4am Kru, Layla Sibelle – Keep 4 Eva (Spotify)

“The energy and bright melodies inherent in this light Drum & Bass are fully reflected in the track, spreading all visible and invisible boundaries! Feel the student pulse and the effect of adrenaline in the blood, a genuine source of real fun!”

“Свойственные жанру Light Drum & Bass энергия и яркие мелодии всецело отразились в треке -Keep 4 Eva-, раздвигая все видимые и невидимые границы! Почувствуй учащающийся пульс и действие адреналина в крови, неподдельный источник настоящего кайфа!”


"6 o'clock in the morning & we're still jumping!" North London songstress Layla Sibelle makes her vocal debut on Keep 4 Eva, a laid back slice of summery r&b jungle / drum & bass with London jungle collective 4am Kru at the production helm. Having met on a dancefloor in Camden Town and bonding over shared love of nostalgic rave, it was just a matter of weeks before Layla & 4am Kru had finished up their first offering. Keep 4 Eva is one for the romantic junglists, smooth r&b heads AND the bass & beats crew. Out Sept 9th on new independent London label Embrace The Real Records.