Toyesauce – Flea Market

“A variety of sound landscapes, classic for Funk and Jazz Fusion, a rhythmic pattern and an incredible amount of living instruments, the breath of which is felt from the first seconds. Feel the taste of real music on your lips!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Разнообразие звуковых ландшафтов, классический для Funk и Jazz Fusion ритмический рисунок и невероятное количество живых инструментов, дыхание которых ощущается с первых секунд. Почувствуйте на своих губах вкус настоящей музыки!”

Mashup & Cozy Condition – The Rougarou

“From the very beginning, the track makes you understand that something special is before you. The amazing vocals mixes with the Funk melody, which is later revealed from a new side for you - an amazing beauty rhythmic wib and a fantastic arrangement structure!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Трек с самого начала даёт вам понять, что перед вами нечто особенное. Потрясающий вокал смешивается с мелодией Funk, которая в дальнейшем раскрывается с новой для вас стороны — удивительной красоты ритмичный вайб и фантастическая структура аранжировки!”

Brian Jackson – C’est Cette Comète (Instrumental)

“The light state of euphoria, a slight dizziness and the desire to prevent this music from ending. So it is felt in the mouth of a taste of fresh coffee, the smell of black chocolate on a white saucer on a table and a lulling jazz melody, which has only one goal - to help you relax this evening.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Лёгкое состояние эйфории, небольшое головокружения и желание, чтобы эта музыка не заканчивалась. Так и чувствуется во рту привкус свежего кофе, запах чёрного шоколада на белом блюдце на столике и убаюкивающая мелодия Jazz, у которой всего одна цель — помочь вам расслабиться этим вечером.”

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Legendary American musician Brian Jackson announces his first solo album in over 20 years, ‘This Is Brian Jackson’, produced by Phenomenal Handclap Band founder Daniel Collás and released on BBE Music.

Brian Jackson earned mythic status among music fans thanks to his pioneering work with Gil Scott-Heron in the 70’s, where his flute and electric piano performances on ‘Pieces of a Man’ and ‘Winter In America’ virtually defined the sound of an era. From the 80s onwards he went on to record with Kool & The Gang, Will Downing (whose debut album he produced), Roy Ayers and Gwen Guthrie among many others, and while many veteran musicians tend to stick with the sounds they know best at some point in their careers, Jackson remains an unusually adventurous, vital and broad-minded artist to this day.

When the Phenomenal Handclap Band’s Daniel Collás first met Brian Jackson at a performance in New York, right off the bat he said “I think I could produce you”. “I wasn’t sure why he thought that,” says Jackson “but I considered it a challenge to find out. Turns out that he was right.”

Early on in their friendship, Brian mentioned that he’d embarked on a solo project right around the time he recorded ‘Bridges’ with Gil Scott-Heron in 1976. There were even some unfinished demos, but the album had never materialised. Daniel leapt on the idea, asking “what would a Brian Jackson album sound like if the 21st century Brian were to complete that 1976 album today?” Completed in a series of twice weekly sessions over 11 months in Daniel’s Williamsburg studio, ‘This Is Brian Jackson’ provides the answer.

“We sketched out musical ideas, drank way too much coffee, consumed way too many tacos and sampled perhaps a few too many exotic whiskeys while talking about things that were important to both of us personally. The lyrics for the songs are a result of those conversations” says Jackson.

Contributors to the album range from Jackson’s guitarist, bassist and longtime friend Binky Brice (Billy Ocean, Evelyn Champagne King, Roy Ayers), Collás’s occasional writing partner Morgan Phalen, Latin Grammy-winning flautist Domenica Fossati, drummers Moussa Fadera and Caito Sanchez, and Phenomenal Handclap Bandmates Juliet Swango and Monika Heidemann.

And the music? Vintage, soul-stirring Brian Jackson, with the great man’s warm vocals, distinctive flute and lyrical keys taking centre stage. The songwriting feels timeless, the arrangement effortless, the production human and analogue. From golden-era soul-funk opener ‘All Talk’, through soaring Afrobeat-inspired dreamscape ‘Mami Wata’ to compact groover ‘Little Orphan Boy’ which closes the album, ‘This Is Brian Jackson’ is simply some of the veteran artist’s best work yet, subtly and lovingly framed by Daniel Collás.

Toyesauce – Yip Man

“Bright Jazz Fusion with Funk music elements. A huge variety of living tools condescends to you like a wave of snow avalanche. It is incredible, how -toyesaUCE- managed to create such a rich and harmonious idea! Such talent is felt from the first seconds!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Яркий Jazz Fusion с элементами Funk музыки. Огромное разнообразие живого инструментария снисходит на вас словно волна снежной лавины. Невероятно, как -Toyesauce- удалось создать такое насыщенное и гармоническое представление! Такой талант ощущается с первых секунд!”

New Orleans funk masters and GRAMMY recipients George Porter Jr. (bass player of The Meters) and Stanton Moore (drummer of Galactic) join up with a group of talented Nashville recording artists for this funky studio collaboration.

J. Naji – Mr. Magic

“Sometimes you need so few words to express the entire emotional spectrum of your feelings. Sometimes it is enough to share your music with the world to express everything that is important to you and the Nu Jazz melody copes with this perfectly. It immediately becomes so calm in my soul, so quietly and so serene.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Иногда нужно так мало слов, чтобы выразить весь эмоциональный спектр своих чувств. Иногда достаточно поделиться с миром своей музыкой, чтобы высказать всё то, что для вас является важным и мелодия Nu Jazz с этим прекрасно справляется. На душе становится сразу так спокойно, так тихо и так безмятежно.”

