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Isabel Dumaa Interview on Nagamag


Which are the genres that describe your music style better?

Isabel Dumaa:
The umbrella genre for my music is pop, but I would define it as indie pop or alt-pop with little elements of folk and R&B!

Few words about your musical background and career?

Isabel Dumaa:
I have been singing since practically before I could talk, and began songwriting at a young age as well. I took singing lessons throughout my childhood, and begged my parents for guitar and piano lessons so I could accompany myself and start playing live. Since day 1 I have always wanted to be a singer and pursue music. After graduating High School I moved down to LA to do music full time, and feel so grateful I get to be working every day at something I love so dearly.

Do you remember your first connection of love to music that was the right impact to be a music artist now?

Isabel Dumaa:
It is difficult to pinpoint my very first connection to my love of music, but there is one early memory that sticks out. I was about 5 years old when my cousin played me You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift, and I have never fallen in love with a song quicker. It immediately became my favorite song and was pretty much all I listened to for about a year. My parents bought me my first iPod shuffle about a year later and all I had on it was You Belong With Me and 4 other songs from Fearless all of which I listened to on repeat. Taylor Swift has been a huge inspiration for me growing up and throughout my career and that was where my love for her began.

What would be your dream venue to play?

Isabel Dumaa:
I was raised right in the heart of San Francisco and over the years attended many concerts and shows all over the city. Every show I went to I couldn't help but picture myself on the stage someday getting to sing in my home city. Every year "Outside Lands Festival" is held in Golden Gate Park and pretty much every young person in the bay area is there. It is essentially the coachella of NorCal. Outside Lands is such a vivid part of my growing up and every year I went I couldn't help but dream and picture myself on one of those stages, getting to play for all the people standing where I stood all those times. So a definite dream venue would be to be able to headline at Outside Lands!

Many artists listen to genres that they are not producing music for. Which track is your favorite that is NOT similar to yours?

Isabel Dumaa:
"Kiss Of Venus" Paul McCartney and Dominic Fike

Of Course Nagamag would love to listen also which is the track from a similar artist you admire?

Isabel Dumaa:
"The Walls Are Way Too Thin" Holly Humberstone

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Crystal Rose – Thought I’d Say

“-Crystal rose- created a beautiful sound canvas, in which the rhythm and melody of downTempo and nu-disco create a single and monolithic space of sound. Absolutely irreal sound, plunging into which you can melt as if in your pipe dreams.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“-Crystal Rose- создала красивое звуковое полотно, в котором ритм и мелодия Downtempo и Nu-disco создают единое целое и монолитное пространство звука. Абсолютно ирреальное звучание, погружаясь в которое можно растаять словно в своих несбыточных мечтах.”

"I love it when you hold my hand / I love it when you take command," sings Brooklyn-based artist Crystal Rose on her new single "Thought I'd Say." Soulful chords lay a foundation for Rose to ruminate on love and friendship. A reflective, shimmering mid-tempo disco-esque groove lifts off during the chorus, and propels the downtempo feel of "Thought I'd Say" to greater heights, while highlighting Rose's dexterity as an artist. "It is purposefully playful and light, depicting a trustworthy love connection and friendship," says Crystal Rose. "[The song] started out as an experiment of sorts, the chords and verses stemming from an old voice memo of mine, and the lighthearted chorus written by producer and co-songwriter Emi Trevena." There's earned wisdom at the center of the song, both reflected in Rose's vocals and in the patient production. Angular guitars bring "Thought I'd Say" to completion as Rose's voice echoes once more over heartfelt chords.

India Thieriot – Hell Away

“The track is filled with soft rhythms Indie and Alt Pop, a simple and memorable melody, concentrating the listener on exciting themes of human self -destruction and finding a way out of difficult life situations. Relax and enjoy.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Трек наполнен мягкими ритмами Indie и Alt Pop, простой и запоминающейся мелодией сосредотачивая слушателя на волнующих темах человеческого саморазрушения и поиска выхода из тяжелых жизненных ситуаций. Расслабься и получи удовольствие.”

Electric Lecture – What If?

“You can clearly hear how -Electric lecture- invested all their love in the recording of this Power Pop track. Energy oozes in your heart in a stream of beautiful, melodic drawings and the sound of guitars is already so close, the breath of strings near you is practically felt. Magic!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Отчётливо слышно, как -Electric Lecture- вложили всю свою любовь в запись этого Power Pop трека. Энергия сочится в ваше сердце в потоке красивых, мелодических рисунков и звук гитар уже так близко, практически ощущается дыхание струн возле вас. Волшебство!”

Colleen Welsch – Temporary Thing

“Such melodies draw bizarre images of something fabulous and kind in your imagination. The atmosphere of Lo-Fi Pop very slowly and gently leads you into its unhurried rhythm, and the voice -colleen Welsch-quietly whispers an amazing story in the ear.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Такие мелодии рисуют причудливые образы нечто сказочного и доброго в вашем воображении. Атмосфера Lo-fi Pop очень медленно и мягко вводит вас в свой неспешный ритм, а голос -Colleen Welsch- тихо шепчет удивительную историю на ухо.”

Evi Bosman – Remind Me

“Have you ever observed the morning landscape outside the window early in the morning when the sun rises above the horizon? This is a moment of sincere admiration, exactly the same sensations arise when you listen to this composition. The states of bliss in every sound and in each sung word -evi bosman-.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Вы когда-либо наблюдали утренний пейзаж за окном рано по утру, когда солнце восходит над линией горизонта? Это момент искреннего восхищения, точно такие же ощущения зарождаются, когда слушаешь эту композицию. Состояния блаженства в каждом звуке и в каждом спетом слове -Evi Bosman-.”

Creature Canyon – Sleepwalking

“Many listeners will see in the song -creature Canyon - a kind of invitation for a walk under the night sky. The track takes with its emotions, an interesting text and the memorable melody of Indie pop. It's time to get acquainted with a beautiful work, believe me - it's worth it.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Многие слушатели увидят в песне -Creature Canyon- своеобразное приглашение на прогулку под ночным небом. Трек берёт своими эмоциями, интересным текстом и запоминающейся мелодией Indie Pop. Пришло время познакомиться с прекрасным произведением, поверьте — оно того стоит.”

Patrick Mc Eleney – Go for It

“There is something psychedelic in this Indie Folk composition. The melody of the guitar is fraught with -patrick MC Eleney – like chocolate tiles, it smells of vanilla ice cream in the air, and the sounds of the piano help to dissolve in all this madness.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Есть в этой Indie Folk композиции нечто психоделическое. Мелодия гитары таит в руках -Patrick Mc Eleney- как плитка шоколада, в воздухе пахнет ванильным мороженым, а звуки фортепиано помогают раствориться во всём этом безумие.”

Space Nat – Happy Face

“It’s never too late to feel happy, and a new composition from -space Nat- will help you with this. The melodic indie pop, with a soft vocal of a charming performer, who, like a soft balm, calms the soul and caresses a hearing.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Никогда не поздно почувствовать себя счастливым, а новая композиция от -Space Nat- поможет вам в этом. Мелодичный Indie Pop, с мягким вокалом очаровательной исполнительницы, который словно мягкий бальзам успокаивает душу и ласкает слух.”

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