In’R’Voice – Aesthetica (Bandcamp)

Russia’s best kept secret of blissful synth magic is called IN’R’VOICE and he’s blessing Cosmicleaf Records with his album. Ambient aficionados will revel in this amazing artists’ cosmos of harmony and vibration. Den Kozlov has been making music since 1992 and is the originator of Synth Aesthetics, a genre that perfectly describes his beat-less works of beauty. In 2015 Den was invited to play at St. Paul’s Cathedral in Moscow, which turned out to be a majestic demonstration of what the new classical music of the future could be. Join this master on his long journey and see where it takes you.

In’R’Voice – What Is All This For (Spotify)

In’R’Voice – What Is All This For

In early 80's in Soviet Russia, all foreign music was out of law. But the french melodic synthwave such as a band Space somehow reached the hearts of that period communist Russian government officials and become one of the very few foreign artists that performed at the largest concert halls in Moscow. Denny Kay aka In'RVoice was just 7 years old when he saw Space in that concert. The new album of In'R'Voice is deeply inspired by the emotions that Space Band filled his young heart.

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