Kepa Lehtinen – Fall (Spotify)

“Kepa Lehtinen with Fall once more showcase his outstanding technical ability in Theremin and its bond with the Piano, exploring more complex harmonies. Storytelling which flirts with a cinematic mystery that builds up a beautiful emotive atmosphere.”

Finnish composer Kepa Lehtinen comes out with his latest electronica classical infusion.

His new song FALL Combines instrumentation that is unusual, the harmonies are modern, with a melody that is nonetheless easily approachable and beautiful. Autumn colours can be heard from soundscape created with the theremin accompanied by piano and contrabass. Due to the fact that the sound of the theremin is influenced by the slightest vibration or breathing of the body, it provides a truly natural sound although it is an analog synthesizer.

“The theremin’s role has changed in my music. It is now an underlying organic element that makes my sound both retro and contemporary at the same time. I honestly do not know anybody using the theremin like I do.”

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Kepa Lehtinen Interview on Nagamag

Kepa Lehtinen

What are the genres that describe better your music style?

Kepa Lehtinen:
Classical, cinematic

Few words about your musical background and career?

Kepa Lehtinen:
I was born in Helsinki, Finland in 1971 and began studying music in childhood, eventually learning to play piano, synthesizers, theremin, and drums. I went on to study Sound Design at Finland’s Aalto University and I have since written music for many films, commercials, and TV productions. My work has appeared in award-winning Finnish titles such as Kimmo (TV series), Almost 18 (feature film), and A Stone LeftUnturned (short film). I released my first solo album, Playing Theremin, in 2018. In 2019 I released Helsinki in November and 2020 album “It Is OK To Be Sad And Dark”.

Do you remember your first connection of love to music that was the right impact to be a music artist now?

Kepa Lehtinen:
As a child, the Queen was the biggest. Seeing live aid on tv and year after that seeing band live (on Stockholm). Point of no return.

Does your music have any underlying messages in it?

Kepa Lehtinen:
Strong melodies over anything else.

Is music political? Should it be?

Kepa Lehtinen:
I have been on some political projects, including "I Have Only Just Begun,” a song for gay rights in Russia. It made Boy George cry and Madonna said it is something Putin should hear.

Music has no borders and many of us we may listen to more genres that we are mainly involved. So share with Nagamag which track comes first in your mind from music but is NOT similar to your genre?

Kepa Lehtinen:
Placebo "Running up that hill"

Of Course Nagamag would love to listen also which track from a similar artist you admire?

Kepa Lehtinen:
Ryuichi Sakamoto "The Sheltering Sky"

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Kepa Lehtinen – Forbidden planet (Spotify)

"Forbidden Planet", one of the most popular track from new album "It is ok to be sad and dark" from Kepa Lehtinen, is a powerfully hypnotic theremin work accompanied by piano and double bass. The resulting sound is melancholy, emotional, and full of a nocturnal spirit that will work its way into your consciousness and remain there.

Few words about Kepa Lehtinen
Well-known Finland-based film and TV composer Kepa Lehtinen is proud to announce the release of his new album, Helsinki In November, that features original contemporary classical music written for piano, contrabass, and theremin. The theremin is an almost-century-old electronic instrument that’s played by hand gestures rather than direct contact and is seldom encountered in the classical world. Lehtinen, however, makes the instrument a cornerstone of his sound and Helsinki In November gives listeners a master class in what this unusual instrument can do.

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