Trip Tease – Polylouge (Spotify)

“Polylouge, is the new release of Mexican producer Trip Tease on Akasha. A soundcraft with analog care, clarity, and minimal melodic techno approach. Its exuberant synth arps expand all the right atmosphere we seek in a fine piece of electronica art and turn them into a classic.”

Trip Tease is Mexican producer Carlos Salame, born in 1991. With mainly Electronic sounds and melodic structures. Trip Tease is influenced by genres like pop, techno, lo-fi house and synthwave. He's collaborated with many artists like rhye, Alejandro molinari, Kris Berle, Olafur Arnalds, polo & pan, photay, And more.

Wesseltech – Stay – Edit (Spotify)

“Stay from Wesseltech at Tiefdruckgebeat from the first seconds wins your interest with its tight prodution and brilliant sound synthesis of layering and harmonies which generate an emotional diving into deeper depths of electronica. A beautiful melodic techno track with dreamy vocals and a groove you want to stay and not end, like your best party experience.”

Gregor Klamra – Night Ride (Video)

“There are some nights where your head is full of things you want to unload. Good music is one of the things that certainly helps, night driving another too. Having a night ride with good music yet is the best thing you can do! Gregor Klamra with his “Night Ride” on Joshi Tunes, invites us in this anti-stress pleasure through his beautiful harmonies, soft grooves and positive atmosphere to clean your shady mood.”

Gregor Klamra is the alter ego of Hamburg and Berlin based musician Felix Weigt.

During his childhood in the early nineties, he first got into contact with electronic music by watching eurodance music clips in German television. Also, synth-driven movie soundtracks caught his attention.

He then went more into acoustic music by learning to play the piano, and after finishing school, he studied upright bass at the conservatory. Since that time, he plays in theater shows, does studio work and live gigs with different artists and is a member of the Indie pop group Die Höchste Eisenbahn.

Apparently, he never lost connection with his early love to electronic music so that one day, maybe seduced from a long night in a nightclub or at a festival, he started to feel the urge to produce his own version of progressive and melodic house and techno in his spare time. Often more on the downtempo side, he focuses on melancholic chords, long build-ups and catchy melodies. Tied to his flat due to the corona lockdown in spring 2020 he finally found the impulse to finish some of his track that he is releasing now…

Ollie Harrison – Liquid Sky (Spotify)

The latest release from biskuwi’s Mercurial Tones imprint welcomes Ollie Harrison to the label for his debut EP "Liquid Sky". Ollie was born in United Kingdom but he is heavily influenced by German and Italian techno when it comes to his style of crafting his own unique brand of deep techno. With a lean towards the deep and melodic spectrum of the genre, Ollie names Tale Of Us, Colyn and Mathame as one of the influences for his mesmerising and well textured style.Beginning with the title selection Liquid Sky remains to explore the darker narratives for which he creates his own unique sound for. A warm but dark driving groove sits at the foundation while electric and oscillating LFO driven rhythms and meditative arps fill in the framework. Both ominous and enigmatic, it’s skill for the dramatic grows as astral tones and frayed percussion lead to an explosive break. The storyboard then leads into an emotive chord driven LFOs and glowing atmospheres providing a sense of directionless, before getting washed away into a sea of dark beats and rippling grooves.Ollie rounds out the release by providing the second track named as Lucid Dreaming. Anchored by a warm, persisting groove, the UK artist’s finely tuned percussion and pulsating rhythms quickly appeals the senses. Melodramatic and interstellar in equal measure, lively atmospheres and a spaced out arp play off each other beautifully leading into the main break. Surely one for a peak time dance floor, it’s melodic drive caps off another must have release from Mercurial Tones.

Messergeist – Blurred (OFFICIAL VIDEO) (Video)

Blutred is the single from melodic tech house project Messergeist from Switzerland.A track with beautiful melodic layering and ethereal vocals, mixed wonderful delivering a sound clarity which keep the groove on.The type of track you may listen in the end of a glorious event, the morning hours memorizing all the good moments.

SOLON – Ready For The Night (Video)

The mysterious phenomenon SOLON is back with a solid melancholic piece in the form of ‘Ready For The Night’. Following up his latest release ‘Together All’, he showcases once again how he masters the progressive sound impeccably.

