Luis Paul – A Vanished Dream (Spotify)

“Trust the fingers of "Luis Paul" for your next solo piano amuzing experience. This track is so smooth and elusive that passes like a faint thought through your mind. It ends before you realize its begining, but couldn't be different, as its title states!”

"A Vanished Dream" is about dreams we once had that didn't come true - about relationships we would have liked to continue but no longer exist; about moments we would like to travel to again, but which fade mercilessly. It is about a futile longing for fulfillment. And yet every ending is also a beginning.

Luis Paul – Moments (Spotify)

“Time flies and many moments of our lives can pass really fast too. They hide deeply in the mind combined with plenty of emotions. Luis Paul invites us to discover again those lost memories. With his solo piano melodies he opens a new chapter in our emotional experiences.”

Artist said about this song:

"This song describes the most important and unforgettable moments and impressions of life, which can often trigger very different emotions, depending on the point of view. You can look at them with heavy feelings and melancholy, or maybe with gratitude and lightness. With this song I tried to capture these various emotions. I hope it takes you on a journey to the most beautiful places of your memories. But maybe the most beautiful moment is right now." - Luis Paul

Luis Paul – Miracles (Spotify)

“Our lives are full of miracles. They may happen almost every day, but we usually overlook them. This Solo piano piece can help us realize the truth and change the way we understand reality. Sophisticated melodic vibrations, gently appear from pure silence and reach the listener's unconcious mind.”

This song is about the small and big miracles that we experience every day, although we don't always notice them. How you perceive and value the world around you always depends on your perspective and mindset. We shouldn't take anything in this life for granted. Life is a gift and a miracle.

Luis Paul – City Night (Spotify)

“-Luis Paul- in an amazing and sincere way, has reflected on his sound canvas the night streets of our favourite cities. This music can reach your soul, set free your imagination, fantasy and memories from twilight sleep. That's all you wish? Then welcome to the city night.”

“Поразительно, как бережно и искренне -Luis Paul- отразил на звуковом полотне ночные улицы наших любимых городов. Это музыка из самых недр души, освобождающая воображение, фантазию и наши воспоминания от сумеречного сна. Это всё, чего вы желаете? Тогда добро пожаловать в Городскую Ночь.”

Artist few words with Nagamag behind the source of his inspiration for this song:

"I wrote this song after I had gone for a walk during a rainy night in Berlin. In my neighborhood there wasn't much going on anymore except for a few people in a bar waiting for the rain to end while having a drink. I thought it’s just incredible how many different life stories and experiences take place in a single city. Music can completely change your perspective on what you perceive in that moment. This song is a little film music of life with which I tried to capture the feelings of that night."

Luis Paul – Eternal (Spotify)

“It is felt like the charming track -Eternal- is written with the flow of feelings from the very depths of the soul, in which the released artist's imagination and his illusory fantastic worlds find a point of contact. The touching piano melody makes you think about the most important things... immerses and doesn't let you go.”

“Чувствуется, как обаятельная -Eternal- написана с потоком чувств из самой глубины души, в которой освобождённое воображение автора и его иллюзорные фантастические миры находят точку соприкосновения. Трогательная мелодия фортепиано заставляет задуматься о самых важных вещах. Погружает и не отпускает.”

Artist shared few words behind his inspiration on this song"

"With this song I tried to capture 2 sides of humanity. One is more mundane: our small, individual life with all the many events, strokes of fate and people we have learned to love and let go. We think we are so important and yet everything is temporary. So big and yet so small.

The second side in us is our striving to find or bequeath something for eternity, even though we may never be able to do it. It is our longing for something or someone to remain.

Something "Eternal""

Luis Paul – A Magical Journey (Spotify)

“-A Magical Journey- flows like water from the spring itself. Envelops you with coolness, raises up to heaven and soars with you among white, cotton-like clouds. Magic Neoclassical work with a magnificent rhythm section.”

“- A Magical Journey- льётся студёной водой из самого источника. Обволакивает вас своей прохладой, поднимает ввысь, к небесам и парит вместе с вами среди белых, словно ватные диски облаков. Волшебное неоклассическое произведение, с великолепной ритм-секцией. ”

This song takes you on a magical journey through the power and beauty of nature. While writing it I imagined beautiful landscapes, the wildlife and a wonderful sunrise in the early morning. As the song progresses, it becomes more dense and intense with percussion and strings. I hope it triggers your fantasy and imagination so it can become your soundtrack of life.

Luis Paul – Time (Spotify)

“Standing out Classical creation which calls to listen until the end. Remarkable piano arpeggio's and melodic shifts that can bring piece in the mind and take away all our negative thoughts. A representative example of how music should be like, from the hands of Luis Paul.”

The piano song "Time" stands for every human beings journey through a variety of circumstances and situations of life. Life is a story of endings and beginnings, of loss and acceptance, of resistance and devotion. And no matter we are currently confronted with, time passes.

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