Lisa Heller – I Feel Like I’m Going Crazy (Spotify)

“The breaths, the colour and turns/plays of vocals here by Lisa Heller are unique inviting you into a deeper exploration in its details in every melodic part, while a good voice not stands alone, here the music layring gives the right push of shine for a wonderful pop listening experience.”

’Lisa Heller’ is the kind of girl you meet in an elevator and you feel like you’ve met her before. A young girl from CT, who suffered from anxiety growing up and used music to escape it. Yet, she holds something exceptional inside her, she has the ability to translate basic emotions into beautiful songs, The simplicity in her lyrics, melodies and character, and how she can translate the everyday emotions into beautiful tunes turns everyday listeners into avid fans.

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Lisa Heller – Deep End (Spotify)

Lisa Heller – Deep End

“Deep End” is the fourth and final single off of Lisa Heller's debut EP, The Lisa Heller Project. Lisa wrote the song when she was struggling with depression.

East coast born and raised Lisa Heller started writing music at the age of 13 in her bedroom as a creative outlet for her anxiety. While still in high school, Lisa quickly gained a small local following of fans around her CT hometown after placing in national songwriting competitions and gaining support of local radio and newspapers. Released from her college dorm room, her anthemic debut single "Hope" reached over 1.5M+ views on YouTube. With further releases, she caught the attention of outlets like Huffington Post, started playing to thousands on the east coast college circuit, and made her SXSW debut.

In late 2018, Lisa moved to Los Angeles and was quickly pulled into following the music industry “rules”. This led to her release of a series of commercial electro-pop singles. But then, at a high school convention, she played a new song solo on piano that she had written about depression called “Deep End,” and the audience’s emotional response spoke volumes to her. Lisa soon realized she needed to hone in on her raw, authentic sound...

Then, The Lisa Heller Project came to life. Consisting of a four song EP and four experimental music videos, the project features piano-centric production and poignant lyrics. Track list: 1. “Figure It Out,” 2. “Pulling Away,” 3. “Closure,” and finally, 4. “Deep End”.

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