JOLENE – Diamond Eyes (Spotify)

“-Jolene- delivers a unique sound and has the ability to find the appropriate elements. Harmony and mood are so clear in -Diamond Eyes-. The vocal part and variety of collected voice tones is practically driving. Unearthly work!”

“У -JOLENE- есть уникальное чутьё звука и способность подобрать соответствующие инструменты, гармонию и настроение, которое так отчётливо прослеживается в -Diamond Eyes-. Правильная вокальная позиция и многообразие тембральных оттенков голоса практически сводит с ума. Неземное произведение. Факт.”

This song is a mirror; crafted as a space to look into yourself, an invitation into a moment. A place to breathe and be, to find the world inside yourself. In the fast-paced culture we're in, I hope this gives you pause and brings you into a deeper awareness of your place in the universe.

The official video is a black screen, so you can see yourself in it. It is the soundtrack to The Mirror Room, which is an entryway into the dream dimension, my storyworld called HEMISPHERES. Come in: