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Nadia Kamrath – Fever Dream (Spotify)

“In -Fever Dream-, there is its own unique atmosphere, filling consciousness from the first sounds! -Nadia Kamrath- creates its own, a special world that will win you and make you forget about all your problems. Atmospheric melodies, the musical pattern and vocals will not attract your interest quickly. ”

“В -Fever Dream- есть своя неповторимая атмосфера, заполняющая сознание с первых звуков! -Nadia Kamrath- создаёт свой, особенный мир, который завладеет вами и заставит забыть о всех своих проблемах. Атмосферная мелодия, музыкальный рисунок и вокал не оставят равнодушными.”

Nadia Kamrath’s first single “Fever Dream” is filled with dreamy piano melodies, intimate pure vocals, and attention-grabbing electric guitar. Her debut song has been selected for a film currently being screened by several top distributers including Warner Brothers, Disney and Paramount. She has put together a launch plan that includes her large network of friends, family and fans, ads on Instagram and Facebook, a Spotify Ad Studio campaign and a Vevo music video release.

Mark Kelly & The Peaceful Warriors – See You Again (Spotify)

“-See You Again- is a very beautiful and high-quality work. It has elegant Indie Folk acoustic melody and a pleasant rhythm section. All this emphasizes the overall sound quality. Also its warm Summer vocals create a stunning product worthy of your collection!”

“-See You Again- это очень красивое и качественное произведение. Элегантная акустическая мелодия, идеальный симбиоз indie folk и приятной ритм-секции. Всё это подчёркивает общее качество музыки, а тёплый, летний вокал создаёт потрясающее произведение достойное вашей коллекции!”

Composed during the first lockdown of Spring 2020, « See You Again » examines the feeling of isolation and the difficulties of not being able to see each other in real. Not to touch, feel, kiss nor hug one another. A sense of helplessness reinforced by geographical distance: Mark Kelly is based in Vevey, Switzerland, and his mother lives in Manchester. For months, they could only talk virtually, whilst he usually went back to his native England regularly to see his relatives and friends. The song evokes all the small moments from daily life (saying hello to strangers on the street, drinking a coffee on a crowded terrace, etc.) that used to seem so mundane and natural, but that quickly got a different meaning when absent. A cry from the heart to express the need and joy of seeing other people again.

“See You Again” is the first single by the new project Mark Kelly & The Peaceful Warriors. It is taken from an album set for early 2022.

Adar Alfandari – Wonder (Spotify)

“The ideal sound palette structure. The strength and vocal range of -Adar Alfandari-, the soft melody of the acoustic guitar and the rhythm section has become the ending ingredient of this delicious dish. The splendour of music in its purest form.”

“Идеальная структура звуковой палитры. Сила и диапазон вокала -Adar Alfandari-, мягкая мелодия акустической гитары, а лёгкая ритм-секция стала завершающим ингредиентом изысканного блюда. Великолепие в чистейшем виде.”

"Wonder" is the last single from debut album "Gold dust" which is planned to be out this July.

Kate Vargas – Church of the Misdirection (Spotify)

“Unique, raunchy, quirky & ever so slightly intoxicating. Allow yourself to be seduced by the silver tongued Kate Vardas as she is unwittingly transformed into an enthusiastic spiritual predator, & convinces you become a follower of the ‘Church Of Misdirection’. Go on. You know you want to.”

“Church Of The Misdirection” was loosely inspired by Ma Anand Sheela from the documentary ‘Wild, Wild Country ’where a woman becomes enamored by a charming self-help/cult leader. The two fly all over the world together, having fancy dinners, going to parties, and living that lifestyle. She begins to feel the charming man really “gets” her and that they connect on some kind of deeper level. In “Church Of The Misdirection,” Kate sings about how Ma Anand Sheela goes from a seeker/follower, to a recruiter of sorts.

Kate shares, “We can sell anything, even the most preposterous ideas/flimsiest spiritual beliefs, if it looks good on the outside, if we speak about it enthusiastically. What started as a simple search to find oneself, to connect with the world, sees this person being transformed into a kind of “spiritual” predator without her ever knowing.”

