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Alaskan Tapes x Michael Lessard – Know

“We couldn't resist to comment on this unique collaborative single, that directly affected our mood. Your favourite Indie Electronic sound is -this time- driven by truly soulful vocals and lyrics of deep meaning. Mainly smooth production with an etherial highlight towards its finale!”

This track is a recent collaboration between Michael Lessard (of The Contortionist), and Alaskan Tapes. They got together over the previous year and started making ambient indie folk music together.

Natalie Saint-Martin – 2nd Place

“The amazing vocals -Natalie saint-martin- and tragically sounding piano party practically make you fall in love with this song. During listening, I would like to instantly turn off the phone and escape from the house to the most calm and secluded place on the ground, where a person’s leg has not yet stepped. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Потрясающий вокал -Natalie Saint-Martin- и трагически звучащая фортепианная партия практически заставляют влюбиться в эту песню. Во время прослушивания хочется мгновенно выключить телефон и сбежать из дома в самое спокойное и уединённое место на земле, куда ещё не ступала нога человека.”

Artist said about this song:

"2nd Place was written about being doubted by everyone in my life at the time. Feeling runner up at my job, in my music career, more particularly when I was alone in my dormant thoughts. After endless months of self doubt and fear, it forced me down two terrifying, tornado filled roads. Believe the people that know nothing about you, or believe in the person you have always dreamt of being. Fear will always coexist. The orchestra is our resilient hearts, our creative minds and our hard work. Yes, fear exists but it is not the conductor.

2nd Place is a reminder to myself, and hopefully to you that despite what anyone else says.

You’re allowed to be in 1st Place."

Lerocque – Flatlined

“Track make thinking, delve into the text, empathize and causes exceptional emotions and associations. Sometimes the song helps to discover something inexplicable, incomprehensible, but such a close, important and necessary one. Elegant Indie Electronic with excellent sound decoration. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Трек заставлять думать, вникать в текст, сопереживать и вызывает исключительные эмоции и ассоциации. Иногда песня помогает открыть в себе нечто необъяснимое, непонятое, но такое близкое, важное и нужное. Элегантная Indie Electronic с прекрасным звуковым оформлением.”

Do you know that feeling? You met someone and you think you two are the best fit the world has ever seen. Well, it can go wrong though. And as life’s a ride you can only ride once, time is quite precious. Flatlined is about not sticking to something that is obviously lost. A happy electro pop song with a deeper meaning.

Mr. Starbeast – Aludra

“Fasten your seatbelts for an explorative transition into a different dimension. These unpredictable percussive breaks, sudden shifts and wide Psychill spirit are going to change the way you perceive sound reality.”

If you have a taste for the unusual and love music that takes you on a journey, then Aludra by Mr. Starbeast is the song for you.

Named after a star in the Canis Majoris constellation, Aludra is Mr. Starbeast's debut track, and kickstarts his musical project released and promoted through Strange House Records.

Aludra has a genre-bending sound that incorporates elements of electronica, psy-trance, and experimental beat-making.

Mysterious and pensive, this synth-layered, mood-driven musical composition will take you on a fantastical, atmospheric journey through time and space.

Settle in and enjoy the ride!

Scoobert Doobert – High Society

“The melody is slow, but confidently increasing pace flows into the state of absolute bliss. Positive, energetic Rhythms of Indie POP, which easily captures the main promise - the sincerity of the author of the track in relation to their listeners. This is impossible to hide. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Мелодия медленным, но уверенно нарастающим темпом перетекает в состояние абсолютного блаженства. Позитивные, энергичные ритмы Indie Pop, в которых легко улавливается главный посыл – искренность автора трека по отношению к своим слушателям. Такое скрыть невозможно.”

Scoobert Doobert is increasingly becoming an in-demand producer and collaborator. Producing the CHAI recent single “WHOLE” and being on their remix EP. His finger-on-the-pulse pop is in prominent press, in many influential playlists, and on radio stations globally. His newest single “HighSociety” speaks to the moment, both the plethora of perks of modernity and the performative positivity that pervades.

He has recently been on Pitchfork, NME, Paste, The Fader, on egoFM in Germany, and is nominated for Best R&B, Funk or Soul Album for his album Big Hug at the 2022 San Diego Music Awards on April 19.

Bass Astral x Igo – Feeling Exactly

-Automatic Translation with Google Translate-
Percussion seems to be tickling you, giving the finest work in the genres of Indie Electronic and Indie Pop. Exquisite sounds, beautiful melody, interesting and exciting effects. Do you know this feeling? Then this music is for you.”

“Перкуссия словно щекочет вас, даря тончайшее произведение в жанрах Indie Electronic и Indie Pop. Изысканные звуки, красивейшая мелодия, интересные и захватывающие эффекты. Вам знакомо это чувство? Тогда эта музыка для вас.”

Philipp Makolies – It Comes And Goes

-Automatic Translation with Google Translate-
Piano intro, which is slowly diluted with interesting percussion, develops into a beautiful and very gentle guitar melody. Charm in every note, which helps to relax and enjoy high-quality sound.”

“Фортепианное интро, которое медленно разбавляется интересной перкуссией, перерастает в красивую и очень нежную мелодию гитары. Очарование в каждой нотке, которое помогает расслабиться и насладиться качественным звучанием.”

"It Comes And Goes" is a song from Philipp Makolie's new album "It Comes And Goes". T

More info about Philipp Makolie's new album:

KYTES – Apricosa

-Automatic Translation with Google Translate-
Remember that after the inclusion of this track, you will find yourself in the music captivity in -kytes-. IndietRonica mood is traced in each second; Whether it is the original melody or interesting and memorable vocal samples. Feel your desires and make the right choice.”

“Запомните, что после включения этого трека вы окажетесь в музыкальном плену у -KYTES-. Настроение Indietronica прослеживается в каждой секунде; будь то оригинальная мелодия или интересные и запоминающиеся вокальные семплы. Почувствуйте свои желания и сделайте верный выбор.”

Munich based indie-pop quartet KYTES start the new year in style with a infectiously vibrant indie-disco bop 'Apricosa' out 25th March through their very own label Frisbee Records.

The track is a forerunner to the ‚Apricosa' EP out in summer - the band continue their message of positivity, laced with indie-disco vibes and breezy indie-pop melodies.

The band say: "Apricosa expresses our desire to come together, our metaphor for ease and our wish to dance again in the here and now.Apricosa is a journey, our own journey to discover the more electronic and disco side of Kytes. We feel great freedom exploring new styles and nuances."

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