Kate Vargas – Church of the Misdirection (Spotify)

“Unique, raunchy, quirky & ever so slightly intoxicating. Allow yourself to be seduced by the silver tongued Kate Vardas as she is unwittingly transformed into an enthusiastic spiritual predator, & convinces you become a follower of the ‘Church Of Misdirection’. Go on. You know you want to.”


“Church Of The Misdirection” was loosely inspired by Ma Anand Sheela from the documentary ‘Wild, Wild Country ’where a woman becomes enamored by a charming self-help/cult leader. The two fly all over the world together, having fancy dinners, going to parties, and living that lifestyle. She begins to feel the charming man really “gets” her and that they connect on some kind of deeper level. In “Church Of The Misdirection,” Kate sings about how Ma Anand Sheela goes from a seeker/follower, to a recruiter of sorts.


Kate shares, “We can sell anything, even the most preposterous ideas/flimsiest spiritual beliefs, if it looks good on the outside, if we speak about it enthusiastically. What started as a simple search to find oneself, to connect with the world, sees this person being transformed into a kind of “spiritual” predator without her ever knowing.”