Vintz Desert, Abby Gundersen – So you can come home (Spotify)

“Conceptual work is always challenge yourself and listeners. It gives the commitment and sequence of all key components and makes listening to fascinating and memorable. -So You Can Come Home- With the endless vocals -Vintz desert and light rhythmic vibrations of Indie Folk. Inexhaustible source of sublime mood and pleasant peace of mind.”

“Концептуальная работа это всегда вызов себе и слушателям. Она придаёт совершенность и последовательность всех ключевых составляющих и делает прослушивание увлекательным и запоминающимся. -So you can come home- с запредельно трогательным вокалом -Vintz Desert- и лёгкими ритмическими вибрациями indie folk. Неиссякаемый источник возвышенного настроения и приятного душевного покоя.”

John Bird Jr. – Mariana (Spotify)

“Such works can be listened to infinity. The melodic shades of acoustic guitar and vocals are more than fascinating. All this elegant melancholy in the composition -Mariana- makes you think about something important and disturb the most secret corners of your soul.”

“Подобные работы можно слушать до бесконечности. В невесомости парят завораживающие оттенки мелодии — гитарные, вокальные, акустические. Вся эта элегантная меланхолия в композиции -Mariana- заставляет задуматься о чем-то важном и потревожить самые тайные уголки вашей души.”

Artist shared few words behind this song inspiration with Nagamag:

"The song began with her name and a simple melody, she was an old friend who now unfortunately is no longer with us. When we were kids we shared memories and got lost in the woods and now alone I reflect on the innocence and playfulness of that childhood.

Written in my London bedroom, recalling stories of growing up in Ireland, I created an organic yet contemporary approach to a fresh folk song that whispers mystery and beauty. As the music develops and new sounds are introduced, waking the ambience, the listener gets drawn in to the magic of the memory." - John Bird Jr.

John Bird Jr. grew up in a small village in Ireland and was surrounded by songs and stories that built the foundations for his career as a musician. John has a decade spent performing around the world, alongside artists Niall Horan, Jack Savoretti, Gabrielle Aplin, Hudson Taylor and many more and has now developed his own writing style that is inspired by his roots, drawing influence from the harmonies of Simon & Garfunkel, the melancholic melodies of José González and the heartache emotion of Ray LaMontagne.

INDOLORE – Oh Boy (Video)

“Music doesn’t always have to be complicated to become appreciated. Here is a good example of what we mean, by INDOLORE. Shinny Acoustic work with simple soundscape, soulful singing and quite expressive lyrics. Impressively nice!”

I Shiver – Too Many Miles (Spotify)

“With a very distinct yet softly performed, heart felt vocal melody, ‘Too Many Miles’ by I shiver is a song that describes the pain of being far away from someone you love. The instrumentation is fittingly gentle, yet deep. The sentiment is portrayed by the vocalist with great emotion & a great deal of controlled anguish. Heads-Up - You will need hankies folks.”

Stars and Rabbit – Pretty Anticipated (Live) (Video)

“Instantly memorable melody, rich instrumental parts and very soulful vocals from -ELDA SURYANI-. Strong lyrical promise, which is most fully expressed and revealed in the chorus. The pleasant sound of -pretty anticipated- does not leave anyone indifferent.”

“Мгновенно запоминающаяся мелодия риффа, мелодичная инструментальная составляющая и очень душевный вокал -Elda Suryani-. Сильный лирический посыл, который наиболее полно выражается и раскрывается в припеве. Приятное звучание -Pretty Anticipated- не оставляет никого равнодушным.”

Indonesian duo Stars & Rabbit have announced their new album ‘On Different Days’. The album will be their first with UK label, Trapped Animal Records.

Arriving June 25, ‘On Different Days’ is an introspective look into the last twelve months, finding the rare gleams of light that crept through the dark. As human contact and the possibility of unloading our problems to others disappeared, we all had to become our own islands tending to our own mental health – lead singer, Elda Suryani celebrates her newfound self-reliance as well as noting the acts of the community that have got us through. With ‘On Different Days’ they create a community resource all of their own.

