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NOTI – laika (Spotify)

“One more Downtempo candy is waiting for us to explore it. That's "Laika" with its listener-friendly approach and cozy atmosphere. When we have some time to relax, it's wise not to waste it with random sound choices! At this point, "NOTI" has the answer.”

Benjamin Noti is a Basel-based producer and musician. He has worked with Audio Dope, Steff la Cheffe, The Rumours, Greis, Noti Wümié, Manillio, Anna Rossinelli, James Gruntz, Sam Himself, and the Basel Symphony Orchestra, among many others.

easing is Noti’s first instrumental solo-production. The recent lockdown afforded the highly sought-after songwriter and instrumentalist an opportunity to craft this production at his home studio. The 5-song EP showcases Noti’s wide-ranging abilities as a songwriter and musician, and draws on his rich experience as a fixture in the Swiss scene. Noti’s diverse influences, unified by his distinct, original style, shine through on lead single “85km/h”; an ode to poised motion, the track pulsates, subtly speeds up and slows down but remains ultimately unstoppable - much like the artist himself.

Curt Lopez ft. Jamie Cooke – Sunsets (Video)

“A classic mellow house sound with Jamie Cooks sultry voice providing the guiding light. A feel-good tune that will lift the listener closer to the warm friendly Sun. ”

Sunsets follows Jamie Cooke’s second single Hideaway. This powerhouse duo have just released this tropical house track; a nostalgic love story and the sound of your summer 2021. Sunsets is all about that desire to turn back time and transport back to a memory of love and fun. With its loose and soulful style, mixed with Jamie’s atmospheric vocal, this dance record promises to bring a fresh and invigorating energy, ready for the summer of connection and love.

Blooy – Carousel (Spotify)

“There are days when there is only one thing in the list of desires - to relax and do not think about anything. It is at such moments that fill such works as -Carousel-. Feel the Lounge and Chill-Hop rhythm, which will take you away from any, seemingly inevitable problems.”

“Бывают дни, когда в списке желаний есть лишь одно - отдохнуть и не думать ни о чём. Именно в такие минуты сердца заполняют такие работы, как -Carousel-. Почувствуйте пьянящие ритмы Lounge и Chill-hop, которые в мгновение уведут вас от любых, казалось бы, неминуемых проблем.”

Blooy worked with the acclaimed jazz/pop guitarist Anton Goudsmit on the song “Carousel” which has its very own pace, soothing and dreamy, and somewhat reminiscent of oriental scales.

Blooy – Demain Dès L’aube (Spotify)

“The composer with the deepest meaning, draws a single artistic image. As if the fragment of your memories that you revise again and again. The light inactiveness in -Demain Dès L'aube- only awakens the desire to listen and enjoy every second.”

“Автор с глубочайшим смыслом рисует единый художественный образ. Словно фрагмент твоего воспоминания, который ты пересматриваешь вновь и вновь. Лёгкая недосказанность в -Demain Dès L'aube- лишь пробуждает желание слушать и наслаждаться каждой секундой. ”

On June 25th, 2021 Sine Music released Blooy’ssecond single “Demain dès l'aube” of his upcoming lo-fi chillout debut EP “Elegies to Spring”.

Blooy, based in Amsterdam, is Sine Music’s freshly signed new lo-fi chillout artist. Blooy (Frank Wijn) started working on this solo project during the Corona period. His sound is its own unique flavor of chillout that’s fueled by dreamy electronics, lo-fi hip-hop beats, drama-filled instrumentation and melancholic soundscapes.

“Demain dès l'aube“ starts off with the first two verses of the poem of the same name by French poet Victor Hugo. The words and the music form a unity that is absorbed in thought and melancholy. “Demain dès l'aube“ means “tomorrow, at dawn”.

The entire EP “Elegies to Spring” will be out on July 16th, 2021.

Le Chic Electrique – Sunbreeze (Spotify)

“"Sunbreeze" is a morning single made with care and craft. Carefully chosen wave samples are put in order to build this Lounge gem. The best electronic sound for our chilling moments as offered from "Le Chic Electrique". Irresistible and addictive too.”

Chill instrumental,beach vibes

CMD, Enca – Amalfi (Spotify)

“A steady hip hop beat drives the expressive bass which combined, allows the interplay between the keyboards, guitars, the beautiful trumpet melody & sound effects. Amalfi is a track with a real sense of purpose that delivers a full bodied, well rounded performance. If you close your eyes and let the music take you along with it on it’s journey, who knows where you may travel to?”

Driving along the winding coastal road, watching the setting sun over the Mediterranean Sea and feeling the warm breeze in your hair. This is what "Amalfi" feels like. The warm lounge-like sound combined with a strong hiphop beat, the interaction of the acoustic and electric guitar and the iconic trumpet melody make this track unique and transport you mentally for three minutes into a mini summer holiday by the sea.

Citrus Avenue – Julia’s Toes (Spotify)

“The bright acoustic guitar sounds and the meditative xylophone melody are waiting for us. Beautiful patterns, westering percussion and acoustic arrangement aiming to please the ears. -Julia's Toes- is exclusively positive, in a way that brings real and sincere emotions.”

“Яркие звуки акустической гитары и медитативная мелодия ксилофона. Красивые ямы, западающая в голову перкуссия, радует наличие акустики в аранжировке. -Julia's Toes- вызывает исключительно положительные, такие настоящие и искренние эмоции.”

Lowbelly, Venec – No There But Here (Spotify)

“A track full of emotion and a feeling of loss that somehow also has a sense of hope. The trumpets and flute are reminiscing perhaps? A good time with loved ones or with good friends? A time in the past that holds precious memories? Melancholic guitars and lamenting harmonies will transport you to your special place.”

A collaboration between Lowbelly and one of the member's sons. Venec is a producer by his own right of chill and trap music (

Lowbelly is Jeremy and Tristan. They began in 1995. This latest work is their first album since 2008. It was released on 4/23/2021. Like previous albums, this is a mixed bag of different genres (this outing includes indie, jazz, pop, go-go, surf rock, sound experimentation, trap, Saharan blues, etc.) Since this album marks the return of Lowbelly, it has been titled II. It's a celebration of their victory against the forces which were opposed to Lowbelly's union - it's triumph over trauma; solidarity over isolation; accomplishment over addiction; dawn over darkness.

A portion of Lowbelly's bandcamp proceeds of this album will go to the Family Justice Center Foundation of Idaho who helps victims of various types of abuse, trafficking, and assault.

Lowbelly is:
Tristan Andreas (also solo artist and member of Phantahex)
Jeremy Miller (also Jeremy from Boise and member of Blood Party, Monster Dudes)

Alba – Tralalas (Spotify)

“Imagine yourself relaxing on a yacht, dangling your legs into the relaxingly warm sea. You are somewhere in the South of France and it feels like the late 60’s or early 70’s. Is that Bardot beside you, peering at you from under her sunglasses & sipping a long cool drink as you both listen to ‘Alba’ singing ‘Tralalas’ on the radio? The sun beats down, the wonderfully azure water gently laps around your ankles & all is good with the world. Mmm so soothing.”

ALBA is a painter, singer and songwriter based in Paris, France.

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