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Supertaste – Wash (Spotify)

“Pleasant light melodies accompanied by an artistic visualizer, will definitely make your day and help get rid of any bad thoughts. This is the latest work from "Supertaste" in Indie electronic style and their personal touch of course. Let the entertainment begin!”

Brooklyn-based indie dance duo Supertaste share their highly anticipated Super Classic EP on Casablanca Sunset Records. The 5-song EP is a culmination of singles released throughout 2021 including their latest single “Wash.”

Sonically, the EP is an uplifting and melodic listen from beginning to end. Each song uniquely showcasing Supertaste’s abilities as both producers and songwriters. The indie pop record glides between uplifting anthemic indie dance rhythms, swooning synth-pop soundscapes and majestic disco pop grooves collectively offering an easy listen that is sun-drenched, radio friendly and dance floor approved.

Over the last year, Supertaste have received praise from a variety of taste making outlets including Dancing Astronaut, Sirius XM, Acid Stag, KCRW, Seattle’s C89.5, Dash Radio, YourEDM,, Ultra Music, Dim Mak and many more. The buzzing duo have also had three singles reach #1 on the Hype Machine popular charts in 2021 along with playlist support from a number of Spotify official playlists including Fresh Finds and additional support from artists like Goldroom, Tensnake, Washed Out and many others.

Golding, Cailin Russo – Boxing Underwater (feat. Cailin Russo) – song by Golding, Cailin Russo | Spotify (Spotify)

“The present indicator of musicians talent, whose genius is to create music that will not fit into the framework of a single style. Here, in -Boxing Underwater- we can find genres such as Electro Pop and Indie Electronic, but -Golding- and -Cailin Russo-, turned out to create their own special atmosphere.”

“Настоящий показатель таланта музыкантов, их гениальности - это создать музыку, которая не будет вписываться в рамки ни одного стиля. Да, безусловно, в -Boxing Underwater- присутствую такие жанры, как Electro Pop и Indie Electronic, но у -Golding- и -Cailin Russo- получилось создать свою, особую атмосферу. ”

“Boxing Underwater” sees the pair – comprising Jay Bainbridge and Matt Bartlem – working with US artist Cailin Russo to create the uplifting, melodic single which sees razor-sharp production, slick musicianship, and clever lyrical turns coming together to create an impressive pop tune. Co-written with Jarryd James, Golding explains that its arrival is something of a special moment for the pair, having admired James’ work for many years.

“Jarryd has always been a huge inspiration and someone I’ve looked up to as an artist,” Bainbridge explains. “He’s always encouraged me to explore my musical freedoms and demonstrated the idea of ‘you can do anything’, there’s no rules in songwriting. To finally be creating in a room with him was a special moment for me.”

Likewise, Bainbridge looks at their collaboration with Cailin Russo as the missing piece that the track needed, with her almost ethereal voice managing to seamlessly lay atop a hypnotic instrumental bed, taking it from an impressive tune to a world-beating classic.

“We didn’t realise that the song could grow even more until Cailin came on to feature,” Bainbridge explains. “I’ve been a fan of Cailin’s music for years and have always had her in the back of my mind as someone I’d like to work with. Her vocals really helped set the tone and the mood of the song, all the pieces fell into place.”

With the meaning of the track itself is kept somewhat vague on purpose, the accompanying video clip adds something in the way of context. With Nicholas Stevens on filming and directorial duties, the video is a beautifully engaging piece of work that complements the track perfectly.

“It was really important to us to show varying sides of relationships, not just the good but the bad too,” Bartlem notes. “We wanted to capture the emotion of a real relationship so we were lucky enough to have real-life couple Mikalah and Zohar star in the clip, you can truly feel the love and chemistry between them as you watch the video unfold.”


“”Weirdo” is back with the always favourite Indie R&B style. Rich mix, with electronic patterns, smooth flow and creative progression. An alternate expression of a love story that finally fades away in a fake reality. Too artistic to miss!”

After releasing his first single of the year, UK based singer-songwriter WEIRDO returns with a brooding, dark and eluding song ‘TRANSCENDENCE’, his second release taken from the upcoming debut mixtape/LP: ‘A MIXTAPE FOR HEARTBREAK’.

Accompanied by a sensational, surrealist and trippy 3D music video directed and created by Lucas Saidl and his visual collective ‘NotReal_Virtual’, TRANSCENDENCE sends you on an audial and visual journey through a broken relationship where love, betrayal, heartbreak and loss combine in an ethereal way.

Written, mixed and produced by WEIRDO in his Berlin based recording studio, a degraded drum beat joins forces with his signature nonchalant vocal style and a moody synth melody to result in a stunning “hit-repeat-again” track.

