noisey, CBC, and KALTBLUT. As a Toronto local, she has played various venues across the city including the Mod Club, the Baby G, and the Drake showcasing interactive, fan-focused sets. KYŁO shows no signs of slowing down as she just released her latest single ‘Undertow’ and is working on a new project for 2021.

Jayani – Cobblestone (Video)

“Feel the harmony of a tired city leaving into the sunset. Only you, the disappearing ball of the incandescent sun and Cobblestone music in your headphones. You have never been as calm as you are now. Only you. Only music.”

“Почувствуете гармонию уходящего в закат уставшего города. Только вы, исчезающий шар раскалённого солнца и музыка Cobblestone в ваших наушниках. Вы ещё никогда небыли так спокойны, как сейчас. Только вы. Только музыка.”

“Cobblestone” is an intimate narrative that shines a light on the heart of a wanderlust traveller. Smooth guitar welcomes you into an immersive dream-like soundscape, melting the floor as a valley of floating synths elevate around a soft, reminiscent pop vocal. Ephemeral sound-clips illustrate the scene and bring the story to life atop warm wooden percussion and a wavy, calming tempest of ~vibey~ bass. Max explains the inspiration behind the track:

I wrote “Cobblestone” in response to a summer of frantic travels following life at boarding school. It’s a melancholic, step-by-step retelling of my experience realizing something important. I used to believe that if only I could escape from the pressures and scrutiny of society – to post up somewhere in the middle of a forest – I’d finally feel free and happy. I mean, I’d still love to try that one day. But what I realized was… I expected peace of mind and a weight lifted from my soul from going solo. Instead, I found I missed my people even more. <3

Dance Yourself Clean x Michael Medrano – Sugar (Spotify)

“Dance Yourself Clean and Michael Medrano with the support of the Lights & Music Collective introduce us to the new work of Sugar, which has managed to create an interesting resonance in the soul of everyone who hears it again and again. Indie Electronic's melodic vocals and light beats are a cocktail for your mood!”

“Dance Yourself Clean и Michael Medrano при поддержке Lights & Music Collective знакомят нас с новой работой Sugar, у которой получилось создать интересный резонанс в душе каждого, кто услышит её вновь и вновь. Мелодичный вокал и лёгкие ритмы Indie Electronic - коктейль для вашего настроения!”

Since 2013 Dance Yourself Clean had spent nearly every single weekend throwing parties across North America. With the pandemic the boys have turned their entire focus onto the party's transformation into a juggernaut music project. In the first full year since the project was created, 2020 brought in over 2.3 million streams on Spotify alone. With their new single "Sugar" set to release on NYE at 12am EST it looks like they're setting the scene for what may be a massive year of releases and collaborations. DYC had this to say about "Sugar", "Normally we'd be spending NYE with our friends and DYC family somewhere... Maybe Los Angeles at Teragram Ballroom or NYC at Baby's All Right. It kills us that we won't be able to be together this year celebrating. Setting "Sugar's" release date for midnight on the east coast and 9pm on the west coast is our way of being together with our DYC family across the nation. It may seem silly, but it means something to us and hopefully them too."

Reptile Room – Shadows (visual) (Video)

“Electro Pop trio Reptile Room have released their new single – Shadows. The combination of a catchy timbre and languid, leading vocals creates an amazing visualization in the minds of listeners.”

“Electro Pop трио Reptile Room выпустили свой новый сингл – Shadows. Сочетание запоминающегося тембра и томного, лидирующего вокала рисует в сознании слушателей удивительную визуализацию.”

We are in a time when everything is uncertain, and that uncertainty can be felt by every human on earth. The way things “use to be” are far behind us, and there is no telling what the future will bring. This environment has made for the perfect storm of inspiration for many artists, including Reptile Room. In their newest single, “Shadows”, the group laments about the not so subtle changes in their emotional climate. Questioning everything and sure about almost nothing, the track speaks directly to how we cope with changes we didn’t ask for, and circumstances we don’t know how to navigate. “We miss our family, friends, familiarity, but all anyone can do is take this new version of life, one day at a time, and make the best of it. All the world has been brought to the forefront of consciousness, and we are unable to continue running from thoughts or things that we could easily avoid before this shift occurred. Now we are all stuck in a new realm where if we don’t level up and rise above, we will continue to suffer.” The trio discusses the reality of past actions leading us slowly in our present, almost without our knowing until it’s too late. “We have to face the music…and this is what it sounds like.” The chorus really says it all – no matter what path you’ve taken till now, we are all in the same boat together. “This is how we live now. This is how it feels now.” The only question that remains is, are you happy?”

