Johny Holiday – No Stop Till Monaco (Spotify)

“Single -No Stop Till Monaco- is an instrumental journey between classic Hip-Hop, downtempo rhythms and Jazz and Chill-hop. Experimental vision of the original sound in a new wrapper under the night city beats falling asleep.”

“Сингл -No Stop Till Monaco- это инструментальное путешествие между классическим Hip-Hop, ритмами downtempo и Jazz и Chill-hop. Экспериментальное видение оригинального звучания в новой обёртке под вечерние ритмы засыпающего города.”

Johny Holiday is a Swiss DJ and Producer from Basel. Since 1997 he has been part of the Hip Hop crew Brandhärd ( ) and has produced Beats for various Swiss Rap artists (Greis, Chlyklass, Rapreflex, Kalmoo, TripleNine, Abart). After uncountable studio session sitting next to Mr. Fierce, producer of Brandhärd, and assisting him; Johny Holiday decided to start making music by himself. «Coconut Dandy» is Johny's first solo release as a Producer after almost 15 years of being active in the Swiss Hip Hop scene. The last steps on Johny's long road to a solo release was the album "Elf" (eleven) he produced completely for the Rap crew Rapreflex which was released in January 2016.

Ushuaia – Merida (Spotify)

“Music of Ushuaia unobtrusively walks in our music soup and brings to our troubled world a bit of peace. Tranquil rhythms of Lo-fi and Hip-Hop, in the air fows the salty smell of the sea and in your hand your favorite cocktail. Music for a good mood!”

“Музыка Ushuaia незаметно проходит в ваши музыкальные девайсы и старается привнести в наш беспокойный мир немного добра. Спокойные ритмы Lo-fi и Hip-Hop, солоноватый запах моря и любимый коктейль. Ваше настроение в ваших руках.”

Ushuaia, who comes from Argentinian background, moved to London in 2019 to study and create music.

He hit the streaming platforms for the first time on September 2020 with the release of 11 Pembridge road, a collection of 5 instrumental beats characterized by jazz samples, tasty guitar licks, boom-bap drums, dusty brass, and a chill lo-fi vibe.

While creating his unique beats, Ushuaia is mainly influenced by J Dilla, D' Angelo, Tom Misch, John Mayer, and others.

With a soulful and melancholic vibe and a chilling mood, Ushuaia's music brings a little more peace to this troubled world.

Raven Paradox – Say Something (Spotify)

“Music Raven Paradox combines genres such as Nu Jazz, Trip Hop and Chill Hop and his new track Say Something no exception. An exceptional collection of good mood for the whole day!”

“Музыка Raven Paradox сочетает в себе такие жанры, как Nu Jazz, Trip Hop и Chill Hop и его новый трек Say Something не исключение. Исключительный набор отличного настроения на весь день!”

InHarmony Beats – Coffee Break (Spotify)

“InHarmony Beats music creates a special mood every time dusk falls outside the windows. Calm, measured rhythm of Jazz & Chill-hop, the smell of coffee beans and the haze of the passing day outside the windows.”

“Музыка InHarmony Beats создаёт особое настроение каждый раз, когда за окнами сгущаются сумерки. Спокойный, размеренный ритм Jazz & Chill-hop, запах кофейных зёрен и дымка уходящего дня за окнами.”

Soulone Beats – Golden (Spotify)

“A cup of hot tea, warm, and comfortable warming scarf enveloping atmosphere - everything you need for a good mood, released from Soulone Beats at Kindbrew Records.”

“Чашка горячего чая, тёплое, согревающее кашне и уютная, обволакивающая атмосфера, - всё, что нужно для хорошего, лампового настроения от Kindbrew Records.”

Featured on the new Kindbrew Vol.2 album which has just been released,

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