They/Live – Dreamer (Spotify)

They/Live – Dreamer

“Dreamer,” the new single from They/Live’s upcoming album, is a song about trying to make art and find connection and beauty while living in a dystopia. How does one survive? How does one sustain love? “So I go in deeper than I ever have before, here we are the dreamers but they wove us into war.” One goes deeper.

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I Want Poetry – Growing Pains (Spotify)

I Want Poetry – Growing Pains

“Growing Pains” is about the beauty of coming out of your “egg shell” and leaving your comfort zone that keeps us safe but also keeps us small.

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Noé Solange – Nocturnal Lady (Spotify)

Noé Solange – Nocturnal Lady

Inspired by moments of insomnia, ‘Nocturnal Lady’ delves into the realm of downtempo electronica with shades of trip hop. The fast-paced rhythmic backdrop of electronic elements juxtaposed with dreamy harmonies and melancholic lyrics detail the endless struggle into slumber.

It also tries to depict how we as individuals have started to disregard our need for sleep. One could say that in some sense, we have all become nocturnal. We live in a non-stop world, having programmed ourselves never to turn off, to be intolerant to patience and the notion of waiting.

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Josh Terry – Supernova (Spotify)

Josh Terry – Supernova

Supernova – a young boy looks up at the stars and feels how big it is to be human – the single. It’s got a violin solo. It’s got a vocoder. It’s got an exploding star. What else could a fellow need in life?

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Solkyri – Meet Me In The Meadow (Spotify)

Solkyri – Meet Me In The Meadow

‘Meet me in the Meadow’ is built around delicate Rhodes piece that interplay’s with krautrock rhythms and a soothing melodic bass line. This track displays displays instrumental post-rock music with a lighter and airier tone – allowing for elements to breathe and grow before climaxing into an exhilarating close.

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Tom Read – You Restore My Soul (Spotify)

Tom Read – You Restore My Soul

After the success of 2018’s Lament EP, Tom Read returns with a fresh new EP- including critically acclaimed singles ‘Borderless’, ‘Falling’ and ‘Search The World’. Reorient EP is released 6th March 2020 in partnership with Bespoke Records.

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Elizza – Beautiful Curse (Spotify)

Elizza – Beautiful Curse

This song is about a witch’s curse to demolish the concept of love, in an ambient and whimsical/magical and fairytale like sound

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Forts – The Dogs (Spotify)

Forts – The Dogs

This song is a sonic warning to the listener about “the dogs”, the people or thoughts in our lives that feed off our failures and insecurities; the people that seem to chew us up and spit us out, and the thoughts that aim to devour our hopes and deter us from our path. The song is a reminder to not let those critics win, and to stay steadfast even in the face of provocation and uncertainty.

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Andrea Niane – White Liar (Spotify)

Andrea Niane – White Liar

White Liar is the first single of Andrea Niane’s debut EP “Nighttime Stories”. The song is written by Niane and produced by Tiger. The EP is an almost all-female project. Except for a few guitar-fills on one song (of course one guy always manages to sneak in somehow!), everyone from producer, engineers, songwriters and cover-artists are women.

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Gefjun – The Giving One (Spotify)

Gefjun – The Giving One

Gefjun is a Goddess in nordic mythologic, linked to fertility and creativity, and its name seems to mean “The Giving One”. In the myth, she is the creator of the island of Sjælland, where Copenhagen was afterwards built. As well as her, this musical project wants to be fertile and creative, and carry the listener in a realm of mythology and otherworldly experiences.

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