Collective – Aftermath (Spotify)

Collective – Aftermath

Collective is a band or project that makes home in the mountains of Appalachia. Combining genres such as jazz, indie-folk, rock and classical, the band has a sound that’s both energetic and cinematic. The band leaders; Brennen and Beth Meek, are seeking to simply tell their story, but tell their story in a way that everyone who wishes can join them on their journey.

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JAYDOT returns from his underground hit ‘Stories’ with a collaboration with GARRETT PAKNIS bringing chill, sexy, hypnotic vibes that’ll have you wishing honey was dripping from *your* lips.

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Jakspin – Aquarius (Spotify)

Jakspin – Aquarius

After going all acoustic on his last success of the single „Taurus“ Jakspin returns to his boom bap roots with the 90s sampling vibe while he still keeps it super soulful and super chillllllll….
Aquarius is a soothing minimalistic track that’s both simple and varied at the same time. The glistening sparkling Rhodes chords get a surprise visit by distant horns that seem to draw you deeper into this energy of conteplative reflections.
Mastered by critically acclaimed sound engineer Steril One of STAUB Audio in Austria.

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Naama Guggenheim – Dilemma (Spotify)

Naama Guggenheim – Dilemma

As Suited for every millennial “Dilemma” describes the challenges of a new relationship. Neither good nor bad- you always have that dilemma if you’re good enough for each other.
Straight forward vocals and a groovy beat followed by an amazing choir, “Dilemma” makes you want to hear it again and again. Written, sung and played by Naama, freshly produced by Noam Shemesh and Mixed by the amazing Asaf Shay from “Raw Tapes”

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Nathan-Paul – Air Melodies (Spotify)

Nathan-Paul – Air Melodies

Nathan-Paul is a diverse writer and energetic player. His music feels your body up while he calls upon his listeners to “DANCE, BOUNCE, and VIBE!”

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Zipten – Reset (Spotify)

Zipten – Reset (Spotify)

Zipten is an electronic music project created by the Italian music producer Filippo Granata in 2018.
Filippo has always been passionate about music and tries to draw inspiration from different genres.

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Side Liner – Thousand Thoughts (Video)

Side Liner – Thousand Thoughts

A hypnotic lounge anthem that drives you in a relax state of mind

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Drift – Resonativ (Video)

Drift – Resonativ

Calm and gentle, a song to fall in love

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D. Batistatos – Encore (Spotify)

D. Batistatos – Encore

A summer bossa nova anthem

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Resonativ – Drift (Spotify)

Resonativ – Drift

An ethereal vocal electro pop chill anthem

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