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Luke Warm and The Cold Ones – Paradise Lost

“Somewhere there, behind the high mountains, behind the boiling streams of the seas and rivers, a lost paradise lurks in silence. In his prairies, the pleasant melody of Indie Folk plays and the singing of a talented singer, who invites everyone to this world who can find this paradise, is heard.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Где-то там, за высокими горами, за бурлящими потоками морей и рек, таится в тишине потерянный рай. В его прериях играет приятная мелодия Indie Folk и слышно пение талантливого певца, который приглашает каждого в этот мир, кто сможет найти этот райский уголок.”

Luke Warm and The Cold Ones are sharing a nostalgic and reflective single, the alternative and folk rock inflected “Paradise Lost.” Written by lead singer Greg Chomut after visiting a friend he hadn’t seen in a while, the song’s lyrics flowed out of him.

Emotive guitars, earnest vocals, and the violin skills of Dreamhouse Studios’ Kara MacKinlay create a melancholic overture that illustrates the importance of caring for what you have before it’s too late.

Luke Warm and The Cold Ones is a rock band based out of Thunder Bay, Ontario.

As such, their music is reflective of the Northern experience of living in a small Canadian town.

The variety of influences which their five members bring to the band creates a sound that is familiar and new at the same time. Everything from punk to folk, metal, classic rock, and hip hop seamlessly blend into a refreshingly contemporary sound.

Much of their music focuses on the more painful side of the human condition, but in a fun way that gets people moving and having a good time in a therapeutic manner.

Dean McMullen – Luna

“Love long intros, specially when they are not expected, like in a pop or any commercial song. Beautiful buildup and vocals, drum section is mixed to be in the background, but enough to give it a needed drive while listening. Song should be perfect for some movie scene. ”

Ex-city of Exeter singing songwriter Dean McMullen releases his debut album ‘Part One’, on Friday 2nd September 2022. This ties in with a headline UK tour which takes place throughout September, as outlined below. His debut album called 'Part One' on digital and limited edition coloured vinyl.

Like its deceptively delicate singles; 'Clouds Hold Up The Sun', 'Migrating Birds', 'Speechless' and 'Christine' the album is a multi-layered musical extrvaganza lurking within an enigmatic melodic slowglobe. There are flashes of heroic rock guitars, dashes of bar room piano and hints of fragrant female harmonies as the sound gently ebbs and flows with bashful melodies breaking out of the kind of lush musical orchestration last heard on an ELO B-side circa 'Out Of The Blue'.

If peddling a sound which ambles somewhere between Elliot Smith and Mercury Rev makes him sound like the introspective sort then rest assured that Dean has deftly clocked up enough muscular motorway miles to unnerve the average RAC trooper. Raised on a steady diet of punk rock in Exeter – local heroes The Computers were a special teenage kicking delight – and now based in the Netherlands, his is a tale of incessant gigging as guitarist in oft-loved Muncie Girls interspersed with the odd stint on the slightly more salubrious tour bus circuit as tech for the likes of Tim Burgess and Baxter Dury.

Rather excellently, there is a whole album of this stuff already in the panda canda. Meticulously produced by Gethin Pearson (Kele Bloc Party, ALMA, whenyoung) with Simon Dobson (Bring Me The Horizon, Parallax Orchestra) on the superluscious arrangements 'Part One' is a triumphant collection of sweeping melodies and swooping strings – one part pure ‘Snowman & The Snowdog’ escapism, three parts road-tripping reality. It’s a good balance in an off-balance world, and it is the fourth of four releases as part of the Fierce Panda Albums Club following in the footsteps of Chili Palmer, Enjoyable Listens and Scrounge.

Dean McMullen kicked off the year with a solo live show at Pandamonium! at The Victoria in Dalston. Fresh from Sound City in Liverpool and supporting Tim Burgess on his UK Tour, yet more gigs are coming soon, very much like this...


September headline tour

06 - Newcastle - Little Buildings

07 - Keighley - The Exchange

08 - London - The Old Blue Last

09 - Hastings - The Piper

10 - Brighton - The Hope

11 - Trowbridge - The Pump

14 - Exeter - Cavern

16 - Newport - Le Pub

17 - Bristol - Exchange Basement

18 - Southampton - Suburbia


14 - Till The Fest 2, London


8 - The Fleece, Bristol (Supporting Tim Burgess)

9 - Laffayette, London (Supporting Tim Burgess)

12 - Le Pub, Newport (Supporting Tim Burgess)

Jack in Water – This Song Is A Hug For You

“Have you ever hugged music like the hands of a loved one? -Jack in water- offers to feel it and atone for us in his emotions and feelings that he reflected with great love in his new, acoustic track. The pleasure is already very close, there is only one step and you are in the arms of music.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Вас когда-нибудь обнимала музыка, словно руки любимого человека? -Jack in Water- предлагает почувствовать это и искупать нас в своих эмоциях и чувствах, которые он с огромной любовью отразил в своём новом, акустическом треке. Наслаждение уже совсем рядом, осталось сделать всего один шаг и вы в объятиях музыки.”

