Matt Haughey, Jay Webb – The Kid That You Loved (Spotify)

“-The Kid That You Loved- is something more than just music. The authors in their work drew so thin emotion in which you can hear a little sadness, a drop of hope and an ocean of emotions. Charming, lively performance and very sincere, soulful vocals.”

“-The Kid That You Loved- нечто большее, чем просто музыка. Авторы в своём произведение нарисовали настолько тонкую эмоцию, в которой можно услышать немного грусти, каплю надежды и целый океан эмоций. Очаровательное, живое исполнение и очень искренний, душевный вокал.”

"The Kid That You Loved" is about growing apart from someone in a long-distance relationship. I wrote this song as a college student who wanted to share an experience of losing touch with a high school significant other.

Matt Haughey (pronounced Howey) has been involved in music his entire life, playing a variety of instruments from trumpet to piano; however, he discovered his true passion for singing at age 12. Originally hailing from New Jersey, he would hear songs on the radio, print out the chord sheets and lyrics and sing around the piano with his older brothers. As a freshman at Dartmouth at age 18, he decided to try his hand at songwriting, and quickly fell in love with it. Matt channels his emotions in his music and uses songwriting as a form of therapy. He released his first single, “Make You Happy,” in 2019, which quickly gained him a passionate following. He has since released 5 more singles which have been praised by his fans as unique and extremely vulnerable. Drawing inspiration from Dermot Kennedy, Noah Kahan, and Ed Sheeran, Matt hopes to inspire people around the world through his honest storytelling and desire to create unforgettable music.