Jax Anderson, K.Flay – I Don’t Care Anymore (Video)

“This work is insanely creative and full of positive energy. -I Do not Care Anymore- Basically having affections from indie & lo-fi pop and demonstrating quality humor by -Jax Anderson and K.Flay-.”

“Безумно креативная работа наполненная позитивной энергией. -I Don’t Care Anymore- вереница из таких удачных звеньев, как indie & lo-fi pop и качественный юмор от исполнителей -Jax Anderson и K.Flay-.”


Today, newfound friends Jax Anderson and K.Flay team up for their self-empowerment track “I Don’t Care Anymore”, released via Jax’ label Neon Gold Records HERE.


Jax started the song as a demo on TikTok www.tiktok.com/@jaxandersonmusic/video/6938879468085857542 where it tracked 400,000 views and proved to be an undeniably relatable bop. She decided to invite K.Flay along into the studio, as well as producer Tommy English, to bring the song to life while creating an important dialogue at the same time.

Jax says: “Someone commented recently that I Don’t Care Anymore is a song about nihilistic optimism & I’d say they’re totally right. I’m saying “nothing matters, but isn’t it freeing?” It’s my way of fully accepting who I am & rejecting any standards that I’ve learned to carry. It’s incredible how freeing life is when you choose not to give a fuck, right? All I can do is live as myself, truly & fully & it’s been awesome.”

K.Flay adds: “This collaboration came about totally organically. Jax posted an early version of the song on TikTok, people loved it, and a bunch of folks commented that I should feature on the track. So we made it happen! The lyrics really resonated with me. For anyone who’s felt like an outsider, you eventually reach a point where you actually stop caring what other people think. And you embrace yourself with a newfound sense of confidence and swagger and kindness. To me, that’s what this song is all about.”

Jax Anderson, who changed from her Flint Eastwood moniker to her real name, has built a reputation for writing alt-pop anthems that boldly speak to overcoming the forces in the world that try and keep us from loving ourselves and actualizing our full potential.

About K.Flay: The Chicago-born K.Flay’s near-undefinable amalgamation of dark-electro soundscapes, art-pop sensibilities, spitfire rhymes, industrial rock backbone and versatile chameleon-like vocals has led the songwriter/artist/multi-instrumentalist to two GRAMMY nominations (Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical for ‘Every Where Is Some Where’, and Best Rock Song for “Blood in the Cut”), tours alongside Grouplove, Imagine Dragons & Thirty Seconds To Mars, and festival spots at ACL Fest, Bonnaroo, Coachella, Treefort, and Riot Fest. She most recently dropped her ‘Don’t Judge A Song By Its Cover’ EP via BMG in December where her transportive musicality takes a blindsiding trifecta of 90s rock staples (Limp Bizkit’s “Break Stuff”, Green Day’s “Brain Stew” and The Offspring’s “Self Esteem”) and reimagines them into another dimension.



Chris Bloom – Phantom (Spotify)

“How many different thoughts are passing through your mind? We don't even think about it at all and the majority is actually useless information! Phantoms that absorb every piece of inner silence. Stop the noise and reset your brain now, with "Chris Bloom".”


Born and raised in Chattanooga TN, Chris Bloom grew up in a household where all types of music were celebrated. Exposed to a wide variety of styles, Bloom became a self taught producer, writer, and singer with a distinct voice.

Chris Bloom's latest single, "Phantom", is a soulfully personal song that exists on the plane of melancholic bedroom pop and r and b. The song, Chris states, is about "wishing I could see the future for myself as a person". Currently living in LA, Bloom mixes refined vocals with a sparse but tasteful self production. In the past, he has sone several North American and Australian tours with Sonreal, Scotty Sire, and Bruce Weigner, and has self released several albums.

"Phantom" is the first collaboration between Chris Bloom and Blanket Fort, and is out worldwide now/.



Josh Fudge – FEEL LIKE (Spotify)

“Everything you need to create a certain mood is in -Feel Like-. Harmonic sound distortion, analogue warmth of synthesizers and hypnagogic Lo-fi music. ”

“Всё, что нужно для того, чтобы создать определённое настроение, есть в -

Feel Like-. Гармонические звуковые искажения, аналоговая теплота синтезаторов и гипнагогическая музыка Lo-fi.”


FEEL LIKE is a blissful and upbeat song, filled with groovy basslines, lush synths, driving drums, and sweet vocal lines. Capturing the feeling of hopeless euphoria, FEEL LIKE encapsulates how it feels to be left rendered useless by love.


Devin Kennedy – Sundress (Spotify)

“Devin Kennedy releases a warm and light creation. Daydreaming and friendly too, this vibe is all you need to brighten up a cold Winter day. So don't lose time, wear your headphones and play this on repeat.”


“I wrote ‘Sundress’ about being in the moment with someone you love,” shares Kennedy on the new song. “It’s so easy to get caught up in the past and future, but nothing is more important than putting everything aside and arriving in the present with that special someone. For me, the bright and dreamy vibe of ‘Sundress’ all stems from a specific moment, with a specific person, watching the sunset on a summer day in California. It doesn’t get any better than that.”

He continues, “In a year where the days seem to blend together and time seems to pass faster than ever before, it’s important to appreciate every moment, especially the limited time we spend with our loved ones. ‘Sundress’ is about those special moments that stand out in a sea of memories. Moments so unforgettable, that they almost feel like a recurring dream.”


"Sundress" is the 2nd of 6 singles Devin Kennedy is releasing in the first half of 2021. “Sundress” follows the previously released single “Mean To Me” featuring buzzing songstress Caroline Kole. The track, co-produced with Whakaio Taahi (Jake Miller, Hot Chella Rae, Katelyn Tarver, Sheppard), is a bold anthem about being your own worst enemy. Fans can stream “Mean To Me” at smarturl.it/mean2me.

Kennedy has released his new single “Sundress” today. In a world that doesn’t stop turning, the song focuses on slowing down with your favorite person. “Sundress” and its accompanying music video, directed by, Evan Hara.

Past singles from Kennedy have been praised by American Songwriter, Lyrical Lemonade. Factor in nearly 4.2M global streams independently, placements on Apple Music’s “New Music Daily”, "Hitting Reset", "Pop Delights", “In My Room”, “Today At Apple” "Best New Music" and ”Date Night” playlists and Spotify’s "Fresh Finds", “Fresh Finds: The Wave” “Fresh Finds: Pop”, and text me back.


CARDS & SITA – Blue Automobile (Spotify)

New CARDS & SITA collab, "Blue Automobile," is a chill, beachy indie-soul song with lush arrangements reminiscent of 70s era Philly Soul & Bossa Nova. Wah-wah guitar solos and orchestral sections weave in and out of the space between the vocals and the drums to create a dreamy atmosphere that leaves the listener feeling transported to whatever world they feel like going to in their mind.


brillion. – Drowsy (Video)

“Chill hop one of those genres that gently envelops you with its warm, pressed to the very core of his ardent heart, relaxes and allows escape from the vanity of vanities of the surrounding world with you. brillion. owns this style and know how to sound craft such a story, pretty obvious and from his new track Drowsy. ”

“Chillhop один из тех жанров, который бережно окутывает вас своим теплом, прижимает к самому ядру своего пламенного сердца, расслабляет и позволяет отвлечься от суеты сует окружающего нас с вами мира.”


brillion. is all about nocturnal nostalgia.
This track comes from Chilled Cow’s 2am study session.


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