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Jerome Sparx – Morning Glories

“Have you ever heard the statement that love is submissive to all ages? This is a soft, sensual Dream Pop, in which real and sincere human feelings are conveyed with amazing trepidation. In order to not happen in your life – continue to love. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Вы слышали когда-либо утверждение, что любви все возрасты покорны? Это мягкий, чувственный Dream Pop, в котором с удивительным трепетом переданы настоящие и искренние человеческие чувства. Чтобы не происходило в вашей жизни — продолжайте любить.”

Morning Glories” tries to capture the beauty and the fragility that love holds. Like the morning glory flower, love grows in its full potential, as a new sunrise, but one can never know the course of its own life – how long will love last and if or when it will end in its own sunset. the song is inspired by the Morning Glory climbing shrub that grows in Sparx’s garden in his countryside home. touched by the delict beauty of the blossoming flower as nature awakes from its winter sleep into spring, that is filled with potential as a new starting point for all. In the song the Morning Glory flower is a delicate symbol of love that forever holds the memory of a purple breezy spring for as far as eye can reach the sky. This song is Jerome’s 3rd released single taken from his upcoming debut album. In this song Jerome displays his take about love, a love who knows no boundaries.

Charlie Houston – Lately

“After making a first great impression with two standout EP singles, Charlie Houston returns with an even more developed sound. Her latest indie pop single “Lately” shows us a more mature artist that knows how to be a storyteller of youth with all its perks, fragility and power. And she does it in an emotional but also bold and captivating way.”

"Lately" is the new single from 22-year old Toronto artist Charlie Houston. The groovy indie pop song finds Houston reflecting on the challenges of being young, falling in love, and building a relationship while at the same time experiencing the world, searching for freedom, and discovering yourself. "Doing those two things at the same time can be really hard," says Houston. "You're young so you don’t want to sacrifice too much of yourself or what you want, but then you're also in love with someone and want it to work." Houston begins her cross-country tour supporting Charlotte Cardin on May 10th.

KØLEEN – Cold Water

“A song that speaks about getting lost and finding your way back through troubled waters. As it progresses from a slow, emotional start to a more dynamic part, the ‘cold water’ warms up with an inspiring message to dare and “jump in”, reaching its full delivery with its last drum fill and the verse “Never wanna let go”.”

Cold Water is calm and emotional in the beginning but get's very rhytmical and happy from the first hook on at 0:52. It's about about finding hope in hard situations and believing in yourself. When life throws you into cold water, you can decide to jump on your own and dive till you touch the ground. This is a song to motivate yourself to live!! You can do anything in life - just believe in yourself and never give up!

KellyMarie – Us Again

“A song that pulls you from lethargy and puts you in the "let's get out of here early, want to scope out the town" mood straight up. The rhythmic guitars and the driven drums make a perfect marriage while Kelly Marie's soothing, yet dynamic vocals lure you compellingly into a city adventure.”

"Us Again" is KellyMarie’s third single from upcoming debut album "IT IS MY ALBUM." which is a collection of love songs inspired by TV show “The Office”. "Us Again" is from Karen’s point of view as she heads to NYC with Jim excited about their future and hoping for a fresh start. KellyMarie is expanding her audience with recent releases gathering over 125k combined streams on Spotify. Produced by Chris Jacobie (Penny & Sparrow) and Jacob Hildebrand.

Alta Falls – Trust Me

“Hope and dreams with a wide angled view of emotions. Broad harmonic landscape with modern twists that embrace a forward movement in music. Rich in tonal complexity with top notch production. The layering is very mature and well balanced. ”

‘Trust Me’ combines masterful lyricism packed with double entendres with a newfound sense of conviction, building on Alta Falls’ debut EP, ‘The Fire’. The track takes you through a narrative of its own, not just through the lyrics but with the instrumentals which rise and fall with the peaks of the story — eventually culminating to a frenetic yet flawless keyboard line.

The lyrics on ‘Trust Me’ were inspired after a bittersweet trip to the 2017 AFL Grand Final. “My team, the Adelaide Crows, were in their first grand final after almost 20 years, and my hopes were riding high to achieve a childhood dream of watching them win a flag,” explains lead singer, Nathanael. “Unfortunately it wasn’t to be. And although it was a heartbreaking result there are still plenty of fond memories, including taking in the post-match The Killers concert along with the other half of Alta Falls, Matt.”

The duo has continued working with producer Aidan Hogg (Jaguar Jonze, Holy Holy) for the new single, as well as Sebastian 'Baz' Jennings Hingston (Tia Gostelow) on drums.

