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Jax Anderson, K.Flay – I Don’t Care Anymore (Video)

“This work is insanely creative and full of positive energy. -I Do not Care Anymore- Basically having affections from indie & lo-fi pop and demonstrating quality humor by -Jax Anderson and K.Flay-.”

“Безумно креативная работа наполненная позитивной энергией. -I Don’t Care Anymore- вереница из таких удачных звеньев, как indie & lo-fi pop и качественный юмор от исполнителей -Jax Anderson и K.Flay-.”

Today, newfound friends Jax Anderson and K.Flay team up for their self-empowerment track “I Don’t Care Anymore”, released via Jax’ label Neon Gold Records HERE.

Jax started the song as a demo on TikTok where it tracked 400,000 views and proved to be an undeniably relatable bop. She decided to invite K.Flay along into the studio, as well as producer Tommy English, to bring the song to life while creating an important dialogue at the same time.

Jax says: “Someone commented recently that I Don’t Care Anymore is a song about nihilistic optimism & I’d say they’re totally right. I’m saying “nothing matters, but isn’t it freeing?” It’s my way of fully accepting who I am & rejecting any standards that I’ve learned to carry. It’s incredible how freeing life is when you choose not to give a fuck, right? All I can do is live as myself, truly & fully & it’s been awesome.”

K.Flay adds: “This collaboration came about totally organically. Jax posted an early version of the song on TikTok, people loved it, and a bunch of folks commented that I should feature on the track. So we made it happen! The lyrics really resonated with me. For anyone who’s felt like an outsider, you eventually reach a point where you actually stop caring what other people think. And you embrace yourself with a newfound sense of confidence and swagger and kindness. To me, that’s what this song is all about.”

Jax Anderson, who changed from her Flint Eastwood moniker to her real name, has built a reputation for writing alt-pop anthems that boldly speak to overcoming the forces in the world that try and keep us from loving ourselves and actualizing our full potential.

About K.Flay: The Chicago-born K.Flay’s near-undefinable amalgamation of dark-electro soundscapes, art-pop sensibilities, spitfire rhymes, industrial rock backbone and versatile chameleon-like vocals has led the songwriter/artist/multi-instrumentalist to two GRAMMY nominations (Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical for ‘Every Where Is Some Where’, and Best Rock Song for “Blood in the Cut”), tours alongside Grouplove, Imagine Dragons & Thirty Seconds To Mars, and festival spots at ACL Fest, Bonnaroo, Coachella, Treefort, and Riot Fest. She most recently dropped her ‘Don’t Judge A Song By Its Cover’ EP via BMG in December where her transportive musicality takes a blindsiding trifecta of 90s rock staples (Limp Bizkit’s “Break Stuff”, Green Day’s “Brain Stew” and The Offspring’s “Self Esteem”) and reimagines them into another dimension.

Bjorn Rydhog – I Don’t Wanna Be Alone (Spotify)

“There are moments we feel boredom and loneliness in a totally decaying world. This is the right time to pick some fine music and give ourselves a breath of hope. Bjorn Rydhog is here to offer his best work for this purpose. Don't miss his new single "I Don't Wanna Be Alone".”

Together with producer Johan Sigerud (JRSS) and co-writer Olof Gråhamn, Bjorn Rydhog continues to take his melodic indie pop into an electronic and beat-based realm. Melancholic progressions are blended with a modern retro sound inspired by M83 and The Weeknd. A logical continuation of their previous collaboration, the single ‘Just to Be with You’, which was released in 2020 and was picked up by Swedish radio.

"The single ‘I Don’t Wanna Be Alone’ shows an electronic direction I’m currently exploring. The tracks of the song were recorded separately at our different homes. I guess the creation process, as well as the theme of the song, reflect the distant and lonely, but also creative times we currently live in”.

The Tame and the Wild – We Lost More Than A Battle (Video)

“How many times have we been in trouble, ready to give up, but found the courage to go on instead? We may have lost more than a battle but continue to fight. This is the message of “The Tame and the Wild” via their light and charming Folktronica song.”

This song is about accepting the fate of relationships. When it comes to a end there are always losses on both sides. And even if you’re down and burned to the ground, you’ll eventually get back on your feet, you just have to follow the light. The Tame and the Wild lyrics are like polaroids: snippets of real life situations, moments or feelings, condensed to the length of a song. This is the second of a four-song project called „We Lost More Than A Battle“.

