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Nadia Kamrath – Fever Dream (Spotify)

“In -Fever Dream-, there is its own unique atmosphere, filling consciousness from the first sounds! -Nadia Kamrath- creates its own, a special world that will win you and make you forget about all your problems. Atmospheric melodies, the musical pattern and vocals will not attract your interest quickly. ”

“В -Fever Dream- есть своя неповторимая атмосфера, заполняющая сознание с первых звуков! -Nadia Kamrath- создаёт свой, особенный мир, который завладеет вами и заставит забыть о всех своих проблемах. Атмосферная мелодия, музыкальный рисунок и вокал не оставят равнодушными.”

Nadia Kamrath’s first single “Fever Dream” is filled with dreamy piano melodies, intimate pure vocals, and attention-grabbing electric guitar. Her debut song has been selected for a film currently being screened by several top distributers including Warner Brothers, Disney and Paramount. She has put together a launch plan that includes her large network of friends, family and fans, ads on Instagram and Facebook, a Spotify Ad Studio campaign and a Vevo music video release.

Blood Honey – Don’t Wait Up for Me (Spotify)

“Taken from the album "Wings", can easily reveal Rebecca's artistry via its soft and selective soundscape. On top of all lies the singer's etherial voice, which immediately lighten our tired body and mind.”

Los Angeles's alternative dark pop duo, Blood Honey, get ready to drop their debut EP Blood Honey next week. Blood Honey is a gorgeous body of moody, alt-pop tracks with an indie electronic twist. From the heady "Game Baby" to the standout single "Don't Wait Up For Me," Blood Honey's brilliant culmination of sound pulls influence from some of your favorite trailblazers like Portishead, Massive Attack, and Nine Inch Nails.

New focus track "Don't Wait Up For Me" is an impressive stand out amongst the many gems in the Blood Honey EP. "I just want to be somebody," echoes throughout the track with a hypnotizing effect and Jackie's vocals effortlessly float above a moody bass line and synth driven soundscape.

"a spellbinding masterpiece" - Ratings Game Music

"unveil a bold and driven electro-pop groove, with hints of Little Dragon" - Mystic Sons

"A finessed yet stripped-back approach to alt-pop" - Alfitude

When Blood Honey members Kevin and Jackie first met, they bonded over their music taste. Kevin was studying cognitive neuroscience but ultimately dropped out of a PhD program to chase after his dream of playing music. Jackie had been struggling to live on her own after being kicked out at 18, but eventually gave into her parents' wishes and went back to school. However, an Ovarian Cancer diagnosis forced Jackie to drop out. A long, hard battle resulted in the loss of both her ovaries but also resulted in the start of Blood Honey.

Since the release of their debut single in early 2021, the burgeoning duo have seen a steady rise in fans on a weekly basis and have garnered over 44K streams thus far.

Heathcote Hill – Everything Slipping Away (Spotify)

“In -Everything Slipping Away- every element, such as melody, harmony and timbre, is in its place. The song is so full of atmospheric moments that we enjoy its listening again and again. -Heathcote Hill- add a special charm with the vocals, making this work a true miracle.”

“Мелодия, гармония, тембр, в -Everything Slipping Away- каждый элемент находится на своём месте. Песня насыщена атмосферными моментами, которыми хочется наслаждаться и прослушивать их снова и снова. Особый шарм добавляет вокал, превращая это чудо в цельное произведение.”

MAMARONECK, NEW YORK: In just three years - in addition to our busy real-world lives of families, careers, and everything else - Heathcote Hill has released four records to very encouraging reviews, and our music has appeared on 100%+ radio stations across the US, Canada, and Europe.

"‘Save The Ones You Love’ goes someplace beautiful... Tom’s stunning guitar and Megan’s soulfully expressive voice really bring out the best in each other.” - Tuned Loud, 2019

Tom Nelson writes our songs, and Megan Porcaro Herspring’s amazing voice makes them come alive. Live and in the studio, Heathcote Hill is powered by an incredible array of musicians, including Tory Ridder, Mike Bishop, Akil James, Rob Arthur, Sammy Merendino, Steve Count, Ann Klein, Lorenza Ponce, Bruce Rose, Jim Nelson, Vanessa Ridder, Amanda Homi, Bette Sussman, Neal Coomer, and many more.

“Arrives at a time when frothy pop music rules the world... Actual adults, though, will find much to appreciate about Heathcote Hill’s mature and relevant songs.” Skope Magazine, April 2019

We love putting our music out there for all to hear. It's a privilege to play great clubs like Bowery Electric, Garcia's, and The Bitter End. And we’re grateful to our families and friends for their support, and to all the people who’ve given us so much of their expertise, encouragement, and enthusiasm along the way.

