naun – jump (Spotify)

“naun sure will make you jump with their lush synthpop vibes and their top notch sound quality. Crunchy synths, warm vocals, stomping beats and a groove that keeps you on and on. Not shamed to share we had a bit aerobic workout with this in the office and was the perfect theme! ”

An insisting arpeggiator wakes a sphere of delayed female vocals, tight beats and electrifying synths, all steadily building to the climax: “jump!”, she orders. the song’s applauding great courage – to jump straight into life, out of safety, prejudice and expectations and making room for dreams to come true. live a little – or a lot, life is now.

naun is electronic sounds and organic female vocals in a tight, dynamic atmosphere. a fusion of soft and hard, reality and dream, pain and passion, minimalism and abundance is played out among moody synthesizers and dancing beats. these contrasts are led by a voice whispering with elegacy and singing with honesty, melodies ranging from the lowest of low to the highest of high on a female scale. from a selfish mixture of hardcore irony and deep truth, lyrical portrays of interpersonal relationships and correlations between individuals and society arise. danish singer/songwriter amy horn and german producer/artist tom sue are the makers of this happy madness. stylistically influenced by the 80s, from techno to synthpop, naun creates a new, modern sound.