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Ways of Seeing – Walk Through The Crowd

“-Ways of Seeing- gives us a melancholy, slightly dreary, but very deep composition. The text reflects particles of pain of loss and loneliness that followed this. The Dream Pop genre is very successful for transmitting the entire atmosphere, which is perfect for the onset of golden autumn.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“-Ways of Seeing- дарит нам меланхоличную, немного тоскливую, но очень глубокую композицию. В тексте отражена частички боли утраты и одиночества, которое последовало за этим. Жанр Dream Pop очень удачно подходит для передачи всей атмосферы, которая прекрасно подойдёт для наступившей золотой осени.”

It is a song about isolation, procrastination and longing. It looks back on vivid memories of a relationship that could have been great. These memories are tinged with regret for a lack of courage to fully seize the moment.

Fast Guns – Thylacine

“If you do not have enough feeling of freedom in your life, then the new single from the group -fast guns will decorate it in all the colors of the rainbow. In this Indie Rock track there is a spirit of liberation from everything that can be captured by your own complexes. The track is reduced in such a way as to give it the atmosphere of the 60-70s and this only adds heat to him.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Если вам не хватает ощущения свободы в вашей жизни, то новый сингл от группы -Fast Guns- разукрасит её во все цвета радуги. В этом Indie Rock треке присутствует дух освобождения от всего, что может вас держать в плену ваших собственных комплексов. Трек сведён таким образом, чтобы придать ему атмосферы 60-70-ых годов и это лишь добавляет ему теплоты.”

Trae Berry – Falling

“Nice chord progression, fulfilled with a smooth phased pads, like Pink Floyd used to do, than the song opens with a rhythm, followed with a verse, so good arranged. It is a smooth ride to the sound that will never be outdated.”

“Falling” is a smooth summer jam. Trae Berry and Paxton Mclelland come together to bring a track full of catchy melodies, memorable synth lines and polished grooves.

Boo Riley – Ghost

“Do not pass by, make a stop, pour a cup of tea or coffee, sit back and feel the taste of an elegant, sophisticated sound of Indie pop. The vocals -bo Riley are so good in places that it practically drives his listeners crazy. Your heart will say thank you for such music.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Не проходите мимо, сделайте остановку, налейте чашечку чая или кофе, присядьте поудобнее и почувствуйте привкус элегантного, утончённого звучания Indie Pop. Вокал -Boo Riley- местами настолько хорош, что практически сводит с ума своих слушателей. Ваше сердце скажет вам спасибо за такую музыку.”

dogbeach – memories

“How often does high -quality SKA and Indie Rock appear in your discography? The new track from -dogbeach is ideal for immersing in this wonderful, positive and good atmosphere. Strong work in which there is a very light and delicate arrangement.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Как часто в вашей дискографии появляется качественный Ska и Indie Rock? Новый трек от -dogbeach- идеальный вариант для погружения в эту чудную, позитивную и добрую атмосферу. Сильная работа, в которой присутствует очень лёгкая и нежная аранжировка.”

It’s kind of happy ska mixed with some other kind of rock and not so happy words.

DM Arthur x Alissimon – Sinkin’ With Fishes

“The spirit of the journey, the smell of nature and the noise of summer foliage are felt. Light rhythms Indie Folk and Rock, spiritual vocal and beautiful acoustic melody, which perfectly resonates with its listener. Do not sit still, take one step towards the simultaneous wind.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Чувствуется дух путешествия, запах природы и шум летней листвы. Лёгкие ритмы Indie Folk и Rock, душевный вокал и красивая акустическая мелодия, которая прекрасно резонирует со своим слушателем. Не сидите на месте, сделайте один шаг навстречу попутному ветру.”

Having emerged from the wilderness with debut single ‘Somewhere In The Inbetween’ Glaswegian born singer DM Arthur returns, with sophomore effort ‘Sinkin’ With Fishes’ a hypnotic indie folk anthem featuring vocals from label mate, upcoming singer-songwriter Alissimon.

With early support from Roddy Hart, Shereen Cutty and Phoebe IH at BBC Radio Scotland, Jim Gelatly at Amazing Radio and championed by Alex Rainbird & Paul Gallagher. DM Arthur met Alissimon through label boss, producer Eliot James (Two Door Cinema Club, Noah & The Whale), she describes:

“When Eliot first played me the song I was immediately drawn in by the beautiful, upbeat instrumental paired with these very emotional and cathartic lyrics. The theme of the song I’m sure is one that a lot of different people can relate to, so when the guys asked me to sing on the track I was really excited to add an extra voice into that sentiment”

Alissimon herself has been championed by the likes of BBC Beds, Herts and Bucks, Amazing Radio, Alex Rainbird and more. The feeling was very mutual about their collaboration:

“It was a total joy to have Alissimon on this track. Her vocal has some of that magic energy and a folksy charm which just elevates the hell out of the track.”

Talking about the meaning of the song DM Arthur explains:

“It’s a song about feeling disconnected to the world around you, dealing with anxiety and learning to let go.”. Something we can all relate too.

DM Arthur will be playing his first live show later this month as part of Kin Records Night at West Hampstead Arts Club, Sept 22nd in London alongside label mates Bea Stewart, Lydia Oliver and REUNIØN. Tickets are free and available from dice

Mellow – A Whole Truth

“This track carries a huge charge of positive energy. Warm and care come from each of his notes. The atmosphere of Pop Rock is pounced on you as a wild beast and you have no chance - you are completely in its power. This melody is not just music - this is a place to relax with the whole family or with friends.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Этот трек несёт огромный заряд положительной энергии. Из каждой его ноты исходит тепло и забота. Атмосфера Pop Rock набрасывается на вас как дикий зверь и у вас нет никаких шансов — вы полностью в его власти. Эта мелодия не просто музыка — это место для отдыха всей семьёй или в кругу друзей.”

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