soran – What If

“A soulful reflection of what is wasted when lovers are trying to hide and forget to trust each other that gradually shifts into a hopeful confession of love. What makes this song stick with you is Soran’s intimate, deeply felt vocals, brilliantly mixed and contrasted alternatively in a close and further away space.”


Singer-songwriter Soran returns, with brand new 5 track EP Space Boy. Following on from his recent offering, the honest and confessional ‘Way Up’, the cosmic ‘Space Boy’ and the electronic alt- pop, sad bop ‘Tired’, later 2021 into 2022 has seen Soran truly come into his own. Showcasing incredibly sophisticated songwriting, Soran radiates honesty throughout his lyricism and delivers this via an authentic confessional style narrative.

Beautifully using his music as a method of helping uncover and discover who he is as a person and as an artist, piece by piece, layer by layer, Soran’s unique puzzle is slowly slotting into place, revealing a coming of age story like no other.

With his ever evolving style Soran has truly landed with his explorative concoction of alternative RnB, Lo-fi, spacey electronics and buttery soft vocals all of which are perfectly displayed in this turn of the tide project ‘Space Boy’ via Universal Music Canada, the country’s leading music company.

A beautiful balance resides in the EP itself, with half containing elements of Soran's past and the other representing his interpretation of his future. Referencing specifically that previous single ‘Tired’ and ‘What if’ are from before, ‘Don’t’ as a transitional piece and ‘Way Up’ and ‘Space Boy’ are defined as his newest offerings, providing insight into the direction he’s heading artistically and sonically.

‘Space Boy’ was a particularly poignant release for the young artist as it not only marked his return but was also a direct ode to his late mother who sadly passed last August. “

“That song means so much to me. My mom named me after the anime Space Boy Soran. In Japanese, there are three different alphabets. She decided to write my name as ‘Universe’ in Japan. Lyrically, it’s about a character who goes out to save the world.”

The tragic loss of Sorans mother continues to surface in his songwriting, but not always in the way you might expect. Each single is a true homage to their relationship and her memory. It’s almost as if Soran is sending a direct message to her through his music, which at times albeit heartbreaking it’s also such a beautiful means of communication and a highly intimate part of himself that he is openly sharing with his listeners.

“It’s ironic, because I’m doing all of the things that she wanted me to do now, but she’s gone. It sounds like me, yet so much of it is my mom. I find a way to celebrate her in every song.”

Soran invites you in, in a way unlike any other, showing and sharing pieces of his Mother within his songwriting and therefore also directly with his fans. With each release her memory continues to live on and although she may not physically be here to be able to share in Sorans successes, she is an integral part of him and is carefully and beautifully interwoven into the art he is creating.

“Space Boy tells my story in parallel with the Japanese anime "Space Boy Soran" from which my mother was inspired to choose my first name. Each song tells an experience that I lived the past 3-4 years and you can hear at the same time the evolution of my sounds shape. This EP is the introduction to a world where I, Space Boy, am about to dive to become the Soran invested with a mission: to reinvent the perspective of what is ‘Pop’.”

Entirely hands-on from conception all the way through to producing, Soran explores and absorbs it all, with genre being one of his favourite galaxies to traverse. Alongside writing for his own artistic project, Soran is also working with and writing songs for some other huge names in the industry such as Johnny Orlando, Alessia Cara, Zack Zoya and Anna Sofia.

Soran lives, eats and breathes music, from not being able to sleep without water sounds gently playing in the background to having his laptop set up on the tour bus in order to make tunes whilst he travels. Soran is following in the footsteps of the 1960s anime hero he was so aptly named after, with his super power and mission to explore and create music wherever it takes him, his dedication is clear and with this set in his sights, the universe is truly the limit.

Hannah Schneider – Open Wall

“Feels like Hannah’s deep, emotional vocals, which sometimes flirt with a bit of delightful harshness can indeed open some walls. She knows how to pull you into her world like a mermaid with her spelling chant and before you know it you’ll be hooked on this dreamy blend of lo-fi beats, long sustained strings atmosphere and sensitive piano.”

