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Different – Wild Story (Video)

“Very sensual and warm track. Incredibly beautiful chorus, stunning rhythm section and at the same time a very vintage sound. The vocals have the ability to penetrate into the inner self, lift the ocean of emotions and as if waves, one after another, absorb every listener!”

“-Wild Story- очень чувственный и тёплый трек. Невероятно красивый припев, оглушающая ритм-секция и при этом очень винтажный звук. Вокал имеет способность проникать в самую глубь, поднимать океан эмоций и словно волны, одна за другой, поглощать своего слушателя!”

Wild Story Bio:

Wild Story is a duo originating from Los Angeles, California. This anthemic band combines Viv Parker’s cinematic, immersive production with the adventurous, dynamic and vulnerable melodies of Katie Hargrove. From their first writing session together, Katie and Viv knew they had something special. Building on their solo careers, the pair decided to plunge headfirst into the LA music scene together with Lyric House’s support along the way. Staying true to themselves and each other, they have found success creating music that reverberates with fans and listeners alike. In their own words, Wild Story is about embracing who you are, creating your own narrative and owning it wholeheartedly.

Track Quote:

Wild Story’s “Different” is a symbolic anthem for those who have ever felt like they simply don’t fit in. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Katie has struggled with this feeling all too often. After moving to the US at a young age, Viv also struggled with the notion of feeling like an outsider. Together, the pair crafted “Different” as a song for anyone and everyone. No matter who you are, no matter your story, “Different” is a song for you.

andreas owens – bad4you (Spotify)

“Are you looking for some light sound after a busy, tiring day? Then, we strongly recommend Andreas Owens new single. Alternative style with pleasant touch and expressive singing. The suitable elixir for your ears and mind relaxation is just ready.”

Los Angeles-based producer and singer-songwriter andreas owens releases his 5-track debut EP, aptly titled almost everything i've ever wanted to say, an intimate and vulnerable R&B-infused pop record showcasing his ingenious and versatile songwriting. The EP follows a series of singles – “don’t feel happy”, “falling & falling”, and “not much (better than before)” – all of which received high praise by the likes of publications Banger Of The Day, Before The Data, DUMMY Mag, Fashionably Early, Substream Magazine, and We Found New Music; inevitably landing editorial placements on Spotify (Fresh Finds, Fresh Finds: Pop, and Study Break) and TIDAL (Rising: Pop).


“‘almost everything i’ve ever wanted to say’ is truthfully that — it is in every way, nearly everything I’ve ever wanted to say musically, lyrically, sonically, experimentally, and emotionally. For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to create and complete a work like this; something where I’ve sat in my room and slowly worked from beginning to end without any real goal in mind. Almost like I’m reading a book about my life, piecing together one experience after another but not quite knowing where or how the story ends.”

-andreas owens

'almost everything i've ever wanted to say'

The mentality and overall vision behind andreas owens has been pretty different to that of The Millennial Club. Ironically, the biggest distinction between the two projects lies less in the final product, but more so within the creative process itself.

Adapting an “anything goes” mindset helped facilitate a lack of pressure to fit within a specific genre and andreas owens quickly found himself enjoying the refreshing freedom present in creating without convention. This unadulterated creative energy ultimately led to the birth of almost everything i’ve ever wanted to say: a diverse and genre-blending EP that not only reflects his personal growth as a songwriter and producer, but surely defines his personal footprint as a truly generational artist.


andreas owens is the solo project of Los Angeles-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Andres Owens, the lead vocalist of indie pop and R&B band The Millennial Club. Delicately blending intimate vocals with unabashedly ‘pop’ backbeats, the So-Cal native has been slowly but steadily building a catalogue of truly unique material. Embracing the ever-evolving notion of bedroom pop, everything is written, recorded, and produced in his (tiny) bedroom-turned-studio.

In his own words, “It’s the only way I’ve found it to feel authentically myself. The safe, familiar space is the catalyst for facilitating something visceral and unapologetically my own. It allows me to release my compulsive ‘perfectionist mindset’ and instead create with the understanding that mistakes are inevitably a unique and beautiful part of the process that makes it my own.”