“Fans of mainstream rock inspired by folk and country should give this new set a try... Lead singer Megan Porcaro Herspring calls to mind people like Tracy Chapman.” Music Street Journal, 2019

Chimes in the Sky – Breach (Spotify)

“From the first note a blanket of intricately woven, multi instrumental, magical musical fabric, will gently envelop you in a warm & comforting embrace. The dreamlike quality of the vocals & the overall blend of an airy, spacious, feel-good vibe will lift your spirit high to hear the ‘Chimes In The Sky.’ ”

Chimes in the Sky is the solo project of London based multi-instrumentalist John Owen (songwriter, producer and guitarist from The Near Tide). Combining acoustic and electronic elements with other-wordly vocals, Chimes in the Sky is a soothing exploration of abstract ideas, memories and fragments of personal experience.

Monelise – Silver Lake (Spotify)

“Monelise knows very well how to attract and captivate your mind. Different sound styles have been used to produce something unique and "Silver Lake" is the final result. The artist's epic voice and the clarity of mixing, are basic elements of success. Good job!”

Shapeshifting, genre-bending and aesthetically captivating artist Monelise releases ‘Silver Lake’, the latest product of her evocative mission to bring a new, refreshing and mystical quality to the world of experimental dream pop. ‘Silver Lake’ follows the release of ‘Sliding Worlds’ in February. Monelise’s music has gained over 250,000 streams in less than 9 months, and she is becoming known for entrancing audiences with her mysterious audio-visual live shows - both in person and online.

Speaking on the track, Monelise quotes: “Silver Lake is a mythical story as old as time itself; yet woven into a shimmering, kaleidoscopic soundscape that occupies a world of its own. When writing I was inspired by the song ‘Mysteries of Love’ from David Lynch’s Blue Velvet. I wanted to create something transcendent, celestial and unlike anything else out there. A soundscape that blends all of life’s most intense and moving experiences - life, death, love, loss - into one, ultimately beautiful and complete whole. Lyrically, Silver Lake tells the story of a woman who, upon losing her lover, discovers his spirit floating above the mystical silver lake. Their worlds momentarily collide in this liminal space and they manage to touch one last time before she is able to ‘release him’. Yet, we are left with a cliffhanger - during the song’s last moments, does she follow him into the afterlife or accept the fact she can now ‘find’ him only at Silver Lake?

Monelise forges a unique blend of nostalgia and futurism in her work. It is as though she stands at the gateway of past and future as her music weaves an uncanny yet beautiful dance between the two. She proudly defies singular categorisation, having been compared in equal measure to Kate Bush, David Lynch and Sevdaliza. Recently, she began to release a series of singles that mirror the zeitgeist of 2020 -2021 in creative and unprecedented ways. “Clockwork Heart”, “Insane” and “Sliding Worlds” echo the signature hypnotic quality of Hauntology (2019) yet surprises listeners with industrially inspired beats, kaleidoscopic sound mixing and more prominent, cinematic strings.

Grayson Foster – Hold Me Tonight (Spotify)

“There's a value for the audience of contemporary music genre, which defaults to conquer every heart. Provided that you listen at least once, -Hold Me Tonight- hits right on target and not backing down to the last second.”

“Для современной музыкальной аудитории жанровый эксперимент является ценностью, которая по умолчанию завоёвывают сердца каждого, кто успел их прослушать хотя бы единожды. -Hold Me Tonight- бьёт точно в цель и не отступает до последней секунды.”

Recorded at Battle Tapes Studios with Grammy-winning engineer, Jeremy Furgeson (Cage the Elephant), and Co-Produced by Katie Toupin (Houndmouth), Grayson Foster’s “Hold Me Tonight” is the most unfiltered release of this young Nashville indie artist's career. The lyrics provide an outward expression of the internal struggle and vividly portray the difficulty of telling those you love you need to be alone. Filled with raw emotion and a sonic palette that builds from beginning to end, “Hold Me Tonight” is best served with a shot of whisky and solitude.

Connie Brannock – Carry (Spotify)

“Laced with elements of R&B, Funk & Jazz & reminding me at times of Steely Dan with the added bonus of the finely tailored vocals of Connie Brannock. If this exceedingly well produced, beautifully performed song is anything to go by, the album is a must have.”

A song about leaving Salt Lake City.

Connie Brannock is an R&B Force of Nature! She took the Tucson music scene by storm after she retired from the Army National Guard as Command Sergeant Major, and in 2009 re-upped as a hot-ticket bandleader and patented R&B artist with enticing authenticity.

All The Queen`s Horses – Raised By Wolves (Video)

“This song will stay with you forever, even if one day will be lost in your playlist, -Raised By Wolves- remind that myself suddenly burst into life. Dark energy waves of mainstream rock music.”

“Эта песня останется с вами навсегда, даже если однажды она потеряется в вашем плейлисте, -Raised By Wolves- напомнит о себе внезапно ворвавшись в вашу жизнь. Тёмные энергетические волны мейнстрима рок музыки.”

