TonyModi – Panorama Point (Spotify)

TonyModi – Panorama Point

TonyModi please us with his second chapter of loops and harmonies, an instrumental hip hop and chillhop sound design for ultimate easy listening.

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Moonview – Frost (Spotify)

Moonview – Frost

Frost was part of the Chillhop Discord weekly showcase and received a lot of positive feedback. This track is a good representation of the direction Moonview is heading, with a focus on chillhop beats, mellow synths, samples and live instruments.

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Dusty G – Jimmy’s Jazz (Spotify)

Dusty G – Jimmy’s Jazz

Jimmy’s Jazz” utilizes samples from numerous samples of varying genres to create a chilled out collage of jazz and hip hop.

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AdimProd, Faceless – All I Need (Spotify)

AdimProd, Faceless – All I Need

A constantly changing Jazz-Hop/Lo-Fi beat taking you on a journey!

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soul.peddler – d*r*e*a*m (Spotify)

soul.peddler – d*r*e*a*m

Arabian nights meet lofi vibes in soul.peddler’s latest release “d*r*e*a*m”. Lush keys, tantric guitars, and heavy sub bass come together to create a magical, energetic evening that feels like you’re surfing the Saharan sand dunes with your whole squad. Shake the room and get your neighbors pissed with this new heat

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Shuhandz, High Flown – Deliverance (Spotify)

Shuhandz, High Flown – Deliverance

Deliverance, the latest chill trap / downtempo single from Shuhandz & High Flown is here. This otherworldly beat brings the laid back vibes right when the world needs it most.

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Funky Notes – Everything To Me (Spotify)

Funky Notes – Everything To Me

“Funky Notes lovingly cuts, flips and pitches sounds from various sample sources of the 70s and mixes them with clapping drums to a wonderful instrumental soulful/LoFi/Chillhop urban sound.”

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Jakspin – Gemini (Spotify)

Jakspin – Gemini

New lofi bop with relaxing jazzy progression. Chill, positive and sensual from Jakspin

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tiny.blips – Pizzle (Spotify)

tiny.blips – Pizzle

lofi hiphop with real instruments… The sax is a sample of one of tiny.blips closest friends and musical collaborators who passed away recently. His nickname was Pizzle and the track is dedicated to him.

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Laps – Chanson de Geste (Spotify)

Laps – Chanson de Geste

Classic boom bap beat, cooked up in my MPC1000. The inspiration came from the chanson de geste literature: stories of wondering knights in the middle age, embarking on fantastic, dangerous adventures to conquer the heart of the lady they loved

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