Arran Fagan – Could You Carry Me?

“From the new track -arran fagan, it makes warmth and care, hope and faith, and the fair wind, which blows behind you, whispers something pleasant to you. Acoustic melody and atmosphere Indie Folk in its best manifestation. It has the most important thing in it - he lives with you every second while it sounds in your head.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“От нового трека -Arran Fagan- веет теплотой и заботой, надеждой и верой, а попутный ветер, который дует за вашей спиной шепчет вам что-то приятное. Акустическая мелодия и атмосфера Indie Folk в самом лучшем своём проявлении. В нём есть самое главное — он проживает вместе с вами каждую секунду, пока звучит в вашей голове.”

Mike Mangione – The Turnabout

“Where the rivers freeze, and the leaves cool on the ground are the excellent music of the author and performer -mike mangione-. In his track is full of life and hopes, faith and love, the sun and moon rise inside his soul, and heat comes from the earth. Music in the genre of Indie Folk with beautiful notes of American.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Там, где замерзают реки, и остывают листья на земле рождается прекрасная музыка автора и исполнителя -Mike Mangione-. В его треке полно жизни и надежд, веры и любви, внутри его души восходят солнца и луны, а от земли исходит тепло. Музыка в жанре Indie Folk с красивыми нотками Americana.”

Holy Holy Vine – Waiting

“The melody slowly and slowly broadcasts into the masses its good vibrations of the Country genre, the voice -jordan fletcher- very accurately reflects her whole soul. A live record goes well with a general leisurely pace. It's time to relax.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Мелодия медленно и не спеша транслирует в массы свои добрые вибрации жанра Country, голос -Jordan Fletcher- очень точно отражает всю её душу. Живая запись прекрасно сочетается с общим неторопливым темпом. Самое время для того, чтобы отдохнуть.”

Darby Sabin – Two Birds

“The soft ringing of guitar strings, the delicate and subtle contact of the melody of the piano and the voice -darby sabin-, whose delicate timbre affectionately caress your hearing. Please yourself with these pleasant minutes and listen to her a new track in the Indie Folk genre. Each of his seconds is worth your attention.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Мягкий звон гитарных струн, нежное и едва уловимое соприкосновение мелодии пиано и голос -Darby Sabin-, чей нежнейший тембр ласково ласкает ваш слух. Порадуйте себя этими приятными минутами и послушайте ей новый трек в жанре Indie Folk. Каждого его секунда стоит вашего внимания.”

Our Violet Room – Falling

“The well -built sound balance, the atmosphere of Indie Rock is transmitted and recreated very well, passes the listener all his depth. The track is suitable for both lone wanderers and a mental company and will not leave anyone indifferent.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Грамотно выстроенный баланс звука, атмосфера Indie Rock передана и воссоздана очень хорошо, передаёт слушателю всю свою глубину. Трек подойдёт как одиноким странникам, так и душевной компании и не оставит никого равнодушным.”

With indie rock sensibilities and thoughtful candor, Our Violet Room’s “Falling” is a deceivingly upbeat song about the pain of heartbreak. “Falling,” which is the fifth single released in anticipation for Our Violet Room’s (Matthew Birch) debut album, shares the details of a crumbled relationship. Singing through his emotions, Birch is honest about where he’s at after the breakup. He bares all his confusion and pain upfront and attempts to deal with it. He explains that the song was about “talking [himself] through the end of a relationship,” and by engaging in “self-talk” through the song, he was able to move on. In the chorus he sings, “So let the past be past and move ahead to the dreams that you have dreamt inside your head. You say that I’m falling, and I’m falling over you.” Despite this being his most upbeat indie-rock song, Birch doesn’t derive from the cinematic twist characteristic of his music. In the bridge, right when it sounds like the song might end, Birch brings listeners back in with the sound of horns and a driving percussion. In this way, it’s as if he’s sonically signaling a brighter future in which he can move forward from the pain. While he repeats the chorus once more, there’s a change in tone to what Birch is singing as he admits in the end that although he was falling, now he’s “here to say, I’m over you.” Finding empowerment and a new stride, the song ends on a positive and peaceful note. “Falling” is the fifth track off of Birch's upcoming debut album, Not Where I Thought I’d Be. The 7-track album chronologically details the story of a relationship from its bright beginnings to its bitter end.

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