Sam Blacky – Move Like That

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“Deeper club groove, darker, perfect balance between kick drum and bass line. Love the spoken vocals, very atmospheric and making the track more oriented to those who enjoys singing with the music in the club. Sax/trumpet sample on delay is really great detail. ”

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AAOM – Agua Brava

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“Organic House melody, depth and minorness of Deep House and a track in front of you, which can hit the depth of its bass and rhythm sections. A variety of sound effects, high -quality transitions and pit and an amazing atmosphere of immersion.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Мелодичность Organic House, глубина и минорность Deep House и перед вами трек, который может поразить глубиной своих басов и ритм-секции. Разнообразие звуковых эффектов, качественные переходы и ямы и поразительная атмосфера погружения.”

Ear Funk – Wrong

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“Let "Ear Funk" guide your ears through the sound of Summer. An uplifting track, full of joy, dancing spirit and endless rhythms of House is ready to spread its pure energy all around you. Recommended for every fan of Latin too!”

Ear Funk brings you a remake of the club classic record "Wrong" by EBTG from 1996. The track is spiced up with funky soulful latin rytms and good energy. Let the summer begin!

Tim Lyre – Present

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“Balancing between dynamism and peaceful mood, "Tim Lyre" reveals a new chapter in the scene of Afro-fusion. Catchy atmospheric sound elements followed by a strong drum part and the artist's delicate vocals which reveal something personal.”

Hotly tipped and an integral part of the alté renaissance in Afro-influenced music, Tim Lyre welcomes the release of his highly anticipated album Worry < (Worry Less).

A 9-track fusion of diverse and organic splendour, the album goes further into his fascinating soundscape that leans into neo-soul, trip-hop, afrobeat and downtempo, bringing with it a whole new moment for afrobeats.

Hailing from Lagos, Nigeria, Tim Lyre is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist that has carved a top tier niche of his own with his genre-bending sounds. Growing up in a musical household, Lyre studied classical music from the young age of 10; learning how to play the piano and read music. It wasn’t until he got older that he was exposed to sounds including highlife, afrobeats, jazz, R&B, neo-soul and gospel, which ignited his own desire to explore sounds deeper and interpret them in his own way, leading to his current soundscape.

Having already gained a strong following throughout Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa his international reach is becoming undeniable as his music transcends borders and cultures the world over. Being a master of each craft in the musical process, Tim’s talents have allowed him to be involved with every stage of the creation process. Worry < consists of 9 refreshing tracks, all demonstrating the diverse musical approach the talented artist is capable of. Opening the collection, the album begins with ‘Organic’ featuring rapper Tena Tempo. Soothing vocals sit on a lo-fi, vibrant instrumental as the duo discuss elements of the party life and their penchant for the real things in life. Playing with tempos, vibes and sounds, the introductory track is the perfect entrée to the myriad of moments that the listener will be blessed with throughout the albums musical journey. Leading in to ‘Present’, the door opens on deep afrobeat percussion with a Latin inspired melody as influence is drawn from basement and afrobeat styles to create an unorthodox style that is packed with depth and musicality. Flexing his lyrical ability, Tim Lyre exposes a unique, melodic flow and seasoned adlibs that add layers to the record as he touches on his rebellion against the norm and rejoices at rising up alongside his crew. Next in line is previously released, and highly acclaimed single ‘Real’, the track that earned him titles including a “quiet powerhouse” by the likes of GUAP Magazine and earned a premiere with Native Mag. The love song explores the “emotional nuances between two people in a relationship or situation-ship as it were.”

Leading into the centre of the collection, ‘Syzygy’ is offered up next. Featuring DAP The Contract, the insightful R&B ensemble discusses deep, spiritualistic concepts and effortlessly ebbs and flows between a mid-tempo bop to a slow paced, sensual sway, topped with layers of addictive harmonies. ‘Hubris’ sits centrally to the tracklisting and is the latest track released in the run up to the albums grand unveiling. With each track bringing variation and a refreshing sense of wonder to the overall collection, ‘Hubris’ draws on Greek mythology and hears Tim play on the title’s theme of excessive pride and arrogance. Built over a laid-back and atmospheric production he features UK rapper Lex Amor.

