Echezona, JPRiZM – Big Chop (Spotify)

“-Big Chop- possess a whole palette of emotions. The Rhythms of Afrobeats participate in the beat, while the song gives very bright and memorable feelings. Its melodic chorus can make you listen on repeat and probably sing it from day after day!”

“-Big Chop- заставляет переживать целую палитру эмоций. Ритмы Afrobeats учащают пульс, песня даёт очень яркие и запоминающиеся чувства, а мелодичный припев хочется повторять и повторять, напевая его раз за разом и изо дня в день!”

This song celebrates women of all backgrounds who confidently look good and feel confident in their own unique ways. Big Chop is an expression which refers to stylizing one's hair in a way that the individual loves and embraces and the song voices support for all sorts of individual expression.