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Claus Vega – Alma Vive (Spotify)

“The magic and unity of melodic sound, which so beautifully entwined slow pace and a variety of synthesized sounds. The call of -Alma Vive- is light, but its background is rich, because of the artist's special kind of discography.”

“Волшебство и единство мелодичного звука, в котором так красиво сплелись медленный, размеренный темп и разнообразие синтезированных звуков. Назвать -Alma Vive- лёгкой, фоновой музыкой будет неверным, ибо это своеобразное украшение вашей дискографии.”

This song is the opening song of Claus Vega's new Album GRAU including 17 tracks with various genres and many features and collaborations by local artists from Barcelona (Gitano Del Futuro, Kai Landre, Manu Chao, Fernanda Aleman and many more)

NOTI – dante (Spotify)

“The success of track -dante- rests on its three pillars; melodic lounge sound, relaxed chill-hop rhythms and pulsating, captivating vocals. Your music library collection will soon be richer. Enjoy!”

“Успех трека -dante- держится на его трёх китах; мелодичность lounge музыки, непринуждённые ритмы chill-hop и пульсирующая мелодия пленительного вокала. Ваша библиотека станет на одну золотую коллекцию богаче. Наслаждайтесь!”

NOTI’s new track Dante dances back and forth between laidback lo-fi and soulful R&B. All but shrouded behind the curtain of the intricate instrumental, an anonymous Italian artist recites the introduction to eponymous poet Dante Alighieri’s Canto V of Inferno (Divina Commedia), instilling the composition with an aura of history and literary mystique. NOTI’s latest release soars to its climax when Anna Rossinelli’s ethereal voice enters the stage and brings Dante‘s final act to a triumphant close. Put your feet up, top off your glass of Chianti - and enjoy!

Benjamin Noti is a Basel-based producer and musician. He has worked with Audio Dope, Steff la Cheffe, The Rumours, Greis, Noti Wümié, Manillio, Anna Rossinelli, James Gruntz, Sam Himself, and the Basel Symphony Orchestra, among many others.

easing is Noti’s first instrumental solo-production. The recent lockdown afforded the highly sought-after songwriter and instrumentalist an opportunity to craft this production at his home studio. The 5-song EP showcases Noti’s wide-ranging abilities as a songwriter and musician, and draws on his rich experience as a fixture in the Swiss scene. Noti’s diverse influences, unified by his distinct, original style, shine through on lead single “85km/h”; an ode to poised motion, the track pulsates, subtly speeds up and slows down but remains ultimately unstoppable - much like the artist himself.

Kristine Bratlie – Under My Skin (Spotify)

“The voice of -Kristine Bratlie- is a real phenomenon. When she sings, it seems that her voice soars above the clouds. Her single -Under My Skin- is a real spiritual escape for listeners.”

“Голос -Kristine Bratlie- настоящий феномен. Когда она поёт, кажется, что её голос реет над облаками. Её сингл -Under My Skin- стал настоящим душевным убежищем всем поклонникам её творчества. ”

Under my skin is a singer songwriter love ballad. It`s expression is quiet but intense and longing, and is all about the deeper moment, the NOW that leaves you with all lights burned out and the power of devotion. The naked character through the acoustic use of instruments, piano, guitars and cello, deepens the expression even more.

Mythos – Progression (Spotify)

“"Progression" is the recent result from the already known "Mythos". High quality sound, made with craft. Instrumental and electronic samples in absolute harmony that only Lounge can offer. A short trip to inner peace.”

For 25 years, Mythos has been creating timeless, ethereal music fusing electronic beats with vocalese, piano, acoustic guitar, synths and sounds from around the world. 2021 marks the 25th Anniversary for the duo of Bob D’Eith (producer and piano) and Paul Schmidt (acoustic guitar) with special guest performances from Jennifer Scott (vocals), Jasmin Parkin (vocals), Rene Worst (bass), Pepe Danza, (percussion), Niko Quintal (percussion) and many others.

2021 is Mythos’ 25th Anniversary and this year we are pleased to release “XXV” a 14-track album including 5 new tracks and 9 fully remastered classics. “Progression” is a piece that evolves through the addition of ever complex melodies, all woven together into a tapestry of sound.

[[]]togethermachine, Mischa Porte – Day Eight (Spotify)

“Diving into the musical structure of the new album, released on Kokosmusic, stands out the work -Day Eight-. The characteristic sound of jazz and improvisation inherent in it can work wonders. Light and soothing composition at the end of the passing day.”

“Поразительный по своей музыкальной структуре альбом, на фоне остальных работ которого ярко выделяется работа -Day Eight-. Характерное джазовое звучание и свойственная ей импровизация творят чудеса. Лёгкая и успокаивающая композиция под конец уходящего дня.”

[]]togethermachine is the studio outfit for drummer Marcel van As (Coparck/Spinvis) making tracks since the 2000's but until now only for his own listening enjoyment in his car. Heavily influenced by David Holmes, DJ Shadow, Beach House, Prince and Miles Davis (a.o) he released his debutalbum ‘[[]]” last november 2020, to critical acclaim Now he releases yet another project,inspired by beats Dutch drummer Mischa Porte posted to the internet during lockdown number 1, exactly one year ago on it’s release. For 70 days Mischa Porte played his lockdown blues away, for everyone to use freely. Marcel clinged on for more than 20 days and posted a track inspired by the beat of the day, everyday at 21:00h sharp. This EP is a selection of those tracks.

