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Rikard Mathisson – Scintillant (Spotify)

“Scintillant from Rikard Mathisson will tickle your senses with its playful turns and gentle dynamics, creating a romantic cinematic atmosphere of a scenery where good moments of the past unfold in the eyes of the charachter through his daydreaming.”

Scintillant is a single composed and performed by contemporary Swedish pianist Rikard Mathisson. It features beautiful sound of grand concert piano with a dominant calm and peaceful mood. Although Scintillant relies on a more traditional approach to piano playing, it's meaning "glittering"/"glistening" is reflected in colorful piano arrangement and playing. It could be a perfect match for any neoclassical, solo piano, sleeping, studying, relaxing and focus type of playlist.

Justus Rümenapp – Gone (Spotify)

Justus Rümenapp latest single Gone is a deep emotive neoclassical piano, rich in atmosphere and well performed, recorded with clarity and offering to listen an emotional diving.

Justus Rümenapp is a german neoclassical Pianist and Film Music Composer. He started studying popular music at the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg 2011 and won several classical competitions. He is known for his sensitive and atmospherical way of playing the piano. The melodies let the listeners forget their worries and their everyday life...

Rümenapp also composes Film Music for international award winning Films

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