Matthew “M.D.” McCoy – Thankful (Spotify)

“-Thankful- is a special idea of Retro soul track. It shows sense, load and focus, as well as jazz splashes in the overall sound canvas to create an impressive mood. The result sounds atmospheric and very interesting too.”

“От retro soul до hip-hop создают особую идею трека -Thankful-. Её смысловая нагрузка и направленность, а также джазовые вкрапления в общем звуковом полотне создают впечатляющее настроение. Всё это вместе звучит атмосферно и слушается очень интересно.”

This song is born of struggle, disappointment, self care and love, self determination and faith in Jah/Yahweh in spite of what seems to be. As well as carrying a spirit of gratitude, even when facing uncertainty.

Matthew MD McCoy is what happens when roots reggae and hip-hop meet a professor of theology. Much like his tresses, he represents the intertwining of faith that liberates, rebelling against willful ignorance and injustice.

Matthew Taught at Fisk University and Tennessee State University between 2001-2019. He stood in his authenticity by showing students that is was possible to mix academic astuteness with artistic disposition. He is an educator; scholar; musician; producer; songwriter; emcee; artist, and an active member of his community that has worked with and encouraged youth in various outreach programs throughout Nashville, Tennessee. His is also the leader of the band MD and Cobalt Blue who present a dynamic blend of reggae, hip-hop and soul.

What you hear most often from MD as an emcee are honest, creative and reflective lyrics. In his production you'll hear sample free live music, real instruments, that 95% of the time he is playing. You will hear horn lines commissioned from his peers and band mates and a creativity that is influenced by all of life while embracing his own unique articulation. The music has it's own vibe. Peace and Love, always.