The Tame and the Wild is a nostalgic-indie-folk band around the singer-songwriter duo Seja & Flëpp. Its music drives with vocals exploring human emotions among the natural world, sea and stars, youth and age, resiliency and love, boldness and resignation, honesty and memory. The songs urge one to touch those personal situations that are set in and often so tightly bound to nature. The Tame and the Wild see their influences in the sounds of bands such as Daughter, Angus & Julia Stone, Kodaline, Boy or Feist.

Josh Fudge – FEEL LIKE (Spotify)

“Everything you need to create a certain mood is in -Feel Like-. Harmonic sound distortion, analogue warmth of synthesizers and hypnagogic Lo-fi music. ”

“Всё, что нужно для того, чтобы создать определённое настроение, есть в -

Feel Like-. Гармонические звуковые искажения, аналоговая теплота синтезаторов и гипнагогическая музыка Lo-fi.”

FEEL LIKE is a blissful and upbeat song, filled with groovy basslines, lush synths, driving drums, and sweet vocal lines. Capturing the feeling of hopeless euphoria, FEEL LIKE encapsulates how it feels to be left rendered useless by love.

Fly By Midnight, Cailin Russo – Diamond Eyes (Spotify)

“The voice is soft, but powerful. The melody is beautiful and transports you to a different world. This song has a unique style that makes it very accessible, and the production quality is world-class.”

Indie-pop duo Fly By Midnight have racked in over 30 million streams across platforms with hit singles such as ‘Lovely’ and “Love Me Like A Friend”. Their music has been featured on numerous Spotify playlists (Chill Hits, NMF US & more) and Apple Music playlists (A-List Pop, Breaking Pop & more). The duo has also built strong momentum as writers/producer recently signing with Rx Songs following single releases for Julie Bergan (Warner), Shawn Hook (Ultra), and syncs for Netflix’s Home For Christmas & Queer Eye Season 5.

“Diamond Eyes” is the final single off of the all collaborative EP “Plus One”. The track dives into a deep infatuation surrounded by dark disco elements and a rhythmic drive.

About the EP:

The all collaborative EP “Plus One” is a project revolving around Fly By Midnight’s ability to seamlessly create with artists from all over the globe. With features from Clara Mae (Sweden), Shoffy (SoCal), Jake Miller (Florida) & Cailin Russo (LA), the packaged release is a dynamic indie pop ride that showcases connectivity in a year more disconnected than any.

Paul Cook & The Chronicles Interview on Nagamag

Indie Pop


What are the genres that describe better your music style?

Paul Cook & The Chronicles:
Folk, alt. Country, Indie Pop

Few words about your musical background and career?

Paul Cook & The Chronicles:
Grew up listening to 50s/60s music, along with whatever was in the charts at the time. Started playing guitar aged 11. My first proper band got signed to BMG, the second band to EMI, then I went solo as PC&TC, and my first solo album was Rough Trade Stores Album Of The Week.

Do you remember your first connection of love to music that was the right impact to be a music artist now?

Paul Cook & The Chronicles:
As soon as I heard The Beatles I knew I wanted to be in music. And then I used to see The Monkees TV programme as a kid and wanted to be in a band.

Most artists have a favorite song from a different music genre than the one they are producing music for... Which is yours?

Paul Cook & The Chronicles:
Solange "Cranes in the sky"

Of Course Nagamag would love to listen also which track from a similar artist you admire?

Paul Cook & The Chronicles:
Phoebe Bridgers Garden Song

Discover & Listen to Paul Cook & The Chronicles

Paul Cook & The Chronicles on Spotify

Paul Cook & The Chronicles' Signature Track

Paul Cook & The Chronicles on Social Media


Paul Cook & The Chronicles' Website

Camellia Pink – Young Ranger (Spotify)

“Instrumental magical sections of punk-rock with peculiar harmonies. Is a recipe of Camellia Pink that is so skillfully ? Definitely! Her single Young Ranger is like an anthem for young and energetic generation!”

“Инструментальные секции punk-rock и мягкая, но свойственная жанру мелодия. Это ли рецепт, которым так грамотно воспользовалась Camellia Pink? Однозначно! Её сингл Young Ranger словно гимн для молодого и энергичного поколения!”