Alta Falls may have released their debut EP only a matter of months ago, but they aren’t slowing down any time soon. Rumour has it a new EP is already in the works, and if ‘Trust Me’ is anything to go by, it’s bound to be an electro-pop delight, packed with that Alta Falls synthy charm.

Stradovare – Keeping the Light On

“"Stradovare" captured our attention with her riveting voice and dynamic character in a song balancing between light and darkness. The smooth background melody is interestingly in contrast with those passionate lyrics, conveying the message that we should always stand strong.”

Canyon – FRIENDS

“”Canyon” is back, heading towards the top with an addictive vibe. Bold Indie Pop sound made from cool patterns, fat bass and melodic flow. The lyrics state the concept of friendship and how it can still be present among feelings of love or attraction.”

After over 1.3 million streams for his last single In The Paint, Hip-Hop artist Canyon made a much anticipated return by dropping FRIENDS. Never one to be typecast or boxed in by others’ expectations, Canyon this time switched lanes and explored a more laidback vibe and the world of relationships rather than the beast he unleashed with In The Paint.

Now he has unveiled the video, directed by the quickly rising Box Boys.

A twist on the words of War’s 1975 hit ‘Why Can’t We Be Friends’, Canyon poses the question, ‘why can’t romantic relationships also include friendship?’ Consequently, FRIENDS is a more relaxed sound that speaks to artists such as Kid Cudi, Mac Miller, or Tyler the Creator. With an unquestionable flow that is supported by a positive bassline and bounce that will appeal to audiences everywhere, FRIENDS really does establish Canyon’s versatility and skills on the mic.

Melodic, infectious and a tune for the masses, the song is totally in lock step with his real life as his girlfriend appears in the video. Determined to share the reality of his world to his fans, his actual truth is the only thing Canyon wants his fans to see. The Box Boys assist in bringing that truth to life in vibrant and original ways throughout the video and even feature their own cat, Shadow, at points in the video. After almost 200k plays on SoundCloud, the single was due for a video and according to Canyon, several more high quality music videos are on the way.

With an album titled MEANWHILE: The Adventures of Canyon in the wings, 2022 will see Canyon’s career go from strength to strength. Incorporating the talents of Raekwon and Jadakiss, Big K.R.I.T., Kxng Crooked (FKA Crooked I from Slaughterhouse), Dizzy Wright, Big Rube, Slim Thug, Lou from Paradise, XV, and more, the album is destined to achieve further greatness for the artist.

In the meantime however, his legion of dedicated fans will have to be content with the brilliance of FRIENDS. A continuance of the high standards he sets for himself, FRIENDS is a song that will bond with people forever.

Relikc – Chemicals (feat. Pamela)

“An exciting musical representation, in which such genres as R&B and Indie Pop are so beautifully interpreted that can arouse genuine and sincere emotions. Do you feel these vibrations? Then you are on the right track! The authors did everything so that you really enjoy their brainchild. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Захватывающее музыкальное представление, в котором так красиво переплетны такие жанры, как R&B и Indie Pop, способные пробудить неподдельные и искренние эмоции. Вы чувствуете эти вибрации? Тогда вы на верном пути! Авторы сделали всё для того, чтобы вы по-настоящему насладились их детищем.”

Chemicals is a song about toxic relationships, and the pains of letting go, while still hopeful for a better future. The song is a moody ballad with a melodic top liner, lush harmonies and great vocals. The song features Pamela, a seasoned soul singer who gives life to the song.

The Violet Nines – Dead Wrong

“Such music can be easily advised to listen to friends of a warm company of friends. She is able to instantly capture your consciousness and decorate it with the rhythm and melody of Indie Pop and R&B Vocal. Discover access to beautiful sounds that will remain in your memory for long times. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Такую музыку можно легко посоветовать слушать в кругу тёплой компании друзей. Она способна мгновенно захватить ваше сознание и разукрасить его ритмом и мелодией Indie Pop и R&B вокалом. Откройте для себя доступ к красивым звукам, которые останутся в вашей памяти на долгие времена.”

Circle – Lost Greyhound

“Unobtrusive, calm, melodic vocal, beautiful arrangement, interaction of tools with each other and the general structure of the track as a whole. Dreaming Dream Pop, which starts your heart and it begins to work properly like a watch mechanism. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Ненавязчивый, спокойный, мелодичный вокал, красивая аранжировка, взаимодействие инструментов друг с другом и общая структура трека в целом. Мечтательный Dream Pop, который заводит ваше сердце и оно начинает исправно работать словно часовой механизм.”

A wonderful collaboration between Sydney based Circle and Sarah Bird.

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