As the second half of the album gets underway, ‘General’ brings with it a strong reggae element running centrally through the track. Teaming up with MOJO to talk about being a leader in his area, the patois and differing flows sit atop tropical beats as we continue to be fed unique and refreshingly unpredictable musical moments.

‘Highlife’ sees a collaboration with Prettyboy DO and Lady DonLi. The single released late 2021 and came to fruition after Tim worked with Prettyboy DO on his ‘Wildfire’ album. Filled to the brim with energetic percussion and a dance ready melody, the track is “a groovy mid-tempo track that sets the mood for waist-whining fests and celebrations”. For the penultimate track, Tim Lyre ups the tempo for the bouncy ‘Primetime’ featuring July Drama and Kobla – an anthem that can easily be heard soundtracking summer days and clubs worldwide. As the final song comes to pass, ‘Spanish Lime’ is a meaningful end to a spectacular musical journey. The heartfelt love ballad, displays Tim’s exquisite vocal ability, capturing emotion, soul and stirring sentiment that is a bow to the crowd as he leaves the stage.

Having gained international recognition and support from the gatekeepers of Black Music, including BBC Radio 1Xtra, Native Mag, Triller, Guap Mag, Worldwide FM, Rinse FM, Culture Custodian and beyond, Tim Lyre is a custodian and driving force in an exciting era for afrobeats and afro centric music. Accumulating an ever-growing fan base that’s stretched over several projects including his 2020 EP ‘K.A.P’ with guest features from Shalom Dubas and Mafeni, plus his critically acclaimed project ‘Senpai’ with stand-out singles ‘Fakogbe’ and ‘Hurricane’ alongside MOJO, the release of Worry < marks a whole new era for Tim Lyre. Fearlessly interpreting and twisting styles into his own expression of music, the release of Worry < is a celebration of creativity and talent that will undoubtedly continue to exceed the expectations of both present and new followers. Stay up to date with Tim Lyre for news on his upcoming album by following his socials.

Bye Mon Ami – Encantar (Spotify)

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“Deep bass, fast pace and bright vocals. Do you need more to listen now? "Encantar" also has that lovely, old air of House, which is always appreciated even by the most selective ears.”

Encantar is an upbeat latin-house dance song with spanisch vocals and a crazy party B-section, by Bye Mon Ami (Ger) featuring the peruvian-german vocalist Maria-Fernanda. Beat starts 0:13, Vocals 0:30, Verse 0:59, B-Sec 2:26. It has funky guitars, a deep latin-style baseline, fender rhodes loops and many percussive elements (bongos, shaker, tonewoods). Encantar has an energetic and positive summer vibe, holiday feeling, and easy living attitude. Like a cool mojito at a latin american beach bar. Disfrútala! Best BMA.

Sam Blacky, Elisa Gold – La Noche (Spotify)

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“Sam Blacky strikes with her special House style and is ready to offer endless enjoyment. The well-known artist joins with Elisa Gold this time, who gives a friendly, spanish vocal touch in a track that once again follows the Summer spirit.”

After consistently releasing her tracks "Too Late," "No More," "Body" and "Paradise" earlier this year, the dynamic LA-based artist Sam Blacky drops her debut "Summer Solstice" EP. In addition to previously released singles, it also features Sam's brand new production "La Noche" with singer/songwriter Elisa Gold, a deep and groovy vocal house gem that will transport you to a crowded, sweaty tropical paradise where revelers from around the globe dance the night away. Always one to create a vibe through her music, Sam Blacky's first EP on her label Stabby Records is clearly inspired by her love of travel and musical experiences in the most beautiful of places. Driving basslines, booty-shaking rhythms, and sultry vocals are the main theme of "Summer Solstice," making for a sonic journey that you'll want to never end.

