Mazoulew – Ki Lo (Spotify)

“Bright and mystical with fat basslines. An engaging track that captures the imagination. Well produced and a listening pleasure with well crafted build ups. ”

Ki Lo is the third single from Mazoulew's 'Movements EP'. A collection of works that transcend genre from Downtempo-Electronica to Ambient-Neo Classical.

Mazoulew – Tourist (Spotify)

“How often do you travel? Pass kilometers of paths, stepping in high grass, inhaling pure clean, mountain air. The neoclassical work -Tourist- is one of those compositions that helps, without leaving the house, to be in an amazing place on the expanses of our beautiful land.”

“Как часто вы путешествуете? Проходите километры путей, ступая в высокую траву, вдыхая полной грудью чистый, горный воздух. Неоклассическое произведение -Tourist- одна из тех композиций, которая помогает не выходя из дома оказаться в самом удивительном месте на просторах нашей прекрасной земли.”

Tourist is the second single from Mazoulew's 'Movements EP'. A collection of works that transcend genre from Downtempo-Electronica to Ambient-Neo Classical.

Mazoulew Interview on Nagamag


Which are the genres that describe your music style better?

My music has always floated across a few genres, I never really considered myself a 'Hip Hop' or 'Dance' producer for example as I found the idea of limiting yourself to a certain style or tempo of music rather limiting and constraining for creativity. My new record covers quite a lot of ground from downtempo/electronica all the way through to ambient/neo-classical works. I guess at the end of the day, I write what I feel at that specific moment and the result can be a lot of different feelings and emotions being conveyed.

Few words about your musical background and career?

When I first got into music I was involved in the Hip Hop/ Drum and bass world, I used to collaborate with literally hundres of different artists and bands. I spent a lot of time engineering and co writing works for people before I really started to focus on my solo material

Do you remember your first connection of love to music that was the right impact to be a music artist now?

I remember when I must have been no more then 10 years old, standing in a charity shop with two casettes in my hand
It was something like Now 50 I think and in the other hand 'The Score' by the fugees. I didnt know anything about either record but I bought 'the score' for something crazy like £1.5 and that was it for me, I played that tape over and over till it wore out and snapped. I obviously went and bought another copy on CD after that but yeah that record changed my life really and opened my mind to different a different sound and different ideas.

Can you tell us a little bit more about the 'Movements EP'

So yeah, this record is quite special to me as I really felt like I had the possibility to focus myself and refine a lot of ideas that I had been thinking about in recent years. I wanted, as I say to cover a lot of ground and explore ideas that I am not really hearing other people put together at the moment. I wanted to show there is a way you can combine such moods as cinmeatic, orchestral arrangments with dance floor electronica. It could be very easy to make a project like this and for each of the individual tracks to sound disconnected from one another. The challenge is to imprint enough of your sonic character and style into the sound to give continuity across the tracks regardless of what genre/style they are written in

Many artists listen to genres that they are not producing music for. Which track is your favorite that is NOT similar to yours?

Burial "Ghost Hardware"

Of Course Nagamag would love to listen also which is the track from a similar artist you admire?

Rival Consoles "Recovery"

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Mazoulew – Ditto (Spotify)

“Imagine yourself lying on a hill with flowers, while a little cool breeze slightly eases the head and fingertips. That general condition is comparable to full and controlled bliss. Such sensations appeard when we first heard -Ditto-. We ended up in our rule of majesty, melody and rhythm.”

“Представьте, что вы парите в вакууме. Вам немного прохладно, слегка немеет затылок и кончики пальцев, а общее состояние сравнимо с полным и подконтрольным блаженством. Именно такие ощущения нас не покидали, когда мы впервые услышали -Ditto-. Мы оказались во властвовании её величества мелодии и ритма.”

Ditto is the debut single from Mazoulew's 'Movements EP'. A collection of works that transcend genre from Downtempo-Electronica to Ambient-Neo Classical.

Mazoulew x Sebastian Davidson – For You (Spotify)

“Mazoulew and Sebastian Davidson they join forces -For You- and through his intelligent layered downtempo story released on Armada Chill, you receive the right dose of your daily chill therapy. Tight low, tickling hats/drums and lush arps/atmospheres placed exactly where should be in the story. A beautiful downtempo theme! ”

Effortlessly switching between the wondrous tones and suspenseful arpeggios, Mazoulew and Sebastian Davidson’s first-ever collab takes only the best of its creators’ respective worlds. Juggling the delicate and the rousing, ‘For You’ ticks all the boxes of a definitive chill favourite.

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