LEGATO – It Was You, It Was Always You (Spotify)

“By listening -It Was You, It Was Always You- immediately felt the impact of jazz and light in so unobtrusive seclusion which gives limitless improvisation.”

“Слушая -It Was You, It Was Always You- сразу ощущается джазовое влияние, а лёгкая и такая ненавязчивая камерность даёт безграничный простор импровизации.”

The first installment of a brand new 2 track EP - due out in its entirety this April - sees LEGATO meld incisive, swing-infused percussion; gentle, soporific keys; and ghostly vocals - that swoop and fade throughout - to craft this ultra-elegant and entrancing new record; one that doubles-up nicely as a bold, 2021 opening gambit from EMR.

LOUNGETUNES – Morning Coffee (Video)

“Just imagine; outside the window at sunset the hot asphalt cools down, lonely lanterns are lit and the clouds are painted in purple colors. Tired city streets are covered with advancing shadows, and the melodies of your favorite jazzhop and chillbeats are heard from the speakers.”

“Вы только представьте; за окном на закате остывает раскалённый асфальт, зажигаются одинокие фонари и облака раскрашиваются в пурпурные цвета. Уставшие улицы городов застилают наступающие тени, а из колонок доносятся мелодии любимого jazzhop и chillbeats.”

A rainy morning somewhere but a good day with a cup of coffee and finally the sun shows up :-) This is my coffee homage – couldn’t live without music and coffee


Munich-based songwriter/producer Frieder Mollat started his music career in the mid 90’s following his passion for music.

Graduating from college as a musicologist in 1995 he joined the music industry working a few years for labels like Warner Music Germany.

Over the years he has been writing music for several projects signing a publishing deal with Universal Music Publishing Germany in 2001.

LOUNGETUNES is his brandnew project after his 2017 debut as a solo-artist with the launch of his KLANGPLANET project.

Fuat Tuaç – Late Bloomer (Spotify)

“What makes a jazz singer and musician Fuat Tuaç? He suddenly encountered in your way, and just as well, almost imperceptibly for you is in your playlist. Do you like jazz? In this case, your choice is obvious!”

“Что делает джазовый певец и музыкант Fuat Tuaç? Он внезапно встречается на вашем пути и точно также, почти незаметно для вас, оказывается в вашем плейлисте. Вы любите джаз? В таком случае ваш выбор очевиден!”

Rodrigo Rodriguez – Heading Towards You (Ambient & Chillstep) (Spotify)

“Exceptional Ambient and meditation atmosphere "Heading Towards You" by a talented artist. Rodrigo Rodriguez knows very well how to attract our attention and exceed every expectation. Some tracks are better to feel than describe in typical words ...and this is the case here! ”

About Rodrigo Rodriguez:

International known Shakuhachi player, composer and musical producer born in 1978 Argentina, but grew up in Spain. His music is classified as Ambient, New Age music or World Music.

He studied classical and traditional Japanese music with the renowned master of shakuhachi Miyata Kohachiro in Tokyo and in the International Shakuhachi Kenshu-kan School.

David Whitman – With Love (Spotify)

“Music David Whitman is a bouquet of passions and a deep, sincere respect for his work. The album Soul Flow is an example of defeating improvisations within the framework of Jazz, and ensemble percussion as an inventive element of hunting technical masterpieces.”

“Музыка David Whitman это букет из страсти и глубокого, искреннего уважения к своему творчеству. Альбом Soul Flow пример поразительной импровизации в рамках изысканного Джаза, а ансамблевая перкуссия как изумительный элемент ловкого технического мастерства.”

This song received an Independent Music Award nomination for Best Instrumental Jazz Song. The album received two other IMA nominations and won four Global Music Awards. John Raymond, one of DownBeat magazines most watched young trumpet players, marvelously interprets the feature.

David Whitman brings a passion and deep respect for the music to the stage wherever and whenever he performs. Praised for his versatility, he possesses a high level of skill across a broad range of percussion styles and ensemble situations. Critics provide affirmation ; “His spirit echoes the playing of Art Blakey,” and “his goal of capturing the high standards of … prestigious jazz labels is dazzlingly achieved,” with playing that is hailed as “swinging,” “mesmerizing,” and “invigorating,” with “mesmerizing brushwork,” “youthful exuberance,” and “deft technical skill.”

David’s first album as leader ("Oh, Clara!") was recently released on the North Park label to critical acclaim, winning an Independent Music Award for Best Instrumental Jazz Album in 2018, as well as a nomination for Best Producer. His second album as leader (“Soul Flow”) won four Global Music Awards (Production, Composition, Jazz, Album --- all Silver), and three additional Independent Music Award nominations (Best Jazz Song, Best Blues Song, and Best Producer).

David has also toured, performed, or recorded with The Who, Geoffrey Keezer, Peter Townshend, Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra, John Raymond, Johnny Mathis, Weird Al Yankovic, Roger Nierenburg, and so many more amazing artists.

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