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SONOf – Stoaway (Spotify)

“A great track to lose yourself into. The distant vocals seem to shine across the studio floor. The beat builds and climaxes in a soothing guitar riff. ”

A warm wind with eyes closed : Harmony to a far off stare : A window seat just beneath the clouds.

I.M YONI & Sarah Maison – Déjà Vu (Video)

“A well balanced & dynamic production that because of the care given to stereo placement & definition, the wearing of headphones is compulsory. The track never stops moving forward as layer upon layer of fresh ideas are added. The vocals seamlessly knit together, cascading through a range of styles & creativity, with many interesting timing variations.”

I.M YONI (Independent Musicians of Yoni) is a group of creative women from different parts of the world, based in Mexico City who are united to address gender equality through art. The collective was formed as a musical group that produces original songs in multiple languages, within the genres of Funk, R&B, Dance, and Pop among others.

Sarah Maison has transported her magnetism and multifaceted creativity within multiple and varied musical universes: with Lenparrot (in their duet on “Paladines”); in the “Hommage à Léo Ferré” project with La Souterraine, alongside Pépite (for “Sensations” Remix); or even in the company of Anoraak with whom she offered in 2020 the seductive electro-disco song : “Gang” and its unstoppable widely welcomed groove.

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Kan Wakan – Shining Bright Truth ft. Rachel Fannan (Video)

“Discover the mystic character of “Kan Wakan” latest work. Trip-Hop and Indie combination of sounds with strong drum vibrations and gentle vocals. An irresistible trip to alternate realities with many thoughts and pictures from everyday activities.”

Forward thinking LA and UK based producer Kan Wakan has just released his brand new single ‘Shining Bright Truth’. The single is the second installment from his upcoming Album Phantasmagoria, Vol.2.

Opening with a meditative hum and steady drumbeat that feels almost instinctual, “Shining Bright Truth” is a compelling and personal collaboration from Kan Wakan, featuring Rachel Fannan. Fannan, known for her work with UNKLE and Pussy Riot, lends her smoky and emotive voice to the song. Kan creates a complex and unexpected soundscape that engulfs the listener into this mystical journey about an alluring stranger.

When explaining the lyrical context of ‘Shining Bright Truth’ Kan explains that it’s “A note to self about acknowledging the occasional tendency to be insincere with oneself and wander down a delusional, parallel reality. Whether it’s through the lens of social media, or another vessel, it’s about that moment of acceptance. Things get precarious when you sense it’s time to bow out and you begin bartering with yourself, but it feels safer to stay the course.”

Phantasmagoria, Vol.2. will be Kan’s 3rd Studio album to date and will also include previous single ‘Oh Mother’ which already has over 128,000 streams on Spotify alone. He’s now recognized as one of L.A.’s most forward-thinking composers since arriving on the scene with the release of his 2014 LP, Moving On. Since then, he was named as Yahoo! “Best New Artists” and L.A. Weekly also named him in their “The 10 Best Young L.A. Songwriters”. His impressive career has flourished with collaborations alongside Moses Sumney and Thundercat while touring alongside Lianne La Hava and the Arctic Monkeys.

With Kan’s innovative thinking and his progressive production, it allows listeners to sink right into his compelling soundscapes. It is no wonder why he’s one of the most exciting producers around today.

Sissysocks – Augsburg (Video)

“”Augsburg” is real anti-nightopia in the world of music. It is clearly intertwined by Indie Electronic elements, which are accompanied by a measured rhythm and barely invisible, but very memorable synthesizer melody. 100% dive!”

“-Augsburg- это настоящая антиутопия в мире музыки. В ней отчётливо переплетаются элементы indie electronic, которые сопровождаются размеренным ритмом и едва незаметными, но очень запоминающимися нотами мелодии синтезатора. 100% погружение!”

This song is about looking for things in the wrong places, and making the same mistakes again.

Trip Tease, Kris Berle – Monkey (Spotify)

“Who can say no to a Lo-fi House track? Carlos Salame works with Kris Berle for "Monkey". Prototypical vocal effects go along with some old style synth samples. Characteristic warm loops and a friendly, cozy feeling can be found in this absolutely entertaining tune.”

Trip Tease is Mexican producer Carlos Salame, born in 1991. With mainly Electronic sounds and melodic structures. Trip Tease is influenced by genres like pop, techno, lo-fi house and synthwave. He's collaborated with many artists like rhye, Alejandro molinari, Kris Berle, Olafur Arnalds, polo & pan, photay, And more.

Blood Honey – Don’t Wait Up for Me (Spotify)

“Taken from the album "Wings", can easily reveal Rebecca's artistry via its soft and selective soundscape. On top of all lies the singer's etherial voice, which immediately lighten our tired body and mind.”