Reptile Room is an electro-pop trio formed in Atlanta in 2017 by Bill Zimmerman and brother and sister Sean and Sami Michelsen. Their first few independent releases gained local support in Creative Loafing’s “25 Atlanta Summer Jams” and Live Nation’s “Atlanta Culture Award” along with sync placements with MTV, E!, BET, and Red Bull.

In 2019, RR released their debut album ‘Jade’ on Om Records and gained support and premieres from Consequence of Sound, Uproxx, Atwood Magazine, New Noise Magazine, glamglare, Medium Magazine, and beyond. Tracks from Jade have been added to official tastemaker playlists on Amazon Music, Google Play, and YouTube Music and featured by prominent DJ Kaskade on his Kaskade Konnect playlist on Spotify.

Following the album, RR joined forces with Spinnin’ Records / Maxximize Records for a collaboration with producer/DJ ASCO. The collaboration, ‘We Come Alive,’ gathered quick streaming momentum and has been played by DJs such as Tiesto, Afrojack, Nicky Romero, and others.

The three members still do all creative work collectively, be it writing, recording and mixing, or editing photos, shooting videos and designing art. Reptile Room is currently hard at work on new projects and looks forward to seeing you on a future tour.

Veinmelter – All the Waves (Spotify)

“Waves so serene, soothing in their depth. From end to end, from dusk to dawn, we dissolve into the oblivion of our horizons with you. The new single of Veinmelter, All the Waves is mesmerizing! ”

“Волны, такие безмятежные, убаюкивающие своей глубиной. От края до края, от заката и до самого рассвета мы растворяемся в небытие наших с тобой горизонтов.”

Ryan Flynn Interview on Nagamag

Indie Electronic


What are the genres that describe better your music style?

Ryan Flynn:
The genres that better describe the music style would be Synth Pop, Indie Pop, and Indie Electronic.

Few words about your musical background and career?

Ryan Flynn:
Originally begun as an experimental side project while in film school, ryan flynn has since evolved into a perpetual orb-praising space pop venture. It was in Rochester, NY that ryan flynn established his signature funky synth pop sound, solidified by the release of an eponymous EP in 2019 with widespread praise from the local community.
In 2020, ryan flynn took to the road with his Moog synthesizer, writing and performing improvisational pieces inspired by the scenery across the country.

Currently, ryan flynn is focusing on writing and releasing new tunes such as "Seems Like Yesterday," "Pressure," and "Outside" alongside creating tasteful visuals to accompany the releases.

Do you remember your first connection of love to music that was the right impact to be a music artist now?

Ryan Flynn:
My first connection to music was certainly through my parents love for music. I was consistently surrounded by great music and was fortunate to have a piano in our home. No one else could play, but I'm pretty sure it was just there when we bought our house on Long Island. I would fool around and eventually grew to love the instrument! Once high school hit, I found myself writing and performing in a metal band with some great friends. I'd say with all of those things coming together, this was my pathway into music.

Do you have any plans to follow the release of the latest single, "Outside?"

Ryan Flynn:
Yes! We have a music video for "Outside" coming out December 16th. For the music video, I've combined and edited the works of two amazing artists together; Micah Buzan, who does the beautiful animation, and Taryn Elliot, who does the amazing landscape filmography. The combination of the two really vibes with the the track and I can't wait for people to connect the visuals with the track!

Music has no borders and many of us we may listen to more genres that we are mainly involved. So share with Nagamag which track comes first in your mind from music but is NOT similar to your genre?

Ryan Flynn:
Steely Dan "Hey Nineteen"

Of Course Nagamag would love to listen also which track from a similar artist you admire?

Ryan Flynn:
Tame Impala Let It Happen

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Abc Dialect – This Energy (Video)

“By the end of this year, each of us strength at the end. Project Abc Dialect has an amazing ability to communicate through music vibration of pure, unadulterated power. Their new single This Energy glaring example!”

