John Bickerton – Daybreak (Spotify)

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“Home is where the heart is. John Bickerton tells us a life story that is like a mirror to each of us. The piano sounds in this neoclassical album work wonders. Heartland is our choice, which we are happy to share with you.”

“Дом там, где сердце. John Bickerton повествует нам историю жизни, которая словно зеркало каждого из нас. Звуки фортепиано в этом неоклассическом альбоме творят чудеса. Heartland - наш выбор, которым мы с удовольствием делимся с вами.”

John Bickerton – Quiet Journey (Spotify)

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“Quiet Journey, the #4 story of -Heartland- album of John Bickerton, is a cinematic solo piano story, giving you a soft easy listening pleasure and a hidden nostalgic tension, like a character of a movie which moves away from his problems to a new life and flashback the past and what he had pass through. ”

Quiet Journey is a soft, meditative solo piano piece. It has a light, mysterious, quality evoking an introspective, dreamy state of mind.

John Bickerton – Poignant Vistas (Spotify)

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“Poignant Vistas from John Bickerton is a solo minimal emotive piano with a neoclassical approach and an impressionistic influence. The song evokes a sense of awe as if you were looking at a mountain range, vast ocean or a beautiful landscape and captures the emotional freedome you get in such moment.”

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