Los Angeles's alternative dark pop duo, Blood Honey, get ready to drop their debut EP Blood Honey next week. Blood Honey is a gorgeous body of moody, alt-pop tracks with an indie electronic twist. From the heady "Game Baby" to the standout single "Don't Wait Up For Me," Blood Honey's brilliant culmination of sound pulls influence from some of your favorite trailblazers like Portishead, Massive Attack, and Nine Inch Nails.

New focus track "Don't Wait Up For Me" is an impressive stand out amongst the many gems in the Blood Honey EP. "I just want to be somebody," echoes throughout the track with a hypnotizing effect and Jackie's vocals effortlessly float above a moody bass line and synth driven soundscape.

"a spellbinding masterpiece" - Ratings Game Music

"unveil a bold and driven electro-pop groove, with hints of Little Dragon" - Mystic Sons

"A finessed yet stripped-back approach to alt-pop" - Alfitude

When Blood Honey members Kevin and Jackie first met, they bonded over their music taste. Kevin was studying cognitive neuroscience but ultimately dropped out of a PhD program to chase after his dream of playing music. Jackie had been struggling to live on her own after being kicked out at 18, but eventually gave into her parents' wishes and went back to school. However, an Ovarian Cancer diagnosis forced Jackie to drop out. A long, hard battle resulted in the loss of both her ovaries but also resulted in the start of Blood Honey.

Since the release of their debut single in early 2021, the burgeoning duo have seen a steady rise in fans on a weekly basis and have garnered over 44K streams thus far.

Matt FX, Melika – A Love Beginning (Spotify)

“Happy and playful song ideal for the dark moments of loneliness we may experience. "Matt FX" uses his sound producing skills in the service of the Deep House scene, while "Melika" unfolds her singing artistry to complete this masterpiece. The result is only one clik away!”

“A Love Beginning” is a cool, crisp, neon single dripping in vibrant dynamics and lush additional instrumentation from saxophonist and producer Braxton Cook. It is about that special moment when you walk into a party and see someone that makes time stop-and what happens after that moment.

Reminiscent of Disclosure, Melika ’s sleek vocals glide over the beat to create an energetic pulse, accompanying the rise and fall of the track's melodies.

The Connecting Dots – Dream Lover (Video)

“There’s always a new and fantastic creation for those who know how to look for the best sound. “Dream lover” offers a dose of nostalgic Indie Electronic gold that travels back and fills with an energetic power. The Sweedish artist duo has also enriched their work with super singing that exceeds our expectations!”

The Connecting Dots are based in Stockholm, Sweden, and make beautiful songs about life and longing, memories and big city dreams.

Wyvern Lingo, Jason Agel – Don’t Say It – Jason Agel Remix (Spotify)

“The melody in -Don't Say It (Jason Agel Remix) - flows in streams, leaving no place in the listener's mind for a single drop for indifference. This music is like a stream of light making its way through the thickness of weightless clouds. The global lyrical message of the composition is by far a plus. All the power and energy lies in the vocals. A real emotional wave!”

“Мелодия в -Don't Say It (Jason Agel Remix)- льётся ручьями, не оставляя места в сознании слушателя ни одной капли для равнодушия. Эта музыка словно струя света пробивается сквозь толщу невесомых облаков. Глобальный лирически посыл композиции далеко не единственный её плюс. Вся сила и энергетика кроется в вокале. Настоящая эмоциональная волна!”

Wyvern Lingo are releasing a brand new remix of summer 2020 hit 'Don't Say It'. Initially released last year as the first taste of their now widely-acclaimed second album 'Awake You Lie' (Top 10 on the national album charts, number 1 on the Irish independent chart), 'Don't Say It' was warmly welcomed by fans and media folk alike. Fast-forward twelve months and this none-more-summery song has been remixed by NYC-based uber-producer Jason Agel, best-known for his mix work for stellar names like John Legend, Lauryn Hill and Prince, not to mention ultra-cool talents serpentwithfeet and Kelsey Lu.

GIVVEN – Toxic (Spotify)

“It kept everything so efficiently, that I want a standing ovation. Everything is designed with a lot of bright and memorable melodies and fragments of a fabulous vocal solo. -Toxic- has a clear electro pop colour that can attract every listener.”

“Сведено всё настолько качественно, что хочется аплодировать стоя. Всё выдержано в стиле electro pop, много ярких и запоминающихся фрагментов мелодии и просто сказочное вокальное соло. -Toxic- с явным колоритом, способный зацепить любого слушателя.”

Mysterious electronic pop trio, GIVVEN bring their unique flavour to this oft-covered Britney Spears classic. Their signature falsetto vocals float effortlessly over a warm electronic beat. Bolstered by uplifting piano chords in the chorus and off-kilter vocal chops, GIVVEN have pulled “Toxic” into a brand new world that feels familiar, but exciting at the same time.

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