Julie Elody – Pedestal (Spotify)

“Very dynamic and detailed work, also preserving melodiousness and harmony. Music that is firmly entrusted to your brain and does not fade away. Its waves run through the body one after another. Big and enchanting Dream Pop rhythms.”

“Детально продуманная работа, очень динамичная, но при этом сохранившая в себе мелодичность и гармонию. Музыка, которая прочно въедается в ваш мозг и не даёт передохнуть. Одна за другой волны пробегают по телу, всё большое и больше очаровывая ритмами Dream Pop.”


New Orleans singer/songwriter, Julie Elody has had quite an impressive run this summer with releasing a single every month and her new song "Pedestal" is the cherry on top. "Pedestal" tells the story of her craving admiration, and doing just about anything to get it (i.e. the lyrics, "sneaking out the door, I should have stayed home").

Julie has released over 20 singles and has hopped on features like "Down" with Mark Mendy, "Pennies" with Just Chillax, and even a feature with Pitbull called "Your Love".

Fresh off the success her latest single "Love A Good Release" (which is currently sitting at just over 30,000 streams on Spotify). Julie returns with her infectious style to start the autumn season off right.