The song sets the scene for what’s about to come from his upcoming 10 track mixtape/LP, set for release in Autumn 2021.

You can pre-order the LP/Mixtape on various formats here:


When first emerging from his home studio a few years back, WEIRDO, also known as Josh Christopher, started out by releasing a demo called ‘Disco’ via Majestic Casual’s YouTube channel which quickly spun up a fuss and amassed more than 1 million plays within a few months… he then disappeared.

He later re-emerged from silence by spontaneously releasing a pair of odd-pop singles named ‘BUTTER’ and ‘ARMANIO’, which both received #1’s on Hype Machine and Human Human.

‘SAPPHIRE’ was his next musical manoeuvre in which he collaborated with some musical friends; on drums Debbie Knox-Hewson (Charli XCX, Nasty Cherry) and on bass Pierre Leck. Renowned photographer James Perolls took press pictures for the release.

After a little more silent treatment, he dropped ‘ATTITUDE’ which landed on Spotify with a New Music Friday UK addition alongside support from Apple Music’s UK playlists.

Press came from some of the blogosphere’s most respected outlets such as W Magazine, Pigeons and Planes, DIY, Clash and Line of Best Fit.

Annie Mac announced WEIRDO in her New Names playlist on her BBC Radio 1 show whilst it was also included in the BBC Introducing Best Of playlist by Huw Stephens.

He took, yet again, another short hiatus whilst diving into the working life to pay the bills, make some new music for his other project IYES, and “grow up a little bit”.

Christopher, previously of indie pop duo IYES, had a Billboard Dance Club Chart #1 alongside being signed to Sony UK.

In 2020, he returned with singles EUROTRASH, FAKIN’ and some other B-side tracks.

BBC Radio 1’s Jack Saunders was the first to support alongside BBC 6Music, BBC H+W, Amazing Radio, Spotify’s Fresh Finds: Pop playlist, and online outlets such as Vice/Noisey, Wonderland, Complex and EARMILK.

His latest and first release from his upcoming mixtape/LP, ‘CAN’T WITHOUT YOU’, a song co-written with acclaimed hitmaker A7S, received praise on Spotify’s Fresh Finds: Pop playlist once again, from Apple Music’s NEW IN INDIE playlist and Anghami’s Alternative Pop playlist.

WEIRDO once again proved he is not just a flash in the pan and reignited the flame of media buzz for the third time.

WEIRDO defines his life experiences lyrically and sonically. He bounces between lo-fi production techniques (using vintage synths, putting sounds to tape machines and playing with random musical toys) and throws freshness and modern elements into the pot with electro-pop sounds.


Losun – Haunted (Video)

“Pulsating heart rhythms in -Haunted- are combined with high vocal emotionality. Live and calm elements from deep sensitivity. A slight symbiosis of Lo-Fi Pop and Dream Pop, which capture and doesn’t let you go until the last seconds.”

“Пульсирующие сердечные ритмы в -Haunted- сочетаются с повышенной вокальной эмоциональностью. Живым и спокойным инструментарием и глубокой чувствительностью. Особенной изюминкой выступает лёгкий симбиоз Lo-fi Pop и Dream Pop, которые обволакивают и не отпускает до последних секунд. ”

I.M YONI & Sarah Maison – Déjà Vu (Video)

“A well balanced & dynamic production that because of the care given to stereo placement & definition, the wearing of headphones is compulsory. The track never stops moving forward as layer upon layer of fresh ideas are added. The vocals seamlessly knit together, cascading through a range of styles & creativity, with many interesting timing variations.”

I.M YONI (Independent Musicians of Yoni) is a group of creative women from different parts of the world, based in Mexico City who are united to address gender equality through art. The collective was formed as a musical group that produces original songs in multiple languages, within the genres of Funk, R&B, Dance, and Pop among others.

Sarah Maison has transported her magnetism and multifaceted creativity within multiple and varied musical universes: with Lenparrot (in their duet on “Paladines”); in the “Hommage à Léo Ferré” project with La Souterraine, alongside Pépite (for “Sensations” Remix); or even in the company of Anoraak with whom she offered in 2020 the seductive electro-disco song : “Gang” and its unstoppable widely welcomed groove.

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Teulu – Fulgurant (Video)

“There is a real ethereal quality & sense of spaciousness in Teulu’s track “Fulgurant,” Underlined with melancholy, a little darkness & danger, but above all with love & wonder. This is a real lights down, headphones on, Eye’s closed, An audio, sensory delight to be savoured..”

“Fulgurant,” meaning the flash of lightning, is the debut single from Teulu’s forthcoming 3 track EP, Fulgurant. It follows the rise and fall of emotions around seeing something so spectacular yet frightening and potentially destructive. To truly see the beauty within the chaos.

