Midnight At 7 – Never Be in Love Again (Spotify)

“From the first notes – Never Be in Love Again - we dip in the atmosphere of a very positive and rich song! First, the melodic verse, light bridge and then the unexpected structure of the china, which instantly dip in his head! The arrangement successfully combines the grooves of electro pop and the melodiousness in the vocal line.”

“С первых нот -Never Be in Love Again- нас окунает в атмосферу очень позитивной и насыщенной песни! Сначала мелодичный куплет, лёгкий бридж и потом неожиданная структура припева, который мгновенно окунает в себя с головой! В аранжировке удачно сочетается ритмы Electro Pop и мелодичность в вокальной линии.”



Australian band Midnight at 7 share their debut single ‘Never Be In Love Again’, out September 3rd on all streaming platforms.

Heavily inspired by Justin Timberlake and Maroon 5 'Never Be In Love Again' is an uptempo track that hides a somber subject inside a track that will have you in your feels as you are dancing your heart out. The vocalist of the band (Ryan De Ocampo) wrote the track about the feeling of hopelessness when love ends when you don't want to find someone new, because the pain that you are feeling in that moment doesn’t allow you to see its worth. Yet deep down you know that it is always worth it, because when you do find someone special the pain you went through won’t matter.

"We are relatable, normal people that want to create world class music and just provide a positive atmosphere for people away from politics or social issues. We create music for music's sake and for the enjoyment of everyone." - Midnight At 7

Midnight At 7 is formed of music trio Ryan De Ocampo, Daniel Pinto and Daniel Nesci. Each coming from diverse musical backgrounds, these three up-and-comers are united by their love for pop sensibilities. There’s a shared respect for a song that can make you nod your head or get you on the dancefloor – even songs that reflect on life and shared experiences, as Never Be In Love Again shows.

Never Be In Love Again marks the first of many tracks the trio aim to release. Although COVID has put the future of live music on hold, Midnight At 7 are using the time wisely – crafting a set-list to perfection for a potential run of future shows. Keep an eye on this space – Never Be In Love Again marks the start of greater things to come like Never Be In Love Again.