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Anton Kling – Mareld (Spotify)

“Anton Kling with his new single Mareld under Lou Slater imprint is here to tickle our ears with his brilliant sound design, full of the very best sound sets, combined through a harmonic story which flows easy like the water on a river. A chilled, downtempo house, which is so refreshing like the morning breeze of a mountain.”

Its a Minimal/House-track that is very progressive and builds slowly with nice percussions, background vocals and in the end there is a new melody coming in.

periklis biskinis x xenia gargali – Feel the Music (Spotify)

“Feel this Funk / Jazz tune from a greek duo. We liked the lyric combination of both artists singing together and the clarity of music instruments. Recommended creation.”

A romantic letter to energy of music

End of Code – Deep Into Your Soul (Spotify)

“Have ever listen to a new song and realize that this is it - made for you? Deep Into Your Soul does what title says, shuddering into you, into your soul. Memorable!”

“Бывает, включаешь новую, ранее не слышанную композицию и понимаешь, что вот оно, - твоё! Deep Into Your Soul полностью соответствует своему названию, содрогая вас и вашу душу.”

The music was composed by Nicolas Saad, keyboard player, dj and music producer from France. The beat was made with the patterns of the legendary TR-808 drum machine and its design was used for the cover of the single.

The lyrics was written by Shawn Pereira who is a guitar player and singer for End of Code living in California. « It’s about trying to write a song with the title referring to the confinement period. I tend to write a lot of metaphors and images. The song's meaning is all in the hook. Now as we close again you can’t go out so you have to go in and down down deep into your soul, before you loss control

Charas Lounge – Portoverde (Spotify)

“Let yourself forget about the worries of the past days and plunge into the world of Chill Out music together with Charas Lounge. Everything that was has passed. Only the warmth of our bodies remains.”

“Позволь себе забыть о заботах прожитых дней и окунуться в мир музыки Chill Out вместе с Charas Lounge. Всё, что было, прошло. Осталось лишь тепло наших тел.”

Artist shared few words with us about this song:

"Portoverde" is a real place in Italy (near to Rimini), where i lived for over 10 years of my life. As an Lounge Music Producer this place on the beach was always my greatest inspiration. I shot also the picture of the cover. I composed and played all instruments on the song, it contains no samples. It´s a deeply sincere track expressing my love to that place and the people. Thanks for listening !

Der Waldläufer – Iris (Spotify)

“True, genuine bliss and harmony. These are the first thoughts that will come in your mind you when listening to this new single - Iris - by Der Waldläufer. Drop all negative thoughts. Relax and take a deep breath.”

“Истинное, неподдельное блаженство и гармония. Это первые мысли, которые будут посещать вас при прослушивание данной композиции. Отбросьте все негативные мысли. Расслабьтесь и сделайте глубокий вдох.”

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Blue Psyche – Common Theme (Spotify)

“Blue Psyche with their new single Common Theme under Peace Dragon Records imprint, introduce us through their early funky vibes to more loungish atmosphere, with an elegant minimal groove and sensual abundant vocals, music that flows softly in a good laid back mood. ”

The music of London based psychedelic indie band Blue Psyche takes you on a journey of colourful astral sonics that resonate with the dark and experimental ambience of Trip-Hop.

With influences from the likes of Morcheeba and Portishead, their' debut single, "Common Theme" emerges from the obscurity of trip hop, mutating in vivid harmony, warm, reverb drowned vocals with florid guitar and keys, making the distinctive sound of Blue Psyche.

Celest Lamberti, lead singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer paired with Otto Kampa, saxophonist, drummer, and multi-instrumentalist, and Flynn Mulcahy, lyricist, poet and bass player make for a great listen. Theo Hayes also features on this song, playing keys.