Inspired by the future of humanity regarding cosmos and cloning technologies, the compelling track takes you on a journey around SOLON’s vision. The release is accompanied by a stellar video, bringing tribute to space exploration after the launch of NASA’s Mars 2020 rover to the Red Planet

Fiin, Brigado Crew, Jinadu – Still In The Storm (Spotify)

An amazing deep and hypnotic progressive house with top notch production. Still In The Storm is the anthem that turns into a right dancefloor tool.Miami artist Fiin returns to Ultra Records with "Still In The Storm," his next single on the label in collaboration with Argentinian duo Brigado Crew and British singer Jinadu. Fiin's underground influenced style manifests in deep, driving basslines formed from a classic "four on the floor" rhythm. "Still In The Storm" is the kind of track that is right at home in dark basement clubs or intimate techno festival stages. Haunting vocals from Jinadu and shaker-infused melodies bring an otherworldly element to "Still In The Storm," making this dark progressive gem with depth a sophisticated production. Fiin previously released on Ultra Records multiple times, including his debut single on the label "Calling Out" also with Jinadu, while Brigado Crew has released on Stil vor Talent, Diynamic, Katermukke, and more.

Innellea – Wood & Stones (Spotify)

Wood & Stones from Unnellea the 4th track of his Prospective Vision album, is a melodic techno anthem yet with minimal hypnotic approach and solid groove, accomplishing brilliant its floorfilling purpose you get from the tension it creats on first part.

Prospective Vision - The lost tapes of Innellea. A compilation of tracks which were placed in live sets of Innellea and never got the chance to be released. Complete the past to initiate the future.

After Innellea played most of the tracks of the compilation in live sets and podcasts, people have asked for them a lot. “We live in a world dominated by fast pace. The ability to access anything, anywhere, at any time leads to an enormously short survival time - even for releases in the music industry.” That's why Innellea has chosen to not release the songs immediately to create something that can keep its shine for a longer time as a complete piece of art. To finish the past and initiate the future, Innellea decided now to release some of this tracks. As icing on the cake he made a limited edition of a fair trade, organic cotton long sleeve shirt in the course of the release.

About Innellea:
Innellea – a neologism; created in reference to musical reinvention. Neither restrained nor bound by conventions, Innellea’s visions and impressions are visibly transferred into music. Influenced by melodic trends in electronic music he combined the roots of Techno in a very creative way, and came up with his unique and abstract sound. He took the scene by storm and, having been amongst Groove Magazine’s best newcomers in 2017, left a dusty cloud in his wake. Shortly after, his tracks - with a focus on detailed rhythms - were being heard on the world’s finest stages, proving to be a secret weapon for many. As a result, productions on the Afterlife label like „Viglians“ or „The World Returns“ attracted artists. After massive releases, Innervisions being just one of them, fans around the world began to follow suit. Live sets with unreleased tracks created a global hype and underlined the diversity of Innellea’s sound. Whenever in need of driving spheres, impulsive vibes and melodic touches of genuine feelings - Innellea’s music will be there. Just in time to broaden your mindset.

Sonarpilot – City in the Sky [The Mirage Project #1] (Video)


A collection of six stunning fractal films with bespoke electronic soundtracks, appearing monthly online from May to December 2020 at:

The Mirage Project is a series of six short films that explore a strange parallel universe of hypnotic beauty.

The movies, each eight to ten minutes long, dive into different worlds, ranging from futuristic cities to deserted machine planets. All of the journeys circle around fundamental human questions: What is our place in the cosmos? What promises and threats does our future hold?

The videos and their soundtrack have been created by Swiss electronic musician Sonarpilot in cooperation with film producer Roger Mäder. “Electronic music has a long history of using visuals as a background on the dancefloor or at live events.

Usually this content is more of a by-product, poorly produced and not something you’d really want to look at”, explains Michael Moppert, the creative head Sonarpilot. “We wanted to craft something more: An immersive experience with visuals that are equally well crafted as the music.”

The whole production took 18 months. “We were working on the music and the visuals in parallel, to make sure that both elements support each other in an optimal way,” explains Michael. The process was a real challenge: “We were using software that generates highly complex fractals.

Some of the formulas took a week to render one minute of video,” Roger explains. Once the visual raw material for a world was generated, Michael started to edit the video and, at the same time, write the music. “It was our vision to create something like the concept albums of the 1970’s”, says Michael.

“I grew up with these beautiful records, with artwork and music that supported each other. We wanted to do something similar, using today’s digital technology”. The result are six different journeys into strange worlds, carefully edited and arranged with a soundtrack that matches perfectly.

The first video ‘City In The Sky’ appearing online at Subsequent mirage videos will be released monthly from July, through to December.

Each mirage’s soundtrack will also be simultaneously released as a single, available via Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp and all leading digital music platforms.

Nawy – Deep Therapy (Spotify)

When things don’t go as you plan and you’re not the person you thought you would be. When your world turns upside down and you look from the distance to see you are not where you should be. When the person who you thought would always be there leaves and all you now have is despair. The moment you realize the universe is no longer on your side. The only thing you can do is look in the mirror for answers. A wonderful melodic techno/house from Nawy.

Sometimes we have to go deep within ourselves to find out the next step.

Nawy is a producer from Stockholm, Sweden.

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