“К концу текущего года у каждого из нас силы на исходе. Проект Abc Dialect обладает удивительной способностью передавать через вибрацию музыки чистую, неподдельную энергию. Их новый сингл This Energy тому яркий пример!”

Indie-pop outfit Abc Dialect return with their latest single “This Energy” on Casablanca Sunset Records.

The Argentinian duo, which consists of songwriters Luca Oliva Knight and Tomas Susevich, share their latest offering alongside a dreamy self-produced music video highlighted by introspective time-traveling, psychedelia and indulgent late-night encounters.

Sonically, “This Energy” features an afro-beat rhythm section paired alongside warm reflective synths, gentle pop vocals, smooth undertones and synthetic textures. It is a single best attributed to its danceable rhythm section building on aspects of Brazilian samba, poolside disco, and neo-futuristic pop.

Since their inception in 2017, Abc Dialect have established themselves as an emerging independent musical project. Influenced by the music of previous generations (90s house, 70s funk, soulful jazz, R&B, and more); the two bring a variety of unique and eclectic tastes to their original music. Having drawn comparisons to acts like Phoenix, Parcels and Benny Sings, the duo is most notably recognized for their electronic-tinged indie pop music that evokes a sense of smooth laidback euphoria.

In 2019, Abc Dialect traveled to Berlin to record with Daniel Nentwig of The Whitest Boy Alive where Nentwig co-produced the single “Stay with Me” which was subsequently released on the taste making Parisian label imprint Kitsuné Musique. Prior to “Stay with Me,” in June of 2019, the duo released their 4-song Real Life EP on the Casablanca Sunset label imprint. Both releases received praise from the likes of Délicieuse Musique, Indie Shuffle, Sidekick Music, Noon Pacific, International House of Sound, Acid Stag, Funky Panda, Disco Naïveté, Surviving The Golden Age, Riptide Mag, Tensnake, Bristol Funk, and more. The duo also shared Brooklyn-based producer LEFTI’s remix of their single “Magic” from the Real Life EP. This remix release received praise online from a variety of outlets including peaking at #1 on the Hype Machine popular charts in December of last year.

Flõstate – TIME (Video)

“How much we love when shared from first seconds harmonic softness and ethereal vocals, through well treat sound mix. Inviting you quickly to stay and enjoy deeper the listening, which usually never let you down to the end like here. A beautiful flow of soft grooves, gently funk riffs, heartwarming+g vocals and the right space between all these layers. Flõstate knows how to cook a good song, and TIME is the the proof of that. ”


Canadian duo Flõstate release a visual accompaniment to their spell-binding debut single “Time”. The brainchild of Avery Florence and MKSTN, Flõstate’s fantasy RnB sound brings something breathtaking to the table.

When we were in the stages of looking to visually represent our music with our first release, Magdalene Kan (Creative Director) introduced us to the dynamic duo, Elliot Muscat (Director, Producer) and Tristan C-M (DOP).

We are constantly drawn to the imperfections and qualities of film, and wanted a heightened feeling to be the centre of the video’s attention – trying to capture a feeling of only ever almost touching, fragments of moments are interwoven throughout the song’s continuous momentum.

This video captures the sensual desire of losing oneself in a timeless state. The continuous flow of nature’s waves, life and death, light and darkness.

“Tristan and I worked closely with the artists to visually express their passion and authenticity. Part of the creative execution involved using a mix of film mediums and techniques that mirror the magical qualities of the music. Working with Flostate is always nothing short of awesomeness and downright fun.” – Elliott Muscat (Director, Producer)

The Story So Far

Flõstate is a fantasy R&B duo from space. Consisting of producer MKSTN and songwriter Avery Florence, two worlds collide creating multi-instrumental soundscapes and virtuous vocals. Flõstate is the effortless, endless search.

Inspired by a wide variety of artists and genres, the duo site acts such as Beach House, Galimatias, Tame Impala, Jimi Hendrix, Lana Del Rey, Bon Iver, Enya, Little Mermaid, Matt Corby, Jeff Buckley and Pink Floyd as key influences to their sound.

Flõstate embodies a spell-casting, fantasy RnB sound which serves to represent the space in-between moments.

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