Erika Soteri – The American Dream (Spotify)

“Erika Soteri through a jazzy cozy sound atmosphere with her new single -The American Dream- and her hookiest vocal performance qualities, offer as a soulful chill song full of sweet harmonies. ”

The song is reminiscent to Hollywood's golden age. From the sound of the instrumentation to the texture of the vocals. From the style in which it was recorded in the studio, to the aesthetic of the cover art. The lyrics of the song shed a light on the corruption of the music industry and the sacrifices one must make in order to attain 'The American Dream'. It carries a melancholic tone, as it plays with the innocence of a child's dream versus the dark reality of trying to work towards achieving that dream. The track has a raw, authentic feel, in its lyrics, instrumentation and production that will speak to people's souls.

Erika Soteri is a powerhouse performer and a jazzy, soulful singer-songwriter who was born in London, England and raised on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. The up-and-coming artist recently gained exposure following her success on the talent show The Voice of Greece. All 4 judges instantly turned around and fought to have Erika join their team. After her decision to join Eurovision’s sweetheart, Helena Paparizou’s team, Erika made it through the semi-finals of the show.

Born into a family of musicians, Erika began dancing, acting, singing and playing the piano at the age of 3 and began writing music by the age of 10. Her musical influences consist of Jazz, Funk, Neo-Soul, Latin and RnB and include artists such as Sade, Amy Winehouse and band Hiatus Kaiyote. Erika’s rich tone and retro, sultry, silky vocals, as well as her lyrics make her seem wise beyond her years. Her style is classically elegant and refreshing; an artist that will in no-doubt be cutting through mainstream and introducing the industry to a sound that is timeless yet still thoroughly original.

Lazy Vibes – Nightfall (Spotify)

“- Nightfall- the right moment to walk around and explore our favorites spots with our pet friend together, release out all stress, reset for the next day. This is what Lazy Vibes offer us here with his lush lofi, chill hop vibes. Listen and Relax!”

A calm relaxing chill track that builds up with acoustic guitar background and piano playing a simple relaxing melody. The ambience is that of nightfall.

Lazy Vibes provides original Lo-Fi Chill Hop music inspired by nature and anime soundtrack. The music is perfect for relaxing and studying. The band began releasing singles on Spotify in 2020. Singles from the Album "Retro Nostalgia" were released in June 2020. For more info

Rosehip – Roses (Spotify)

“Roses for everything, Roses fix your mood. Roses are red and full of funkiness. Roseship knows that in first hand and through its sensual guitar performance and lush grooves, provide us a beautiful chill atmosphere.”

Roses is a classic Chill-hop track with catchy riffs and an infectious groove. Take a journey into sunshine, blossoms and summer love with the sound of sweet guitars, chill beats and a funky af bassline...

Sunflower dew drops dripping off woodland dreams like baubles, caressed by summer, punctuated by dandelion puffballs. Wrens capsize magenta petalled rose buds into the wild meadowy chasm of ivy kingdoms - 'Nectar' by Kali Derra (featured on artwork)

Pushing Chillhop into new soundscapes, Rosehip embodies chill beats, deep basslines and vibrant synths.

Featured on playlists such as 'Lo-Fi Beats' by Spotify, Rosehip takes inspiration from the laidback grooves of Pandrezz and Glimlip, whilst aspiring to the electronic sound design of quickly, quickly and Flume. His music continuously grows into it's meditative and psychedelic sound.

A bass player from London with a background in classical and jazz, he can often be found composing, arranging and bringing together musical ideas and people. He has really found his groove in front of a laptop producing electronic music.

With an Autumn of releases ahead, it's never been a better time to sit back, relax and zone out to Rosehip’s chilled wavy sounds.

Stella Soul – Part of You (Video)

“-Stella Soul- with -Part Of You- deliver us her funk neo-soul jazzy grooves to bright your night, make your favorite corner more comfort and cozy and let you enjoy your favorite cocktail in a total positive mood. Upbeat music, music which invites you to step into your favorite bar. ”

This song is a pop/soul with dance vibes. It is about having something that was so good, but they are no longer there and you want them back and you want to be with them, and be part of them because that is what you need.

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