"'La Noche' is the final focus track of my EP 'Summer Solstice' and it's the perfect finale. I was so excited I got to work with a friend of mine who I actually met a few years ago in Ibiza, Elisa Gold, on the vocals. Thanks to her, the song is entirely in Spanish, adding even more to the global vibes of the EP as a whole. This song has the most tribal, uptempo beat of the whole ep so obviously, it's my favorite. As I've said before, tying in my travels and different cultures is a huge part of my goal with these songs, as well as female empowerment and support of one another. Working with another globe-trotting, foreign, female artist on this one was so special. The vocals are all about freedom, dancing, letting go, and pure enjoyment. I hope it makes everyone feel like summer every day." - Sam Blacky

Samantha Black is a multitalented DJ/producer, model, and influencer professionally known as Sam Blacky. Originally from San Diego, Sam spent several years in Australia, where she first fell in love with producing music and performing live. Since moving back to Los Angeles, music and performing have taken a front seat in her life. In addition to her hectic modeling schedule, Sam has performed live across the world from 2017 to 2021, from Mexico to Ibiza to Bali, racking up over 120 gigs a year at some of the premier electronic festivals and clubs on the planet. With the global pandemic in 2020, Sam released a series of videos on Youtube called "A New World," where she streamed live sets from some of her favorite places in Mexico, giving viewers a taste of vacation vibes even while staying safe at home. Before all the music, her modeling portfolio included brands such as Nike, L'Oréal, Galore, Marie Claire, Superdry, Guess, Sports Illustrated, Malibu, and Playboy, giving her a unique creative perspective to all types of cultures and styles to bring to her music. With the launch of Sam Blacky's label, Stabby Records, the first releases, and now the debut EP, 2021 is set to be a breakout year for Sam as she expands her artistic brand.

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BERWALD – Eso (Video)

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“”BERWALD” is here with a dancing bomb for our Summer nights. Successful combination of House and Latin elements, which lift the mood and transfer positive energy. It’s time to adjust your speakers’ volume and …start the dance!”

Artist shared few words with Nagamag behind this song:

“During my past year at Abbey Road Institute in Amsterdam the song Eso was created. It is a House and Latin like dance track.

Due to the pandemic I longed for the freedom like we had before. The traveling, going to festivals with friends and enjoying the summer days is something we took for granted. From this nostalgia the song came about. I made it with another student/artist from Puerto Rico, he was the perfect match because he knows the Latin culture better than I do. He played the guitar and did the vocals on it. These two elements gave energy and soul to the song and later became the whole theme for this project.

When people listen to this single. I want them to feel free, energetic, positive and get summer feelings.

The song got played on Sublime FM the biggest soul, funk and jazz radio in the Netherlands. Where they do crossovers on Sundays with soul and electronic music.

This is also the single of the upcoming EP. The EP consists of 4 songs. These songs are about my love for soul music and the music I grew up with. It is a mixture of house, soul and big band music, the stuff I want to make more of in the future. ”


Isaiah Saturn – Desire (Villanova Mix) (Spotify)

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“Are you about to listen something to activate yourself, or just relax? Surprisingly you can achieve both with just a single track! The House mix that calls you to the dancefloor, but the lyrics are so calm and smooth... Concentrate on the beat for an energy boost, or let the singing soothe your body.”

Desire (Villanova Mix) is a laid-back house mix, that creates a relaxed mood but is danceable. I worked on this mix alongside an incredibly talented producer/DJ Hugo Villanova. I wrote the track as a fun tribute to the soul singer Sade and wanted to create a modern timeless feel that is simply feel good, so I knew Hugo was the one to work with. Overall, the song has a weekend sunset feel, slightly tropical and most of all just makes the listener feel good.

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