Oaty., Inf – Late Night (Spotify)

“Fresh and simple with good vibes all over. In a cluttered scene, jazzy instrumentals really stand out. The bells provide an etheric feeling to this heavenly urban groove. ”


Real life friends Oaty. and Inf teamed up agin for this dreamy yet driven track. Starting with a soothing bell tone (Dulcimer) the song gradually builds up to a tapestry of sound with guitars, piano and chopped up vocals. All tied together with a sliding bass groove and hiphop-esque dreams. Perfect tune to reflect the past year with as we wrap things up.


Inf, gHSTS & gUITARS, Tomas Delfgaauw – Drop Out (Spotify)

“-Drop Out- is real poetry in the framework of Jazz and Chill-Hop music genre. Tightcloth in your discography. Smooth, melodic rhythm, excellent work with samples and live instruments and an amazing aftertaste. It's exactly what you will need during your lonely evenings.”

“-Drop Out- настоящая поэзия в рамках музыкального жанра Jazz и Chill-Hop. Лакомый кусочек в вашей дискографии. Ровный, мелодичный ритм, прекрасная работа с семплами и живыми инструментами и удивительное лёгкое послевкусие. -Drop Out- именно то, что с любовью скрасит ваши одинокие вечера.”


Sometimes music just exceeds every expectation one might have. And this track might be the perfect example. Starting out as a smooth and jazzy encounter it naturally morphs into this funky reggae style beat with a horn section that's going to get stuck in your head for days. Perfect summer jam.


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