Chill Select, Ogi feel the Beat – Deep, Down & Painted

“In this track, everything is very simple and affordable. Familiar and loved by many rhythms and melody Study Beats and Chill-Hop, a very warm atmosphere, and the absence of vocals allows you to concentrate on your thoughts and relax from everything that has been tired over the past day. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“В этом треке всё очень просто и доступно. Знакомые и любимые многими ритмы и мелодия study beats и chill-hop, очень тёплая атмосфера, а отсутствие вокала позволяет сконцентрироваться на своих мыслях и отдохнуть от всего, что утомило за прошедший день.”

Thomas Tempest – Life

“The UK rapper "Thomas Tempest" sheds light on the main characteristics of life through his groovy rhythmic elements, effect-driven vocal samples and a realization of being stronger than the average people. A uniquely artistic Hip-Hop release based more on sound than lyrics.”

Artist said about this song:

"The title track from my album 'Life' which was written during a very uncertain time in everyone's lives. Composed during lockdown 2021, LIFE is a collection of experimental instrumental tracks seasoned with thought provoking moments and big drum beats.

Valuing things of no worth. Re-evaluating dreams. Laboring ceaselessly against the current. Seeing less, wanting more, having enough.

This is LIFE. "

Ogi feel the Beat – Sax Underground

“We felt this one deep to our bones. Deep jazzy underground vibes permeate every atom of this creation. The bongos and the sax bring it all together. Many interesting layers if you allow yourself to be emerged in this vibe. ”

GaryOAKland – Sunrise

“The San Francisco Bay based "GaryOAKland" is ready to add a bit of chilling hue, decorated with Jazzy elements in your musical puzzle. Two minutes of bright Downtempo sound, fairly enough to rejuvenate your overloaded brain!”

The first single from the upcoming album GaryOAKland 3, "Sunrise" is a chilled out, jazzy track that will transport you to the beach.

Ogi feel the Beat – Second Expirience (Video)

“”Ogi feel the Beat” is behind of this cool and cozy Hip-Hop production. Instrumental sound with a slight taste of sadness and no vocals at all! Different approach and brand new experience, recommended for every restless spirit.”

Ogi feel the Beat – More Forward (Bandcamp)

“There is an amazing lightness, serenity and freedom in this track. Its rhythm follows the melody, relaxes the mind and seems to whisper – everything is fine, rest and enjoy life.”

“В треке присутствует удивительная лёгкость, безмятежность и свобода. Ритм ведёт за собой, мелодия расслабляет и словно бы шепчет — всё хорошо, отдохни и получай удовольствие от жизни.”

Free Download at

Oaty., Inf – Late Night (Spotify)

“Fresh and simple with good vibes all over. In a cluttered scene, jazzy instrumentals really stand out. The bells provide an etheric feeling to this heavenly urban groove. ”

Real life friends Oaty. and Inf teamed up agin for this dreamy yet driven track. Starting with a soothing bell tone (Dulcimer) the song gradually builds up to a tapestry of sound with guitars, piano and chopped up vocals. All tied together with a sliding bass groove and hiphop-esque dreams. Perfect tune to reflect the past year with as we wrap things up.

Ogi Feel the Beat – Chillin in the Game Boy (Spotify)

“What's better than a smooth Chill-hop track, to end your busy day? Writen from a really experienced artist, "Chillin in the Game Boy" has an air of melodic simplicity enclosed by rich instrumental elements. Quite attractive sound for most listeners.”

Here is the new album from the one-man beatmaker project from Serbia - Ogi Feel the Beat. This is downtempo and abstract hip-hop, embodying the spirit of the 90's. Minimalistic, overall kind, with interesting melodies and samples. This is the author's third solo album released on Label Cantroll.

From the author: "Endless Searching is probably one of my best albums. I often post new music on my Soundcloud - and what got the most response - was selected for this release. It's old-school, even timed like it should take up a full CD. Thanks to the musicians who joined the recording: Marko Smiljanic and Aleksandar Cupara (from my hometown Paracin), as well as Mark Shishlev from Russia. Keep the Retro alive!".

Davide Perico, Yoshimitsu4432 – I Wake Up And You’re Not Here – song by Davide Perico, Yoshimitsu4432 | Spotify (Spotify)

“This is a beautifully crafted, laid back piece of guitar melancholia. The Benson-like passages fall from the fretboard with a smooth, yet plucky style. Reverb rippled cadences with just enough gain to enhance the expressive articulation. The background has a swirly, almost surreal ambience that makes for a classic sounding track with a bang up to date vibe.”

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