Artist shared few words with us behind the inspiration of this song:

“I tried to colour in a scenario of someone who has been constantly let down. They can usually just swallow it and are resilient but on this occasion something changed and they’re not accepting it and they go very dark and no matter where they go their baggage comes with them.” All The Queen’s Horses


All The Queen’s Horses is a dark indie project by Cork artist Sean William Murphy. A signature blitz of sadness, darkness and poetry esque lyrics to a backdrop of piano, cello and some Joy Division synths. All The Queen’s Horses recently signed and teamed up with Echoism and Motor Music to release the new upcoming album, ‘The Dark Below & The Isle of Dogs’. The poetry of Leonard Cohen, the madness of Tom Waits and the intensity of Joy Division with subtle hints of Bright Eyes and Damien Rice. A Hieronymus Bosch hellscape transmuted to music, but there’s more, like Freidrich Neitze taking a day off to pick flowers, making sure he wasn’t followed. All The Queen’s Horses’ gothic folktronica evokes a desperate and beautiful darkness, a world we can escape to, where our fears and desires intertwine like rope around the subject of an Araki photograph. A very unique, out of box experience for those that enjoy different takes on the singer songwriter genre. After a year of global turmoil singer-songwriter Sean Murphy, has channeled this swirling darkness into a hauntingly beautiful album: ‘The Dark Below & The Isle of Dogs’. Originally from Cork, Ireland, living in Dublin and having spent the last 12 months in London, Sean Murphy has seen this last disastrous year through the lens of an artist. Working under the moniker ‘ALL THE QUEEN`S HORSES’, Murphy has crafted a raw, guttural and emotive response to what he has observed as a darkness bleeding across the land and in to all of our lives. A twisted narrative is weaved in folktronica-rock; a patchwork of poetry, cello, synths and mournful pianos. A kind of warped, contemporary tapestry, the story of 2020 unfolds in low light and fun-house mirrors.

Rachel Efron – I Changed My Mind, I Want You (Spotify)

“An amazing vocal performance from -Racher hel Efron- in -I Changed My Mind, I Want You-. She revealed to the audience all the beauty. From our opnion one of the best work from her new album -Human as I Came-.”

“Удивительно, как поражает вокал -Rachel Efron- в её заглавной песне -I Changed My Mind, I Want You-. Он раскрывается перед слушателями во всей красе и сводит с ума. Несомненно, это лучшая работа с её нового альбома -Human as I Came-.”

Arkson – Victory (Video)

“Your favourite guitar chords, piano keys and powerful drums form the sound of “Victory”. Energetic, intense and uplifting composition followed by the expressive singing of Arkson. That progression and very sophisticated transition techniques also reveal a big talent.”

David Park, leader of the Toronto, Canada-based indie-rock band Arkson, is keenly equipped to capture the kinetic energy of now. He is a classical and jazz trained composer with an education in film composition, his diverse background enables him to honor many rich heritages while bursting through temporal and genre boundaries. Fittingly, his upcoming series of singles are eclectically standalone.

“I prefer to think that each is song is its own unique moment, and I aim to make them feel different. I like the idea of not looking back and just pushing ahead with constant fresh inspiration,” David notes.

Arkson’s dynamic musicality evokes artists such as Arcade Fire, Arkells, and Imagine Dragons. Arkson songs are ambitiously arranged and densely layered with textures and musical motifs, yet the tracks also brim with unforgettable hooks. David self-produces the music, and handles performing most of the instruments on all the tracks.

David formed Arkson in 2015 when he was still in high school and, since then, Arkson has released 3 EPs, 2 singles, and performed at some Toronto’s most prestigious small venues, including the Horseshoe Tavern and the Monarch Tavern. Arkson was set to be travelling to Portugal in the summer of 2020 as ambassadors for the Bracara Cup in Braga, as they were recently asked to write and perform the inaugural tournament anthem for July 2020. Unfortunately, the tournament has been postponed due to COVID-19.

David’s lyrics seek to frame the divide between past and present, and to capture the moments he experiences. This thematic through line may have something to do with this family, who moved around often as he was growing up. “It gave me a perspective that I don’t think you get when you are stationary. Permanent things felt temporary for me. I always had to make new friends, and I had a feeling like I didn’t belong anywhere but could also fit in everywhere,” he shares.

The single, Victory, was written to be the anthem song for Lank FC and the Bracara Cup in Portugal for the summer of 2020. The song is impactfully arranged, building from ethereal indie rock to emotive anthemics before climaxing with opulent orchestral final chorus. “It is meant to be an intense, energetic pump-up song which captures the spirit of sport—pushing as hard as you can towards the goal, never giving up, and never stopping,” David says. Its words viscerally capture the quest for excellence. Key lyrics include: Shooting high, shooting low/Running fast, thinking slow/We’re fighting till the end, and we’ll do it all again/If I fall before the goal, you’ll see me crawling for it all, And we’ll do it all again.

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