Justus Rümenapp – Autumn Days (Video)

“Can you hear this rustle of leaves falling on the piano keys? This will not stop the talented pianist -Justus Rümenapp- from continuing his performance in a day of falling leaves which he fills the silence with a sensual melody that soundtracks autumn.”

“Вы слышите этот шорох листвы опадающий на клавиши рояля? Это не сможет помешать талантливому пианисту Justus Rümenapp продолжать свой осенний день. И он наполняет чувственной мелодией осени тишину нашего дня.”

Justus Rümenapp – Gone (Spotify)

Justus Rümenapp latest single Gone is a deep emotive neoclassical piano, rich in atmosphere and well performed, recorded with clarity and offering to listen an emotional diving.

Justus Rümenapp is a german neoclassical Pianist and Film Music Composer. He started studying popular music at the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg 2011 and won several classical competitions. He is known for his sensitive and atmospherical way of playing the piano. The melodies let the listeners forget their worries and their everyday life...

Rümenapp also composes Film Music for international award winning Films

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