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Stephanie Schneiderman – Daughters

“Love the change of pace this song have, with an amazing vocals, to melodic structures it brings, from one mood to another, just great writing and arrangement. Back vocal edits are perfectly placed and the detail I like the most is that reversed piano keys in transitions. ”

Alicia Blue – Young

“The new composition from -alicia blue is poured into you with a cool river; You feel a wave of goosebumps on the skin, your body becomes almost weightless and you are soaring upward. This is a very thin, fragile and elegant track in the Indie Folk genre, which is very nice to listen. The track that warms.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Новая композиция от -Alicia Blue- вливается в вас прохладной рекой; вы чувствуете волну мурашек по коже, ваше тело становится практически невесомым и вы воспаряете ввысь. Это очень тонкий, хрупкий и элегантный трек в жанре Indie Folk, слушать который очень приятно. Трек, который согревает.”

Alicia Blue's new single "Young" (ft John Paul White of The Civil Wars) will be released on Sept 16 and it's the first single off her Inner Child Work Part 2 EP (out November 18).

Quote from Alicia on "Young:" "This is one of my favorite tracks on the record. I had never met John Paul White until we wrote “Young” together. I started the session by telling him how my whole life, even as I grew older, I always felt like the youngest person in the room. He responded, “Well, that’s funny because my whole life I’ve always felt like the oldest person in every room”. We laughed for a bit and then he suggested spinning around the narrative in society of trying to stay young at all costs. It made me think of Dylan’s “Forever Young” and turning that sentiment on its head, which is what we did. 'I don’t wanna live forever young…' Like, fuck that. Fuck staying small and unconscious just to fit in. I want to evolve, grow, and then get the hell outta here when my time is up."

TDK – 1988

“The new track from -tdk - sends each of his listeners as a distant past when there were no worries, but only warm and kind memories. Acoustic Indie Folk with a beautiful, delicate and calm vocal, which is like a close friend tells you his story.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Новый трек от -TDK- отправляет каждого из своих слушателей в далёкое прошлое, когда не было никаких забот, а только тёплые и добрые воспоминания. Акустический Indie Folk с прекрасным, нежным и спокойным вокалом, который словно близкий друг повествует тебе свою историю.”

Twins of June – Favorite Person

“Love the tempo on this one, fits great with vocals and music, you can feel the mood that goes with everything. Smooth vocals, guitars, lead parts are full with happiness, it is felt that it is a very personal message to someone. Love when you can feel something like within a song. ”

Following the success of their latest release "Fake Crown", Twins of June, Jesper & Jonas Trumm, releases the single "Favorite Person", August 26th 2022.

"Favorite Person" was written at the beginning of lockdown, where the twins went from having a busy and stressful everyday life to a relaxed and calm life with time to dive into music. The calmness and tranquility of their new life served as a reminder to who and what is really important in life. Which inspored the lyrics to "Favorite Person" to be a conversation between two people, and a description of their shared relationship, memories and a reminder to support our loved ones.

"With Favorite Person we wanted to explore new sounds and universes from previous recordings, which resulted in a more pop/electronic arrangement. We are not a band that writes 10 of the same songs" – Jesper & Jonas Trumm

With references to Harry Styles they combine acoustic guitar, strings, synthesizer and retro/pop drum elements. They draw inspiration from different genres and artists; Passenger, Foy Vance & Ed Sheeran, Twenty One Pilots, Martin Garrix and Avicii. Twins of June reflect a variety of style and show their ability to write catchy summer tunes.

The twins will be touring in Germany in September, where "Favorite Person" will flourish as the latest release.

In addition to the release of their debut album "Home" in 2019 and their EP 'Memories', which reached #1 on the iTunes singer/songwriter chart, Twins of June have been on a handful of tours in Germany & Denmark in the past few years, supporting various artists, including Nicklas Sahl (DK), Rasmus Hagen (SE) and Tim Schou (DK). Currently, the d has more than 2,400,000 million streams on Spotify alone.

DM Arthur x Alissimon – Sinkin’ With Fishes

“The spirit of the journey, the smell of nature and the noise of summer foliage are felt. Light rhythms Indie Folk and Rock, spiritual vocal and beautiful acoustic melody, which perfectly resonates with its listener. Do not sit still, take one step towards the simultaneous wind.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Чувствуется дух путешествия, запах природы и шум летней листвы. Лёгкие ритмы Indie Folk и Rock, душевный вокал и красивая акустическая мелодия, которая прекрасно резонирует со своим слушателем. Не сидите на месте, сделайте один шаг навстречу попутному ветру.”

Having emerged from the wilderness with debut single ‘Somewhere In The Inbetween’ Glaswegian born singer DM Arthur returns, with sophomore effort ‘Sinkin’ With Fishes’ a hypnotic indie folk anthem featuring vocals from label mate, upcoming singer-songwriter Alissimon.

With early support from Roddy Hart, Shereen Cutty and Phoebe IH at BBC Radio Scotland, Jim Gelatly at Amazing Radio and championed by Alex Rainbird & Paul Gallagher. DM Arthur met Alissimon through label boss, producer Eliot James (Two Door Cinema Club, Noah & The Whale), she describes:

“When Eliot first played me the song I was immediately drawn in by the beautiful, upbeat instrumental paired with these very emotional and cathartic lyrics. The theme of the song I’m sure is one that a lot of different people can relate to, so when the guys asked me to sing on the track I was really excited to add an extra voice into that sentiment”

Alissimon herself has been championed by the likes of BBC Beds, Herts and Bucks, Amazing Radio, Alex Rainbird and more. The feeling was very mutual about their collaboration:

“It was a total joy to have Alissimon on this track. Her vocal has some of that magic energy and a folksy charm which just elevates the hell out of the track.”

Talking about the meaning of the song DM Arthur explains:

“It’s a song about feeling disconnected to the world around you, dealing with anxiety and learning to let go.”. Something we can all relate too.

DM Arthur will be playing his first live show later this month as part of Kin Records Night at West Hampstead Arts Club, Sept 22nd in London alongside label mates Bea Stewart, Lydia Oliver and REUNIØN. Tickets are free and available from dice

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