Initially based out of Portland, OR, Teulu found an obsession with the rawness of the rich, dense forests of the pacific northwest. In these forests came those extended moments of solitude and solace. It was during these nomadic excursions that Teulu realized he had more to offer than drumming for a variety of different indie rock projects. From this, his vivid thoughts and feelings started to transform into their own compositions.

Not long after Teulu found footing in this laid back electronic genre, he grew restless of routine, and decided to hit the road. The goal : to live minimally, and create through real, routine-less experience. Fulgurant is the beginning of this endeavor.

Kan Wakan – Shining Bright Truth ft. Rachel Fannan (Video)

“Discover the mystic character of “Kan Wakan” latest work. Trip-Hop and Indie combination of sounds with strong drum vibrations and gentle vocals. An irresistible trip to alternate realities with many thoughts and pictures from everyday activities.”

Forward thinking LA and UK based producer Kan Wakan has just released his brand new single ‘Shining Bright Truth’. The single is the second installment from his upcoming Album Phantasmagoria, Vol.2.

Opening with a meditative hum and steady drumbeat that feels almost instinctual, “Shining Bright Truth” is a compelling and personal collaboration from Kan Wakan, featuring Rachel Fannan. Fannan, known for her work with UNKLE and Pussy Riot, lends her smoky and emotive voice to the song. Kan creates a complex and unexpected soundscape that engulfs the listener into this mystical journey about an alluring stranger.

When explaining the lyrical context of ‘Shining Bright Truth’ Kan explains that it’s “A note to self about acknowledging the occasional tendency to be insincere with oneself and wander down a delusional, parallel reality. Whether it’s through the lens of social media, or another vessel, it’s about that moment of acceptance. Things get precarious when you sense it’s time to bow out and you begin bartering with yourself, but it feels safer to stay the course.”

Phantasmagoria, Vol.2. will be Kan’s 3rd Studio album to date and will also include previous single ‘Oh Mother’ which already has over 128,000 streams on Spotify alone. He’s now recognized as one of L.A.’s most forward-thinking composers since arriving on the scene with the release of his 2014 LP, Moving On. Since then, he was named as Yahoo! “Best New Artists” and L.A. Weekly also named him in their “The 10 Best Young L.A. Songwriters”. His impressive career has flourished with collaborations alongside Moses Sumney and Thundercat while touring alongside Lianne La Hava and the Arctic Monkeys.

With Kan’s innovative thinking and his progressive production, it allows listeners to sink right into his compelling soundscapes. It is no wonder why he’s one of the most exciting producers around today.

Sissysocks – Augsburg (Video)

“”Augsburg” is real anti-nightopia in the world of music. It is clearly intertwined by Indie Electronic elements, which are accompanied by a measured rhythm and barely invisible, but very memorable synthesizer melody. 100% dive!”

“-Augsburg- это настоящая антиутопия в мире музыки. В ней отчётливо переплетаются элементы indie electronic, которые сопровождаются размеренным ритмом и едва незаметными, но очень запоминающимися нотами мелодии синтезатора. 100% погружение!”

This song is about looking for things in the wrong places, and making the same mistakes again.

Amaya – Escape (Spotify)

“The multi-layeredness of this candy titled; -Escape- cannot be left without due attention. 4 minutes of measured and at the same time, dynamic and deeply emotional music is catastrophically a little. Remarkably painstaking work. Bravo!”

“Многослойность этого лакомого пирога под названием -Escape- нельзя оставить без должного внимания. 4 минуты размеренной и, в то же время, динамической и очень эмоциональной музыки это катастрофически мало. Кропотливая работа над каждой составляющей. Браво!”

*Addressing universal issues *Finding a way to flee conflict and oppression *Sensory deprivation *Inward turmoil *Disillusionment *Uncertainty *Plagued by guilt, despair and mixed feelings

*Being trapped with the need and drive to escape into the unknown *Insecurity *Endangerment

Lazy Tiger – Sutra (Spotify)

“-Sutra- can be described by its non-commercial sound. -Lazy Tiger- is absolutely not dependent and creates its own unique style. Musical world, which we can't wait to introduce you. The wind rises from the hills of elevated waves in your subconscious and dip into cool waters of non-indifference. Excellent Downtempo mood... fireworks provided!”

“-Sutra- можно смело назвать некоммерческим звучанием. -Lazy Tiger- совершенно не зависим и создаёт свой уникальный, музыкальный мир, с которым мы спешим вас познакомить. Ветер поднимается из-за холмов, возвышая волны в твоём подсознании и окунает с головой в прохладные воды неравнодушия. Отличное downtempo, фейерверк настроения обеспечен!”

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