Mira Sthira – The Woods (Spotify)

“The unusually delicate and beautiful composition with atmospheric vocals from -Mira Sthira-. Uncompromising hit, which combines Electro Pop rhythm energy and melodiousness from the woods. Very attractive work for the most sophisticated music lovers.”

“Необычайно нежная и красивая композиция с атмосферным вокалом -Mira Sthira-. Бескомпромиссный хит, в котором сочетаются энергия ритмов Electro Pop и мелодичности делают -The Woods- очень привлекательным для самых искушённых меломанов.”



Artist shared few words with Nagamag behind this song inspiration:

"So my BIGGEST love in life other than music is the woods. I grew up spending most of my time in the woods around my house and I spend a lot of my time now hiking, exploring trails and wild harvesting medicinal plants for my own benefit and for others. I love to make tinctures and oils and to be surrounded by nature, especially the woods. I have always felt that the woods are a place of safety and deep spiritual connection for me and this song is dedicated to them. It is my love song to the woods."