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Total music posts:2,564 Total artist interviews:111

Neoclassical Pop Jazz World Music House Electronica Psychill Psytrance Techno Blogwave Rock Hip‑Hop

Total music posts:2,564
Total artist interviews:111

U.V.P – Home (Spotify)

“‘Home is a richly melodic, light drum and bass track by U.V.P that delivers a deeply emotive message both lyrically and above all, via the velvety, seductive, husky vocals, that irresistibly draw you into the narrative. A very well produced pulsating song that is performed with graceful confidence.”

U.V.P is an Independent Music Producer , Published music artist. Film,TV sound designer and composer hailing from the South West of England Now is the time for a new musical journey to begin...U.V.P is a creator of Electronic musical journeys

Twiceyoung – A Place For Us (Spotify)

“We call "home" the place where we usually live, but is this our real home? Sometimes the mind travels away and we dream of a different world. "A Place For Us" is the song that describes this fact. Light electronic waves of sound and elusive singing voices, which guide our senses to somewhere else.”

Artist shared few words behind his inspiration for this song:

"This was the first song completed for my debut full-length album. Heard these words on a walk in the middle of the night last Spring while doing some soul searching. I was uncertain where to go and what was home. This song is about finding where you belong – finding home with the one you love." - Twiceyoung

MontyG, Neshy – Anymore (Spotify)

“In fact, this is pure Drum & Bass - viscous, thick, sometimes wistful and pathetic. It's amazing how everything sounds organically and holistically. Its melodic and expressive vocals can reach your inner world, in a way which is impossible to describe in words.”

“По сути, это чистый Drum & Bass – такой же вязкий, густой, местами задумчивый и патетичный. Удивительно, как всё звучит органично и целостно. Мелодичный и экспрессивный вокал погружает и передаёт тот внутренний мир, который невозможно описать словами.”

Anymore is a dark, menacing liquid drum and bass track, about a girl seeing the light at the end of the tunnel after a toxic relationship, produced by me and sung by my mate Neshy.

4am Kru – 4AMK2 (Smoke Something) (Spotify)

“Remember raves? Early 90’s Jungle? Don your expedition outfit and hang on tight for this white knuckle, white label ride of nostalgia. ‘Smoke Something’ is a hardcore trip down memory lane by your tour guides 4AMK2 Buckle up Biatch”

London's 4am Kru continue their exploration into the exciting, lost world of early 90s hardcore & jungle with their new release 4AMK2 (Smoke Something). Paying homage to their favourite white label vinyl series, 4AMK2 (Smoke Something) is nostalgic jungle rollercoaster ride, further expanding 4am Kru's fast growing back catalogue of throwback rave tunes.

Nymoz – Behind the Hills (Spotify)

“A balanced track with up and down transitions and unexpected flow. This magnificent single from Nymoz is actually a Drum & Bass synthesis enriched by chill out soft melodies. Very appreciated overall result.”

Peter Lix – Out In The Cold (Spotify)

“Light Drum & Bass masterpiece for your special playlist. Chilling atmosphere with cool drops, echoing vocal samples and a bit of hidden power. Prepare a cup of tea and offer yourself an alternate and unforgetable experience.”

Hot on the heels of the success of Over Your Soul, Peter Lix serves up another emotive slice of soulful Drum & Bass.

Championed by the likes of LTJ Bukem, Los Contreras (LDC Radio), Scott Allen (Soul Deep Recordings) Facedee (Flex FM), and Sound Territory, Out In The Cold is receiving heavy support across the radio and podcast spectrum.

Out In The Cold immediately sets a pensive mood, with lonely piano chords and a soulful vocal sample dominating the intro. The track builds with swirling high hats, subtle melodic layering and warm pads, before dropping into smooth beats and a throbbing sub bass.

As the track rolls in, sombre saxophone riffs intermittently dominant the ear space before dissipating into the distance. Clever beat edits, percussive layering and subtle filtering dance around a persistent chord progression, teasing the ears and keeping the head nodding.