SONORO – Jumping In

“One has only to turn on this jazz composition, as a wave of beautiful and unexpected improvisation immediately rolls. The piano and the saxophone play a relaxing melody, acting on you with all its warmth. Workshop Work from real professionals of their genre. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Стоит только включить эту джазовую композицию, как сразу накатывает волна красивой и неожиданной импровизации. Фортепиано и саксофон играют расслабляющую мелодию, воздействуя на вас всем своим теплом. Мастерская работа от настоящих профессионалов своего жанра.”

This piece with tenor sax, percussion, acoustic bass and piano is very lively and jazzy. The piano plays a catchy and repetitive pattern with the sax in the chorus section that also works well with the bass and percussion.

guUs – Moonhangin Man

“If you are a lover of walking around the night city, then certainly take this track with you on the road. The melody of Jazz Fusion will decorate the gray, rainy streets in a bright palette of lights, and the vocals -Uuus- will illuminate your path, like moonlight in reflections of neon windows. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Если вы любитель прогуливаться по ночному городу, то непременно возьмите с собой в дорогу этот трек. Мелодия Jazz Fusion разукрасит серые, дождливые улицы в яркую палитру огней, а вокал -guUs- будет освещать ваш путь, словно лунный свет в отражениях неоновых витрин.”

World travel hasn’t been too easy to do during the past few years. But some intrepid explorers keep searching out new horizons. Fired by fascination, they journey all over the globe, learning and sharing whatever they can, absorbing and synthesizing traditions, and making unlikely connections. guUs is an artist like that — a legitimately worldly musician who has brought his curiosity (and his songbook) wherever he’s gone. Originally from the Netherlands, he’s immersed himself in the musical traditions of his former home of London. While he currently calls San Francisco home, he has a deep fascination with New Orleans and the American South.

All those influences and more are audible in the music guUs makes: a gorgeous fusion of Old World art song, sophisticated jazz, experimental Tom Waits-style blues, touches of psychedelia, the cutting edge of prog, the storytelling sensitivity of Broadway and the West End theater, and spirituals and early gospel, that all takes influence from artists like Robert Johnson, John Coltrane, and Otis Redding. Except for collaborations on sax and with African drummers on the rhythm section, guUs does it all himself: writes the lyrics, sings the songs, directs the videos, and plays all instruments. Every guUs track is an adventure; every song documents a push beyond the artist’s previously established limits. Yet somehow, guUs never sounds restless. No matter how much he plays with rhythm, melody, and expectations, nothing is ever forced. His recordings are self-contained worlds, absorbing, complete, and full of color.

“Moonhangin Man” shows guUs’s commitment to experimentation, surprise, self-expression, and a sense of fun. The track is all smoothness. This is guUs at his most urbane, singing out his regrets over lost love and the art (and challenges) of letting go, all while keeping a hungry eye on the future.

There’s a ghostliness to the “Moonhangin Man” video, as the artist walks the deserted streets of London, exploring his old Mile End neighborhood after dark. Just short of Tredegar Square – near the old neighborhood of the famous killer Jack The Ripper – we watch him get into a driverless car, close the door, and cruise off to his next adventure.

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Tetel Di Babuya – Clean Cut

“All you need to do is to lay all the pressing affairs, pour a glass of your favorite drink, throw off tight shoes and turn on the new composition -tetel di babuya-. Enjoy the charm of the rhythm and melody of Jazz Fusion and remember that your mood is in your hands. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Всё, что вам необходимо сделать, это отложить все насущные дела, налить бокал любимого напитка, скинуть с ног тесную обувь и включить новую композицию -Tetel Di Babuya-. Насладитесь очарованием ритма и мелодии Jazz Fusion и помните, что ваше настроение в ваших руках.”

Tetel says "Clean Cut is a Shaft soundtrack inspired tune sung from what seems like a femme fatale perspective. SPOILER ALERT, it’s really about my 14-year-old diabetic cat who was in a bad place and in need of reassuring."

She continued "It's the cutest story. My oldest cat got sick almost three years ago. It was sudden and he had to stay in the hospital for a week, and he came back much weaker and thinner. I thought, I’m going to write a song that reverses the roles and it turned into as if she were a femme fatal. I wanted words and phrases that were related to feline animals, but I still used the word mutt. He’s a tiny cat but he sees himself like more than he is, like a ferocious panther."

Franz Von – Her Frequency

“Fresh jazzy beats laced with lyrical fire. He steps up to the plate with this Jam. Keeping it natural with that classic vibe feel to it. We love the sweet female vocals that set the mood building up in the background. ”

Franz Von unveils the new video for ‘Her Frequency’ which, like the single itself, is a collaborative artistic work across the Channel. Visual creative teams exchanged ideas between Marseille and Sheffield and captured a performance of praise and gratitude to the infinite power of the universe.

French artist Cynthia Bahy delivers a beautiful and captivating vocal performance from Le Bunker des Calanques in Marseilles, whilst Franz oscillates between city centre Sheffield and the Peak District. Franz Von’s debut EP ‘People Di Powa’ will be released on 20th May 2022 via Firebelly Records.

The track features Marseille-based artist Cynthia Bahy who delivers a beautiful and captivating vocal performance, the result is an exploration of lively, dynamic, and contemporary sounds fusing golden-era hip-hop with jazz. A production collaboration connecting two scenes – Marseille based producer Labo Klandestino and Sheffield based Tom Excell (Nubiyan Twist / Onipa) – the track started life in Labo’s studio in France and was then reinterpreted back in Excell’s Sheffield studio. A flow of ideas and inspirations passed between creative minds and spaces.

Having already gained momentum with the 2021 drop ‘Power Be You’, which was swiftly followed through with a live version earlier this year, has already received support from BBC Introducing Sheffield and Amazing Radio who handed him a one-off show, as well as Naga Mag, Word Is Bond, Groovin’ Mood, and more.

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