Though the band are household names in Indonesia, their music has also transcended well beyond those borders; they attract almost 250,000 monthly listeners, they’ve toured the UK and played a prime slot at 2019’s Iceland Airwaves.

Focus track, ‘Pretty Anticipated’ deals with the moments between the ups and downs of life where you can sense that everything always works out one way or another. Somehow it makes you trust what life brings. And that moment is something worth a celebration

Writer and singer said on the track: “Have you had that moment when you realize how far you’ve gone with your life? That is when “Pretty Anticipated” was written down in my journal. Oh man…went through all the ups and downs but still managed to keep my sanity and being able to find joy on the ride is something to appreciate over time. It’s one hell of a life coping skill and I’m taking this opportunity to celebrate it. Also because I feel that within each celebration there’s a cultivated sense of deeply feeling O K. To be or not to be. Two things I found. One, my foundation. Second, all emotions are valuable information of where I am right now and where I want to go.”

April’s single, ‘Merry Alone’, a nod to the interconnectedness Suryani felt when the whole world became lonely overnight – “Lonely people, I can feel you more”, she sings.

Speaking about the track, she said: “At this point in time, have you ever felt irrelevant to the world around you? Disconnected. It left you a little lonely. How about knowing the truth, that you’re not the only one. Will it make a difference? To be able to see, hear and feel the loneliness of others. Will it make you less lonely? By being alone together. Will it spark a smile even a little?”

There was a part of lockdown when the whole world seemed to start playing Animal Crossing. It was as if the trees in full blossom, the golden sand and the shimmering blue of the sea circling the picture-perfect islands provided soothing as the real world imploded. ‘On Different Days’ is its aural equivalent. Suryani sings of beautiful gardens, lavender wilds and ‘roses bigger than my head’, and her partner in crime, Didit Saad concocts soundscapes that adds to the vividness of her lyrics.

When our world is reduced to little more than our bedroom, we have to create worlds of our own. Soon the world Stars & Rabbit created for their own sanity will be ours to lose ourselves in.

Waves Rush In – Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself (Video)

“The vocal part turned out melodic in a significant amount. Simply made for acoustic guitar hearts -Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself- has all indie folk taste. If you have a romantic nature, with soulful sensitivity, then this work is for you. Love and beauty will save this world. We believe in this and also believe in you.”

“Вокальная составляющая получилась настолько мелодичная, что в сумме с простыми, но такими родными сердцу гитарными партиями -Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself- придётся по вкусу всем любителям indie folk звучания. Если вы романтическая натура, с тонкой душевной организацией, то эта работа для вас. Любовь и красота спасёт этот мир. Мы в этом верим. Верьте и вы.”

Waves Rush In aka Sam Branson is a singer/songwriter based in Oxfordshire. His music takes influence from nature, love, loss and life experience, resulting in relatable music with a universal message – something we all need during these days of internal and external struggle. The storyteller who has social justice, collective wellness and spirituality at the core of his art, has recently dropped his latest single ‘Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself’ and had his first radio play on BBC Introducing Oxfordshire with previous single ‘Let It Bruise’.

As its title suggests, the track tells a story of personal growth, through a journey of healing and self-acceptance. Musically, the rich acoustic-based instrumentation is anchored around a simple string arrangement. The highlight is the beautiful interplay between a male and female vocal – fittingly Sam is joined on vocals by his wife Isabella, who adds to the purity of the message at hand. This vocal duality echoes the sentiment of lending a hand to someone in need of emotional support. Sam explains further:

“We all have a tendency to give ourselves a hard time but when we are going through challenges, what we really need is to give ourselves a hug. Having been there for each other, through the good times and the bad, I feel honoured to have my wife Isabella singing with me on the record.”
‘Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself’ follows previous singles ‘Let It Bruise’, ‘Colours Fade’ and ‘It’s Cool To Be Kind’, all of which have helped the newcomer reach some impressive stream numbers that includes over 155K Spotify streams and over 245K streams on all platforms. The video for ‘It’s Cool To Be Kind’ premiered with Tap The Feed and reached over 62K views in its first two weeks.

‘Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself’ is available now on all DSPs – it’s the fourth single taken from Waves Rush In’s debut EP which drops 23rd July.

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