Jocéan – Ma (Spotify)

“Meditation in the best of its manifestation. Hang drum and natural sounds, awakening music lovers in a unique artistic world. Feel the vibration in the air, contemplate for what is happening around, take a deep breath and slowly exhalate. See the world as it is and not as we like.”

“Медитация в лучшем своём проявление. Пение Hang Drum, звуков природы и пробуждение любителей музыки в уникальном звуковом мире. Почувствуйте вибрации в воздухе, созерцайте за происходящим вокруг, сделайте глубокий вдох и медленный выдох. Увидьте мир таким, какой он есть, а не таким, каким мы хотели бы или не хотели бы его видеть.”

This is an original handpan piece set to wonderful nature sounds-this is an uplifting and spacious piece before for healing and relaxation playlists!

Jocéan – Komorebi (Spotify)

“"Komorebi" sticks out and can easily steal your impression from the first seconds. Cinematic piece based on wood flute, combined with light background sounds. The ultimate relaxing creation for a unique trip into soothing magic.”

This is an original handpan piece from album called "Enough Light to Navigate". JOCÉAN partner performed his wood flute to make this track something completely unique. A track to transport and relax the listener.

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