Matthew Cuban – Ivanna II (Spotify)

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“If you keep parallel with modern music, then -ivanna II- sounds very fresh. The sound palette, melody and total energy of Hip-Hop rhythms are combined so harmonious that it causes only one feeling; admiration. Feel the professionalism, creative vein and skill of the composer.”

“Если провести параллель с современной музыкой, то -Ivanna II- звучит очень свежо. Звуковая палитра, мелодия и общая энергетика hip-hop ритмов сочетаются настолько гармонично, что это вызывает лишь одно чувство - восхищение. Чувствуется профессионализм, творческая жилка и мастерство аранжировщика и композитора.”

Sometimes music is the only thing to get you through tough times.

Matthew Cuban, Yummy Online, Junk Yard – Heart Mind Body Soul (Spotify)

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“Selected Hip-Hop candy with the signature of three artists. Slow bpm with simple and cool sound pallet in connection with vocals that can reach your heart, mind, body and soul!”

Matthew ‘Cuban’ Hernandez is a poet, emcee, speaker, and performance coach from Jacksonville, Florida. He has toured as far as Abu Dhabi and nearly every major city in the United States and Europe, performing, teaching and coaching poetry. A teaching artist for nearly ten years, Matthew has spent the last six years working in youth detention centers across Los Angeles County, currently serving as the Director of Camp Programming for Street Poets, Inc. In addition, he is a current Lead Teacher and Co-Founder of Spoken Literature Art Movement. Cuban has opened for artists such as Wu-Tang, performed for platforms such as BuzzFeed and NPR and even appeared on the award-winning television show, Better Things. Matthew is also a three time Southern Fried poetry slam champion and an award-winning poetry coach. Cuban’s favorite activity is making people feel great; sometimes he does this through hip hop and poetry.

Matthew Cuban, Finnie Stax, J. Jones – Art of War (Spotify)

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“It is said that the song's title reflects its essence. With -Art of War- things are different. The output we get is an excellent opportunity to raise your mood and shake your body due to the poet and orator -Matthew Cuban-.”

“Говорят, что название песни отражает её сущность. С -Art of War- это не работает и на выходе мы получаем отличную возможность поднять своё настроение и раскачать свои динамики благодаря поэту и оратору -Matthew Cuban-.”

Matthew Cuban – Blessings (Spotify)

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“Songwriter Kelsey Mira well-known for her career as a singer in video games industry is coming up with a new powerful pop song with bits of retro '80s vibe which incorporates stacked harmonies and vocals with great intensity and execution ”

See You on Sunday is a powerful pop anthem, produced by Pete Mills of The Sweet Kill. It is commercial pop meets a bit of a retro 80's vibe. Kelsey is known for her work as a singer for video games and her sound often includes stacked harmonies and vocals with great intensity and execution, as can be heard in "See You on Sunday!"

Kelsey Mira's passion for music can be traced back to the tender age of 7 after battling a deadly case of bacterial meningitis. As she recovered it became clear her short-term memory had been affected due to the massive swelling of her brain.

At a time when neurologic music therapy was an understudied topic, her neurologist suggested putting everything to rhythm and melody. The creative side of her brain made new connections and essentially re-wired the injured part of her brain. She began to see music in color. Anything new that she struggled to retain, became a song.

Kelsey received a full scholarship to study vocal performance at Xavier University where she continued to thrive, using the power of music in all of her subjects. She became the first freshman to make it into the prestigious 8-person choir, Schola Cantorum directed by the renowned, Scot Buzza.

Once Kelsey took Cincinnati by storm with her sold out original shows, she moved to LA and soon became infamous for her live performances at 208 Rodeo where she had a weekly residency, located at on Rodeo Dr. and Wilshire Blvd, at one of the most well-known tourist spots in the world.

Along with performing regularly, Kelsey is known for her singing in the video game world. She can be heard on Immortals Fenyx Rising, Darksiders Genesis, ‘Luma Pools’ in Ori and the Will of the Wisps, as well as others coming out in 2020, and beyond.

Kelsey is currently living in Los Angeles and working on her album, as well as writing music for other artists.

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