Hannah Schneider releases her new single "Open Wall” - May 6. on Copenhagen label Midnight Confessions. Its a song about past and present, and the invisible wall that divides what we once were and what we are now- a song about lost love.

The song is taken from Schneider’s forthcoming album Ocean Letters - an album inspired by the mysteries of nature and the oceans. The track starts out with a very sparse instrumentation of only Schneider’s mesmerizing vocals and piano that could almost remind the listener of an old James Bond song, but the nostalgia quickly evaporates and gives space to a grand and sultry electronic driven chorus of roaring synths and drum machines.

Open Wall has been created in collaboration with Danish producer Nicolai Kornerup, with whom Schneider also creates music in electronic outfit AyOwA.

Tsunamiz – Sleepin’ with My Friendz

“The song reminds a bit of that 90’s energy in youth indie anthems (like “What’s up”) but with a fresh production that brings together perfectly, a minimal urban beat that gets you bouncing right away, symbiotic acoustic and electric guitars, quirky, nonchalant vocals and a mind-sticking chorus that will have you sing it over and over…and over again.”

“Sleepin’ with My Friendz” is the second single released from “Looney Tunez”, the new album from Tsunamiz, Bruno Sobral’s alter ego.

After the intense and explosive “Magickal Seeds”, “Sleepin’ with My Friendz” showcases a more laid back and melodic side of the portuguese artist and producer with a free love psychadelic rock hymn mixed with some urban intricate drum beats and a grandiose closing segment.

According to Tsunamiz: “This track sort of sounds like if Kurt Cobain made a Bob Marley song produced by Kanye West. I have no musical prejudices. This is the main reason why I’m still passionate about composing and producing music”.

The video was directed by Realish’ Films and features the skater Andreia Luz. The song and album are available on digital stores.

Charlie Houston – Lately

“After making a first great impression with two standout EP singles, Charlie Houston returns with an even more developed sound. Her latest indie pop single “Lately” shows us a more mature artist that knows how to be a storyteller of youth with all its perks, fragility and power. And she does it in an emotional but also bold and captivating way.”

"Lately" is the new single from 22-year old Toronto artist Charlie Houston. The groovy indie pop song finds Houston reflecting on the challenges of being young, falling in love, and building a relationship while at the same time experiencing the world, searching for freedom, and discovering yourself. "Doing those two things at the same time can be really hard," says Houston. "You're young so you don’t want to sacrifice too much of yourself or what you want, but then you're also in love with someone and want it to work." Houston begins her cross-country tour supporting Charlotte Cardin on May 10th.

Canyon – FRIENDS

“”Canyon” is back, heading towards the top with an addictive vibe. Bold Indie Pop sound made from cool patterns, fat bass and melodic flow. The lyrics state the concept of friendship and how it can still be present among feelings of love or attraction.”

After over 1.3 million streams for his last single In The Paint, Hip-Hop artist Canyon made a much anticipated return by dropping FRIENDS. Never one to be typecast or boxed in by others’ expectations, Canyon this time switched lanes and explored a more laidback vibe and the world of relationships rather than the beast he unleashed with In The Paint.

Now he has unveiled the video, directed by the quickly rising Box Boys.

A twist on the words of War’s 1975 hit ‘Why Can’t We Be Friends’, Canyon poses the question, ‘why can’t romantic relationships also include friendship?’ Consequently, FRIENDS is a more relaxed sound that speaks to artists such as Kid Cudi, Mac Miller, or Tyler the Creator. With an unquestionable flow that is supported by a positive bassline and bounce that will appeal to audiences everywhere, FRIENDS really does establish Canyon’s versatility and skills on the mic.

Melodic, infectious and a tune for the masses, the song is totally in lock step with his real life as his girlfriend appears in the video. Determined to share the reality of his world to his fans, his actual truth is the only thing Canyon wants his fans to see. The Box Boys assist in bringing that truth to life in vibrant and original ways throughout the video and even feature their own cat, Shadow, at points in the video. After almost 200k plays on SoundCloud, the single was due for a video and according to Canyon, several more high quality music videos are on the way.