Out In The Cold is chilled but thought-provoking, reflective yet energetic. The soundscape paints a tapestry of solitude, sorrow and life on the fringes of hope, while at the same time maintaining a hooky quality that will make it a staple feature in your playlist for months to come.

FooR, Cameron Bloomfield – Going Nowhere Soon (Spotify)

“The Drum & Bass sound as it should be. Pure, fast electronic loops ready to fill the air with vibrating waves. That's all? Certainly not! This time two projects joined forces to bring some joyful lyrics in first view.”

FooR’s ‘Going Nowhere Soon’ (feat. Cameron Bloomfield) bears all the hallmarks of being the band’s biggest single to date. Released 19 March, ‘Going Nowhere Soon’ is the first release on their new FooRge Music label, and follows the Warner Music-signed FooR x Majestic X Dread MC’s ‘Fresh’, which earned huge support from Radio 1, Kiss, Capital Dance, and beyond, and was chosen for the Coors Light TV ad campaign (which will now run for another full year).

The opening salvo from FooR’s as yet untitled debut artist album, ‘Going Nowhere Soon’ sees the UK dance outfit join forces with singer/songwriter Cameron Bloomfield for a festival-sized drum and bass anthem that shouts loud about the lack of opportunities facing young people. UKF

Drum and Bass are locked in for the premiere as the release drops in March, and you can expect to hear ‘Going Nowhere Soon’ across this summer (and far beyond) as clubs and events finally return.

FooR will release their debut album later in 2020. Hard at work pre and during covid, writing new material and planning their new live tour, the band recently helmed a Top 10, iTunes Hip Hop Chart Arts Council-funded album project, highlighting rising talent from their home town of Southampton; a city that looms large in their lives. A large local following pack out their Solent shows and festival tents at IOW and Common People, the band have organised events and open mic nights for Southampton youth, and are prominent in the city’s bid for City Of Culture 2025.

Forthcoming tour dates include the Isle Of Wight Festival, BoomTown, Summer Break: Amsterdam, Inside Out Fest Amsterdam, and an Australian tour.

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4am Kru – Good Time (Spotify)

“Regardless your mood, there's always an oportunity for some "Good time"! "4am Kru" unleash their hidden power in a gorgeous Drum & Bass mix. Adjust the volume to its maximum level and transform your room into a dancefloor! Let the bassline shake everything around you and wake up your mind.”

London's 4am Kru keep their 2021 momentum up with fierce jungle banger Good Time. 4am Kru's 10th release in less than a year (with plenty more to come) Good Time is a nostalgic rollercoaster ride - authentic both in sound & spirit - paying homage to the 90s UK rave scene. Good Time is poised to make waves with fans, as the seminal genre continues it's resurgence into the 2020s.

4am Kru, Zaetrell – Callin’ Your Name (Spotify)

“We introduce 4am Kru from England and their latest release "Callin' Your Name". This fast-pace Drum & Bass juwel can attract the attention from the first seconds. Dynamic intro in contrast with soft drops, can keep your interest until the last kick.”

London beatmakers 4am Kru team up with Chicago vocalist Zaetrell on this soulful, laid back jungle roller. Bubbling with mid 90's UK breakbeat flavour, Callin' Your Name is nostalgic tip of the cap to the seminal R&B tinged white label vinyl releases of yesteryear. 4am Kru & Zaetrell are part of growing movement of young artists paying tribute to breakbeat UK culture, both in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Mattirealism – Come Alive (Spotify)

“Clean Energy Drum & Bass from Mattirealism project. Urban sound, fresh female vocals and light, yet fast, rapid drums.”

“Чистая энергия Drum & Bass от проекта Mattirealism. Урбанистический звук, свежий женский вокал и лёгкие, но быстрые, стремительные ударные.”

Happy, uplifting drum and bass tune with female vocals. A throwback to euphoric liquid D'n'B

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