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Astromike Gordon – The Mess (Spotify)

“Don't be confused by the title in terms of the sound quality here. We promise you that -Astromike Gordon- has brilliantly place each sound to the right place, offering a warm sound layering and a heartwarming vocal performance. Beautiful song to start your day with a smile. ”

The Swedish band AstroMike Gordon releases the grandiose and bittersweet indie track ”The Mess”. The first release from the upcoming EP ”Reviresco”

The frontman, Cristoffer Csanady, drew inspiration from the musical memories of his early childhood while writing it. ”I believe we all have those defining musical memories from early childhood. Tonal languages and sounds that goes straight to your heart. While writing The Mess i tried to capture the music my mother used to listen to. Prokofjevs Peter And The Wolf and the Flamenco she listened to when she felt homesick”

The Mess was recorded in Tambourine Studios in Malmö. It is produced, and arranged by Tomas Borgström. ”The biggest difference from our previous releases is the acoustic sound. Instead of electric guitars and analog synthesiezers we used Spanish guitars and woodwind instruments. A music video will be released shortly. The EP ”Reviresco” will be released early next year.

AstroMike Gordon is a Swedish, four piece, crooner-rock act with a style that sounds as if David Bowie, Frank Sinatra, David Byrne and Jonathan Richman held a garage sale together. They have played in over 20 cities spread across Europe including Berlin, Hamburg, Vienna, Amsterdam, Reykjavik, Athens, Sankt Petersburg, Moscow, Tirana, Gothenburg, Copenhagen and of course their hometown Malmö.

The band was formed by singer/songwriter Cristoffer Csanady. He began playing music at the age of seven. Maybe it was the terribly dark Stockholm winters, but he soon developed a taste for seriousness in jazz music. Many years later, after graduating from the university of Lund with a masters degree in improvisational music, He realized that he needed to create something different. He had to reinvent himself. That ́s when he met AstroMike Gordon for the first time. They met in the darkest ally of his mind and put all of their knowledge and ideas together. But above all they added their voice, which is one of the most powerful voices on the pop scene today. AstroMike Gordon ́s voyage started in March 2012 but reached a new level in 2014 when the debut album was released. The Second album "On Cloudy Days" was released in 2018.

Cristoffer Csanady – Guitar and Vocals
Albin Johansson – Keyboards
Kristian Rimshult – Bass
Kristoffer Rostedt – Drums

CARDS – Reignite (Official Audio) (Video)

“Cards knows how to build a story and this is proved here with -Reignite-. Unfolding his vocal technics and forming a warm companion of right placed guitar harmonies, smart use of reverb and in general the right layering of keys and more sounds, glued brilliant together to daydream you to the end before realize it. Wonderful flow with shades of nostalgia.”

“Reignite,” is a song that definitely marks a change in my sound and I’m happy to get it out into the world. After leaving LA in March and winding up in Ohio, I pulled out a couple instruments I haven’t used in a while. The songs I’m about to release borrow elements from Country and Bluegrass but are 100% Indie Rock at their core. The lyrics are also influenced by my situation — it’s really a pain in the ass to be a fledgling indie artist and not be able to play live shows.

Saven – Why You Are Here (Spotify)

A wonderful guitar vocal driving track, recorded/mixed with clarity which delivers a great positive outlook. If you could picture the joy of listening this song, would be long fields of grass nearby cliffs and a happy couple, holding hands and dancing smiling all around and around endless.

Few words about Saven:
Having grown up in New York, London and Stockholm, SAVEN is international by nature. This musician, singer, songwriter and record producer found inspiration and is heavily influenced by artists like Nirvana, Portishead, Blur, Lou Reed and Cat Stevens. SAVEN delivers an interesting mix of pop and rock with lyrics that will give you something to think about.

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