With an album titled MEANWHILE: The Adventures of Canyon in the wings, 2022 will see Canyon’s career go from strength to strength. Incorporating the talents of Raekwon and Jadakiss, Big K.R.I.T., Kxng Crooked (FKA Crooked I from Slaughterhouse), Dizzy Wright, Big Rube, Slim Thug, Lou from Paradise, XV, and more, the album is destined to achieve further greatness for the artist.

In the meantime however, his legion of dedicated fans will have to be content with the brilliance of FRIENDS. A continuance of the high standards he sets for himself, FRIENDS is a song that will bond with people forever.

Natalie Saint-Martin – 2nd Place

“The amazing vocals -Natalie saint-martin- and tragically sounding piano party practically make you fall in love with this song. During listening, I would like to instantly turn off the phone and escape from the house to the most calm and secluded place on the ground, where a person’s leg has not yet stepped. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Потрясающий вокал -Natalie Saint-Martin- и трагически звучащая фортепианная партия практически заставляют влюбиться в эту песню. Во время прослушивания хочется мгновенно выключить телефон и сбежать из дома в самое спокойное и уединённое место на земле, куда ещё не ступала нога человека.”

Artist said about this song:

"2nd Place was written about being doubted by everyone in my life at the time. Feeling runner up at my job, in my music career, more particularly when I was alone in my dormant thoughts. After endless months of self doubt and fear, it forced me down two terrifying, tornado filled roads. Believe the people that know nothing about you, or believe in the person you have always dreamt of being. Fear will always coexist. The orchestra is our resilient hearts, our creative minds and our hard work. Yes, fear exists but it is not the conductor.

2nd Place is a reminder to myself, and hopefully to you that despite what anyone else says.

You’re allowed to be in 1st Place."

Jean-Luc – Material Girl

“The latest work from "Jean-Luc" draws inspiration from the wealthy Hollywood, where money are never enough to spend in all your choices. Lo-fi Pop sound, based on wicked guitar chords and oldschool drums which will captivate most ears.”

In the middle of quarantine Jean-Luc and producer Adam King threw beachy guitar chords on top of an 80s drum loop. The instrumental instantly transported Jean-Luc to sunny L.A. and he penned a tongue and cheek track personifying his Hollywood dream as the 'Material Girl'. Although she spends all his money, JL will always toss in another dollar on the chance she'll stay.

The Bonsai – Tears

“Melody and Rhythms Chill-Hop and Lo-Fi seem to tell you - dream and do not think about the bad. To understand the listened material, you need to open your consciousness, refusing the usual patterns and you will be surprised how easy it will enter you. This lecture from any problems. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Мелодия и ритмы Chill-hop и Lo-fi словно говорят вам — мечтай и не думай о плохом. Для понимания прослушиваемого материала надо открыть своё сознание, отказавшись от привычных шаблонов и вы удивитесь, насколько легко она войдёт в вас. Настоящее лекраство от любых проблем.”

Matz. – After Midnight.

“The LO-FI POP elements sound very original, for which -matz.- You can only praise and thank for such a high-quality track. The artist's vocals perfectly fits into the overall stylistic picture, melodic harmony with the instrumental part more than worthy. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Элементы Lo-fi Pop звучат очень самобытно, за что -Matz.- можно только похвалить и поблагодарить за столь качественный трек. Вокал исполнителя отлично вписывается в общую стилистическую картину, мелодическая гармония с инструментальной частью более чем достойная.”

This song is all about those times when you meet someone and immediately click and just want to spend all your time together. With a driving beat supported by strong bass, light synths and guitar accents, this song is guaranteed to get stuck in your head after the first listen!

Cloudchord – Sundays

“Discover a slight dose of jazzy instrumentation, presented with Hip-Hop manner and technical proficiency. Only a few tracks can guarantee your ear satisfaction and "Sundays" has achieved it quite well.”

Over the years, Derek VanScoten, the producer, guitarist, and Emmy-winning musician behind Cloudchord has given signature guitar riffs and uplifting sounds that have solidified his place in the world of psychedelic chill hop beats. His latest single, “Sundays,” is the sound of Neo-Soul Gospel guitar accompanied with wondrous Jazzy Hip Hops beats created for a perfect Sunday. VanScoten shares, “A classic chill hop vibe, with a touch of swagger.”

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