Track Commentary by andreas owens


“‘bad4you’ is likely the first song I’ve ever written where I can truly say I understood the significance of every sonic and conceptual decision. I’m not sure why, but with ‘bad4you’ in particular, I felt like something just clicked and suddenly everything made sense to my brain. Writing and arranging the song became less about convention and expectation, and more about what I felt the song needed, throwing caution to the wind, and consciously letting the song finish itself. I think in doing that – in a sense, giving myself to the song and not trying to dictate its final form – I found a place of comfort knowing I wasn’t forcing anything into the track that perhaps didn’t belong. Through the process I think it came into focus that production is, in every sense, a language, and producing ‘bad4you’ really helped widen my vocabulary.”

Eva Snyder – at&t (Spotify)

“-at & t- is filled with a kind of mysteriousness and a certain proportion of uniqueness. The value of this track is in the bright vocals of -Eva Snyder- and the instrumental part that make the entire atmosphere of the single. It is very nice to listen on the road and with the company of close friends.”

“Инструментальная композиция -at&t- наполнена своеобразной загадочностью и определенной долей уникальностью. Ценность этого трека в ярком вокале -Eva Snyder- и инструментальной составляющей, которые делают всю атмосферу сингла. Очень приятно послушать в дороге и в компании близких друзей.”

Massachusetts roots and Nashville based by way of San Francisco, Eva brings elements from both coasts to her unique sound. Eva marries raw and transparent lyrics with an authentic pop vibe brought to life on an acoustic guitar with over 20 years of performing experience. She credits Maren Morris, Halsey and Julia Michaels as influences to her music which can be identified in her brutally honest lyrics layered on gutsy melodies.

Vincent Liou – Safe to Consume (Spotify)

“A stunning composition with a memorable chorus and excellent measured rhythm of the narration. -Safe to consume- song is one of the few, which personifies calm and harmony. Very melodic, gently and easily listened. Magnificent example of high-quality Dream Pop sound.”

“Потрясающая композиция с запоминающимся припевом и отличным размеренным ритмом повествования. -Safe to Consume- работа одна из немногих, которая олицетворяет спокойствие и гармонию. Очень мелодичная, мягко и легко слушается. Великолепный пример качественного dream pop звучания.”

Vincent Liou releases his vivid, sensational music video for his lonesome and desolate indie-pop single, “Safe to Consume”

JULY 23RD, 2021 – Directed by Torin Dinh, Arizona-based artist Vincent Liou released his third official music video of 2021 for his track “Safe to Consume”, which is also the third song on his four-track EP titled ‘Big Surf’.

“Safe to Consume”

Inspired by John Mayer’s notorious “New Light” music video, “Safe to Consume” was filmed at a house and dirt road by the mountains in Phoenix, Arizona with the intention of creating a comical yet sensational song on the Internet. Despite the minor hiccups – including the car's window being too tinted and not being able to film any shots looking into the car – the music video production all worked out better than expected.

The primary narrative behind “Safe to Consume” is all about never giving up on your relationships or goals, and trying to better oneself. There are times in life when you go through ups-and-downs, but knowing that you're doing the best you can should always be enough. In essence, the song was written about the notion of taking a look at all your current struggles and obstacles in your life – whether it be vices or personal shortcomings – and saying, "I believe in myself, I can do this."

While the song is an indie-pop track at its core, the song was written with pop-punk influences from bands such as blink-182 and State Champs. In the song, Vincent Liou sang in the vocal range that was closest to his speaking voice to provide a pleasurable break from the other songs on the Big Surf EP, which are sung in relatively higher ranges.

Vincent wrote the lyrics with tongue in cheek to remind his fans that while life is unpredictable, you’ll be fine as long as you keep going and have a good moral compass. “Safe to Consume” was created as a self-reminder and proclamation to the world that whenever you face rejection or feel like a failure, you should listen to this song and remember that you are enough – always.


“When you have a shot that requires you to see the inside of the car, make sure the windows aren't tinted.”

-Vincent Liou

Ghostly Kisses – Don’t Know Why (Spotify)

“There’s the haunting melody, the perfectly produced acoustic guitar, orchestration & mellow ambience, & then there’s the absolutely captivating, & thoroughly absorbing vocals of Margaux Sauvé, all of which build & release “Don’t Know Why” by ‘Ghostly Kisses’ to an unforgettable, heart felt dialogue of regret & remorse to a resigned, ‘I have to play this again’ conclusion.”

“Don’t Know Why talks about a separation, the moment when you realize

you’ve tried everything and you don't want to fight anymore. ‘Don’t know why I could never make it alright’ is sung in the chorus, expressing failure, guilt and the realization that you have to accept defeat and go your own way.”

