Initial Eyes – Awakening – Extended Mix (Spotify)

Initial Eyes – Awakening – Extended Mix

Initial Eyes has released yet another 2 tracks titled ‘Awakening’ and ‘The Infinite Climb’ which explore the realms of progressive house and make for truly joyful listening. ‘Awakening’ is deep, intriguing and melodic with a low-level energy that’s calming yet groovy. The track has been a sort of work in progress for Initial Eyes as he delves into crafting music specifically for opening up sets. ‘Awakening’ has already been gaining the attention of Initial Eyes’ fans after teasing the track on his Spring 2020 mix.

The 2nd track on this EP is ‘The Infinite Climb’. Creativity seeks through the speaks with this track as the bright melody paired with the swarming deep synths make for a steady groove. Pretty arps are a key feature of the tune and help to build the track to reach its very peak. The key concept behind this song is that creativity transcends into life in general whether that be mentally, spiritually or emotionally. It also highlights how life reflection is an important element of life.

Initial Eyes has consistently been producing exquisite conceptual progressive and deep house tracks including ‘When It All Ends’ and ‘Riddle Of The Sphinx’ whilst grabbing the attention of fans and industry icons alike. Initial Eyes has proven his talent once again with this EP.

The Awakening & The Infinite Climb EP is out now on Initial Eyes’ own imprint Electric Impulse Records

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Initial Eyes – When It All Ends – Extended Mix (Spotify)

Initial Eyes – When It All Ends – Extended Mix

Initial Eyes is back after the success of ‘Riddle Of The Sphinx’ with a brand new track loosely inspired by current events called ‘When It All Ends’. As always, there is a key concept behind Initial Eyes releases where he embarks on the realisation of the abstraction through the medium of music.

Based on what he perceives as a soundtrack to the apocalypse, ‘When It All Ends’ has a dark and aggressive feel to it with rolling basslines and ominous pads; the sounds in the release are what Initial Eyes would imagine dancing to when the world is falling apart. He ends the track on a happier note as a new melody is introduced, and a fresh progression is inserted to offer a sense of hope.

Initial Eyes explores the depths of Progressive and Deep House along with Melodic Techno as he walks the line of digital and analogue providing encapsulating soundscapes. Producing music with clear cut precision and already making a name for himself under his new alias after just one release there are high hopes attached to his new project, you can expect to hear many more tracks in the coming months.

‘When It All Ends’ is out now Initial Eyes own imprint Electric Impulse Records.

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