Blue Canopy – Banji (Spotify)

“Warm, soothing music of Blue Canopy. The composition combines tube synthesizers, sampling and competent job with the vocals. Clearly a favorite from the lastest Chillwave releases.”

“Тёплая, умиротворяющая музыка Blue Canopy. Композиция Banji сочетает в себе ламповые синтезаторы, грамотное семплирование и работу с вокалом. Чистый и такой любимый нами Chillwave.”

Second single from forthcoming Blue Canopy EP 'Sleep While You Can' (out March 5) -- featuring Patrick from A Beacon School on guitar.

Blue Canopy's 'Sleep While You Can' is the newest entry from Portland-based multi-instrumentalist, Alex Schiff. Exploring the often unspoken anxiety related to having a child and what that means for losing the past version of one's self, the EP is beautifully introspective at a time where self-reflection is incredibly crucial.

Formerly the keyboardist and co-writer for indie band, Modern Rivals, the EP is a follow up to his 2020 debut, Mild Anxiety, which was produced alongside Patrick J Smith (A Beacon School), a frequent collaborator.


Quote from artist: "I'm really intrigued by the relationship developing between our dog Banjo and our first born, Graham. When my wife was pregnant with Graham, I had a funny thought, "what life advice would Banjo give Graham when he meets him?"

Ella Beyer – Six Feet (Spotify)

“Heart-touching song with dominating guitar chords and high level vocal capabilities. Music with attitude by the fantastic Ella Beyer. This effort is certainly going to be appreciated by many listeners out there. True creativity skills never stay in the dark.”

Six Feet is a song about longing and love in an uncertain world. While “Six Feet” is Ella’s first official release, she has performed many original songs live. Her signature sound, showcased in this single, is a fresh take on the vintage art form. Ella writes about the world around her, covering themes from love at a distance to the struggles of high school with sage wisdom.

The universe forged an old-soul in 17 year old Ella Beyer. She’s the uncanny incarnate of the 70’s, from her music to her personality, her clothing and style – flowers and all. Through Ella’s songwriting you can hear the influences of Joni Mitchell and Carole King emerge as she takes on current events in her own right. Her honey sweet voice and her bubbly optimism are her spirit trademarks.

The pandemic has been difficult for everyone. So when a 17 year old is able to create musical lemonade from lemons in 2020, while still balancing high school and normal teenage things, its sure to turn heads. “Six Feet” is a current event catch that demonstrates Ella’s remarkable songwriting talent at a young age. While her personal style, and musical influences transcend generations with a sweet charm of an era gone by – Ella’s fresh new single is here to stay, encapsulating a moment in history that wouldn’t be forgotten soon.

While “Six Feet” is Ella’s first official release, she has performed many original songs live. Her signature sound, showcased in this single, is a fresh take on the vintage art form. Ella writes about the world around her, covering themes from love at a distance to the struggles of high school with sage wisdom.

When she’s not writing music or studying at her performing arts high school, Ella uses her talent in partnership with the Dragon Kim Foundation where she volunteers with Fostering the Arts. Her unique ability to mix her original works with stunning covers of well-loved songs is a perfect fit for the program, which works to expose kids in the foster care system to opportunities in the arts.

Ella has also performed with shows held by The Music Path, a California non-profit that works to increase access to music in public schools. Beyond just her work in these volunteer and non-profit settings, Ella has participated in shows including the Berklee College of Music Songwriting Sessions, and performs locally at venues such as the Alex Theatre, No Future Café, and Descanso Gardens.

Bjorn Rydhog – Escape (Spotify)

“Music Bjorn Rydhog possesses a surprising feature - it can heal the tech, which deluded in an inconspicuous interpretation of uselessness. Listen to his new single Escape. Find yourself and calm down.”

“Музыка Bjorn Rydhog обладает удивительной особенностью - она может исцелять тех, кто заблудился в непроглядном тумане безысходности. Послушайте его новый сингл Escape. Найдите своё и успокойтесь.”

Artist shared with us few words behind this song:

"Escape" was the first song I crafted back home in Malmö after five inspiring months in India together with my girlfriend. One of the insights that really hit me on the journey, was how unknowingly attached to my thoughts and culture I had been, and in some ways, still am. To get away from unnecessary attachments does take some time and isn’t easy. But still that’s my mission and the song Escape an expression of that desire.

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