Oehl – Keine Angst (Video)

“”Oehl” chose a prototypical way to communicate their message via this Indie Pop single. In “Keine Angst”, cool beat and oldstyle synth elements are softly blended with acoustic guitar chords. The artists have brought John Lennon back to life to make us think about the climatic issue of our planet.”

John Lennon sightings in Argentina, Austria and Iceland. Is he back?

Across the Universe: Austrian-Argentinian Band collaboration brings John Lennon back to life.

Keine Angst. That means No Fear.

That is the answer the Austrian-Icelandic pop duo Oehl offer up to the most burning issue of our times, the climate crises. Don‘t be afraid of change, it‘s inevitable. The only choice we have is to be an active part of it.

And what better icon of hope could there be, other than the 20th century messiah, John Lennon, himself.

But how can this be? Is it really John himself or a state-of-the-art deepfake? See for yourself.

Michael Kobrin – Calling You Now (Video)

“-Calling You Now- is a real musical ballad with the hookiest vocal qualities. -Michael Kobrin- has a unique style that gives his songs a special highlight. Also the guitar strings, in combination with the aforementioned vocals, result in something incredible.”

“-Calling You Now- настоящая музыкальная баллада. Что вас непременно зацепит – так это вокал. -Michael Kobrin- имеет уникальный стиль, который придает его песням свою особенную, неповторимую изюминку, а игра на гитаре, в сочетании с вышеупомянутым вокалом творят что-то невероятное.”

Kobrin performs in numerous countries at festivals and at major events and is internationally recognized as a “jaw-dropping” artist. He has released his 2nd album under the renowned label, “Candyrat records”.

Michael has received more than 16 million views on social media of his performances from fans worldwide, and with his unique style, he is often invited to collaborate with other artists.

Michael has also performed in TV shows such as The next star.

Hunter Falls – PAIN (Spotify)

“By listening to this song with a loud name like -Pain-, there is a genuine inner feeling that you drank the elixir of youth. The mood is improved, negative thoughts dissolve in that rhythm and melodies. -Pain- reveals the skill of this composer! It's also a pearl for your music collection.”

“Слушая песню с громким названием -PAIN- возникает неподдельное внутреннее чувство, что ты выпил эликсир молодости. Настроение улучшается, негативные мысли растворяются в ритме и мелодии. -PAIN- это настоящее композиторское мастерство! Жемчужина в вашей коллекции.”

Artist shared few words with Nagamag behind his inspiration for this song:

" I'm putting all I have into this song. It tells my story in a way that I haven't ever been able to before. I was afraid of letting people know I was hurt, damaged and scared. When I made this I finally was able to face my demons. I changed and then I really got to work. I changed my life around and showed everyone Hunter Falls exists. With this song I broke the cycle. It literally saved me. Let me know how the song makes you feel. I wonder..." - Hunter Falls

Belgium based Singer-Songwriter Hunter Falls has been singing since the age of 6. Partly growing up in the U.K., he has learned that a combination of cultures is what creates new beauty in the world.

Hunter’s evolution into Modern-R&B, Soul, and Pop-music allowed him to introduce another element to this union and extend the range of his talent even further. His use of his multi-cultural approach to music enables Hunter to challenge the boundaries of existing genres - utilizing vivid memories to tell stories, which explore the depths of his mind and heart.

Adar Alfandari – Wonder (Spotify)

“The ideal sound palette structure. The strength and vocal range of -Adar Alfandari-, the soft melody of the acoustic guitar and the rhythm section has become the ending ingredient of this delicious dish. The splendour of music in its purest form.”

“Идеальная структура звуковой палитры. Сила и диапазон вокала -Adar Alfandari-, мягкая мелодия акустической гитары, а лёгкая ритм-секция стала завершающим ингредиентом изысканного блюда. Великолепие в чистейшем виде.”

"Wonder" is the last single from debut album "Gold dust" which is planned to be out this July.

juno roome – “gardens” [official music video] (Video)

“Few artists have their own personal production and “Juno Roome” proves that he’s one of them. All you have to do is listen to his new Lo-fi Pop single, concentrate on the etherial voice and elusive melodies of this gem. Don’t forget to watch the clip too!”

Juno Roome is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, filmmaker, good driver, bad stockbroker. My first impression of him was that he is tall and has a low voice because that was his Tinder bio. He lives in a bunker in Sunset Park with a member of the Triads and a diarrhea monster. The last time I tried writing about Juno, he got really depressed. I hope he does not lose too much money in stocks. ~ Julie Chen (2021)

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